Really, Unc? White Folks Cheer For Industry-Plant-Lookin’ Brotha “African-Americans Love You, Trump!”

Over a hundred supporters of Republican Presidential nominee...

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

Black Fox News Audience Member Defends Against Donald Trump Racism

There’s nothing on this earth as obnoxious as a Black man who loves him some Donald Trump.

During a recent episode of Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade grabbed the ONE Black person in a studio full of white faces and asked him what he thinks about Trump’s racism.

The answer he got was cringy as F**K.

SMH. Yuck.

Conceited: Remy Ma Shames Split-Ended Wig Wearers While Displaying Her Natural Tresses [Video]

Celebrities Visit Build - September 27, 2018

Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

Remy Ma is conceited, and her reason starts with quality hair care. The rapper showed off her natural grown out hair after tending to it for some time, she says. Apparently, her healthy head of follicles gets Pappoose’s juices flowing. She also knows that it’s hard to keep your hair healthy under a wig, throwing a little shade in there:

Everybody always bragging about “slaying” hair and “having inches” but they be talking about wigs, frontals, closures, & units. Unfortunately, A LOT of hairstylists don’t take the time or simply don’t know how to take care of YOUR REAL hair. Allegedly, weaves & braids are SUPPOSED to be “protective styles” but UNDERNEATH them “inches” a lot chicks be looking crazyyyy. I have been searching and FINALLY found someone to slay MY hair. Natural and chemical free. NONE at all!!! Cut ALL my damaged hair, gave me some miracle working treatment and some other stuff & NO LIE my hair FEELS amazing!!

Hit play to see Remy’s hair bounce. Are YOU feeling it?

Oh Word? Yeah, Aight: Swedish Ambassador Says Black People Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Pull Up Despite A$AP Rocky Situation [Video]

Featured Session: Using Design "Differently" to Make a Difference - 2019 SXSW Conference and Festi

Source: Diego Donamaria / Getty

Swedish Ambassador Says A$AP Rocky’s Charges Might Be More Serious

Cap. Cap. Cap. Cap. Cap.

Apparently, the Ambassador to Sweden is doing some damage control in light of the bad PR the country is getting behind A$AP Rocky’s wrongful arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

Karin Olofsdotter tells TMZ that Rocky has not been singled out and is being treated with TLC. Olofsdotter also says that despite the fact that the whole incident is on tape, Rocky may be charged with more serious crimes, perhaps not seen. She didn’t really elaborate on her ominous statement.

She goes on to say that Black people should feel welcome because Sweden is “top ten in the world for rule of law” whatever the f**k THAT means…

Yeah. Naw.

WHY? Man Uses Bare Feet To Operate On-Flight Video Screen, Internet Collectively Fries Him

Aeroplane on runway for takeoff

Source: Lester Lefkowitz / Getty

Folks really are just TRIFLING.

One unidentified man recently went viral for using his crusty bare feet to operate his in-flight entertainment screen.

According to CNN, the man was recorded on the flight and eventually, the camera person sent the clip to a friend who posted it on Twitter.

Like…this is real life.

The tweet has since been shared over 32,000 times. Some people pointed out that maybe the man was disabled. However, the person who posted the clip, author Alafair Burke, said the recorder of the video witnessed the man walking on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. “He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet,” Burke tweeted.

Gross, gross, gross.

Now Naomi Campbell‘s airplane rituals make sense.

The actress and supermodel recently posted a video where she explained that she cleans everything on her plane before touching things. Using disposable gloves and anti-bacterial wipes, she said:

“Clean anything that you could possibly touch. This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

She then proceeded to wipe down every centimeter of her seat, seat belt, window, tray table, remote control and yes, her TV screen. Peep her ritual for yourself below starting at the 2:29 mark.

[embedded content]

Considering the bare feet outlaw above, it all makes sense. Hit the flip for some hilarious reactions to the viral video operator.

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C’mon Son: These Black Shows Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

Honda Stage Celebrates The Music of FOX's 'Star' - Arrivals

Source: Adriana M. Barraza/ / WENN

The worst thing about getting hooked on a television show is that you never know when it’s going to end forever.

Fans of Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It had to grieve the loss of their favorite Netflix show on Thursday after it was announced that the streaming network decided to cancel the series. 

Needless to say, fans weren’t “having it”. 

This isn’t the first time one of our shows got the ax way before it was time. It’s still hard to get over the fact that FOX cancelled Star

Why does it seem like the good, cultural shows get snipped before any of the others? Even back in the 90’s — Friends ran on NBC for 10 long seasons, which means 10 long years. Even these days, before being dropped by Netflix, it’s one of the most raved about shows in television history. 

Meanwhile, Living Single, which arguably set the blueprint for a show like friends to even exist, was cancelled after five years and didn’t even get a proper last season. 

But again, we’ve seen these types of situations play out again and again. Especially with Netflix. 

Hit the flip for more shows of the culture that got cancelled way too damn soon. 

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MegaThirst: Nicki Minaj InstaDrooled Over Megan Thee Stallion’s Bawwwdy Buffet & Stirred Up Stan Hysteria

Nicki Thirsts Over Hot Girl Meg & Stirs Up Hysteria

It all happened so fast but, apparently, Hot Girl Mag and Nicki are friend adjacent and headed toward a possible collab based on Nicki’s MegaThirsty Instagram comment on her bangin’ bikini bawwwdy that blew up Instagram and sent the Barbz/Hotties into a starry-eyed TIZZY.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Nicki thirsting over Meg on the flip.

#BlackInkChi: Apryl Jones Shoots Her Shot At Ryan, Lily Gets Fired Again & More

Apryl Jones Shoots Her Shot At Ryan On 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago'

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Last week the 9Mag crew represented by Ryan, Phor, and Van hit Chicago’s biggest convention. Unfortunately, things went left when Lily — who wasn’t there on behalf of the shop —  got into a fight with former 9Mag employee Junior’s girlfriend. This week, Lily is confronted about her embarrassing behavior at the convention.

Before we get into the usual ratchet mess, Ryan has some good news for Phor. He informs the rapper/tattoo artist that they have been invited to be on Steve Harvey’s talk show. Harvey was touched by Phor’s openness about his ongoing battle with depression.

Now with that out of the way, its time to get into last night’s drama. Lily has some explaining to do about the rumble at the convention because unfortunately Ryan and 9Mag are suffering the consequences for her actions. He reveals that due to the fight between her and Junior’s girlfriend, 9Mag is banned from future tattoo conventions. The tattoo shop owner feels whenever there is drama, Lily is somehow involved and isn’t trying to hear any excuse she has to offer. Now to be fair, the habitual n-word abuser was not entirely at fault, but her two bosses don’t care.

Instead of being apologetic as she should have been in the first place, Lily decides to be defiant. Tired of her sh*t plus being banned as a result of an incident she was involved in, Van decides to fire her. Lily looks to Ryan to save her, but he co-signs old 9Mag’s manager decision, and now Lily is out of a job…AGAIN.

Now that the Lily situation is handled, Phor and Ryan head to Los Angeles. For some reason, Phor asks his boss if he has spoken to Kat since their “situation” a few seasons back. Ryan reveals it has been a while, but he is indeed open to breaking bread with his former employee. Kat, since the blowup with Ryan, has flourished in LA and even opened up her own shop, Ryan tells Phor he is proud of her latest business moves.

While in LA, Ryan links up with Apryl Jones who right now is the talk of the internet. The two happen to be “friends” with the Henry appearing in her music video as her love interest. The two ask each other about their current relationship statuses with both of them, revealing they are single for the moment. She took her tv time to spill some more tea on the Omarion/Lil Fizz situation. She tells Ryan that Omarion and Fizz are no longer friends but that Lil Fizz has been there for her throughout the breakup with her children’s father.

As far as dating Fizz, that’s not a thing. She hammers home the point that she is single, even pointing out that people believed that she and Ryan were an item. She doesn’t rule anything out, suggesting that sex could possibly be in their future.

Back in Chicago, Charmaine is having second thoughts after quitting 9Mag. Even though she is living her best life since the decision, she misses her brothers and being in the mix. Ironically this feeling comes with Lily no longer being an employee, so Charmaine won’t have to worry about that dynamic either. Her boyfriend Neek, on the other hand, is not too happy to learn that she wants to go back to the place that has brought her so much misery. He gives her an ultimatum telling her to make her decision soon, giving her the impression that its either 9Mag or him.

Charmaine quickly learns that Neek might have been serious about moving on. When she arrives at the apartment, she discovers all of her belongings, furniture, and even the dogs are gone. Panicking, she immediately calls her dad to vent, but he tells her it’s above me and she has to handle this situation on her own. Neek eventually walks in the apartment and isn’t really answering any of Charmaine’s questions. Neek finally reveals that the stunt was just a way for him to teach her a lesson about making decisions affecting the couple without him. He spills the beans and just moved their things into a bigger three-bedroom apartment. Strange way to teach someone a lesson honestly.

Lily now jobless, needs a new angle, bring in the sob story. She links up with her homie Bella and says she wants kids but has no damn income coming in. Lily tells Bella that conceiving children might be a challenge due to having surgery years ago to remove a tumor. As a result, she lost her right ovary and tube, so she is worried about her ability to conceive children.

Lily decides to visit a doctor with Bella accompanying her for support. She learns she can still get pregnant but has another scare when a two-centimeter cyst is discovered on her left ovary. She kicks the camera crew out the room, looks like we will learn what went down in the office next week.

We jump back to LA, and it’s showtime, Phor is visibly nervous before making his appearance on the show. Backstage Ryan and Phor have a moment before heading to the set with the Phor thanking Henry for being there for him. Ryan, who doesn’t have any biological brothers, is thankful to have the Don and Phor in his life. Despite having butterflies, the interview goes well, and the two celebrate backstage.

Hit the gallery to see the reactions to Apryl trying to sample Ryan’s goods and other moments in the gallery below.

Photo: Leon Bennett / Getty

Some Congratulatory Swirl: Insecure’s Jay Ellis To Marry Pregnant Girlfriend Nina Senicar

Elisabetta and Maddalena For SkyViewLA

Source: Rochelle Brodin / Getty

Jay Ellis And Nina Senicar To Marry, Have First Child

Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar are ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do!”

According to the Serbian outlet Story, the Insecure star and his longtime blond-ish bae will become husband and wife in Italy later this year.

Additionally, Nina is four months pregnant with their first child.

MadameNoire caught wind of previous statements Nina has made about her future with Jay via HELLO:

In 2018, when asked about such plans, specifically marriage, she responded, “We are not planning it yet, although I’m never aware of it. If I ever get married I would like to be an intimate act in the family and friends circle.”

She also told Hello that when it comes to being a mom, it would be her most significant role to date.

“I’m sure that this role will be more important to me than any role in any film or series.”

Congratulations to Jay and Nina! Wonder who else from the Insecure cast will jump the broom before the new season starts?

Shelved NBA Baller Brandon Jennings Shades Tae Heckard For Being 41-Years-Old & Contemplating ‘Basketball Wives’ Gig

Tae Heckard, Brandon Jennings

Source: Cassy Athena / Phillip Faraone / Getty

Brandon Jennings Blasts Tae Heckard Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Gig

Remember Brandon Jennings?

The former Timberwolves player has a bone to pick with the mother of his son, actress Tae Heckard. The 29-year-old sounded off on Instagram to air out his grievances with Tae’s career and her age. Brandon is upset that the actress, 41, is considering getting a “Basketball Wives” check. He thinks she’s too old and needs to not be using him to get her career popping again.

He wrote:

“Why is my41-year-old baby mama trying [to] get on Basketball Wives. Ur not even a basketball wive. That’s not a real job.”

Jennings continued, seemingly taking a shot at whoever Tae is dating these days:

“Listen I’m old school. But how ya’ll ni**as let women date go on tv and talk about they ex and baby daddies!!! That’s so weird to me.”

You can see the post, HERE.

Brandon and Tae dated circa 2014. In late 2015, they welcomed a baby boy and their relationship dissolved around the baby’s delivery date.

Do YOU have any thoughts on Brandon’s apprehension to support Tae’s career moves?

Rising Star: 5 Facts About Emmy-Nominated ‘When They See Us’ Star Asante Blackk

Netflix'x FYSEE Event For "When They See Us"

Source: Presley Ann / Getty

The powerful and devastating Netflix mini-series When They See Us is getting all the shine this Emmy season.

The project — which covers the life of five New York teens who were falsely convicted on rape and assault charges — was nominated for a whopping 16 Emmys.

Helmed by filmmaker extraordinaire Ava DuVernay, the series earned Emmy nods for Jharrel Jerome in Lead Actor in a Limited Series/TV Movie and Niecy Nash for Lead Actress in a Limited Series. The show also earned a Best Limited Series nomination.

Although the lead actors are rightfully getting their praise, another standout role came from 17-year-old Asante Blackk who played a young Kevin Richardson. Blackk’s performance as a helpless kid being harassed and interrogated by the police earned him an Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie nomination.

[embedded content]

With his recent recognition, Blackk has a promising career and we’ll definitely be witnessing his talents in the future.

Before Blackk hits megastar status, hit the flip for five facts you might not have known about the stellar performer.

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Win A Girlfriends Trip To The City Of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection From Visit Philly

Women shopping together in mall

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty

Visit Philly’s Girlfriends Getaway Sweepstakes Will Gift An Unforgettable Weekend In The City

Gather up your gal pals for a chance to win a trip to Philadelphia!

Visit Philly is hosting the Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Sweepstakes and the top prize is a weekend of pampering, shopping and even a little history in the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection.

The winner and a friend will receive a three-night stay at Windsor Suites, gift cards, tickets to the African American Museum in Philadelphia and salon services at the upscale Salon Tenshi.

The contest closes July 31. It’s free to enter, and you can increase your odds by entering daily. You can enter here.

Good luck!

Here’s What Happened When ‘Kini Klad Kylie Posted Her Build-A Beach Bawwwdy

Kylie’s Build-A-Beach Bawwwdy Shatters The Internet

Kylie Jenner has the internet in a TIZZY over her build-a-beach bawwwdy that she served up while soaking up some sun on her luxurious vacay.  Yea, we know, she’s RICH rich but also thirsty for attention based on her back-to-back-to-back-TO-BACK thirst traps currently flooding Instagram.

Peep the Hilarious hysteria over Kylie’s build-a-beach bawwwdy on the flip.