Biden-Harris Announcement

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It looks like Joe Biden is quickly learning exactly how magical black girls are. According to NewsOne reports, in the two days since adding Kamala Harris to the Democratic ticket as his running mate, Biden has raked in a record amount of campaign donations.

Yep you heard that right. Harris is making history and helping to break records at the same da** time.

According to Associated Press reports some $36 million in donations arrived from supporters (including at least 150,000 new donors!!!) within the first two days since Biden announced Harris as his running mate, setting a fundraising record. Of course we can’t PROVE Kamala Harris is the reason for all of those donations but it definitely seems like her teaming with Biden has truly been a welcome addition. Heavy emphasis on addition, OKAY?

Harris adding value to Biden’s campaign actually pre-dates her becoming a vice presidential candidate. According to POLITICO, after she stepped out of the presidential race, donors to Harris’ presidential campaign contributed $19 million to Biden’s campaign — a number that adds up to 7% of Biden’s campaign fundraising, according to Open Secrets, a campaign finance website. That’s not all. POLITICO also points to an additional $5 million Harris helped raise by participating in several other fundraisers, including two fundraisers she took part in alongside Biden.

Big Money Honey. We love it. Clearly Biden is learning the value Harris brings to the ticket. We can’t to see the wealth of ways she’s able to contribute to a brighter future for America.

Key Art for Amazon Studios documentary "All In: The Fight For Democracy" featuring Stacey Abrams

Source: Courtesy Amazon Studios / Amazon Studios

It’s no secret that some politicians throughout American history have stolen their elections — with the help of voter suppression. We’re already seeing signs that certain leaders who shall remain nameless are doing their damndest to hold on to their seats..

Amazon Studios announced today, 100 days out from this year’s U.S. Presidential Election, the documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy will open in select theaters on September 9 ahead of its global launch on Prime Video on September 18. The film features Stacey Abrams, the first Black woman to become the gubernatorial nominee for a major party in the United States, and the founder of Fair Fight Action, the nation’s premier organization battling voter suppression. All In: The Fight for Democracy is directed by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Liz Garbus and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lisa Cortés, and produced by Garbus, Cortés, Academy Award-winning producer Dan Cogan and Stacey Abrams. Amazon Studios acquired worldwide rights to All In: The Fight for Democracyfrom production company Story Syndicate.

All In: The Fight for Democracy examines the often overlooked, yet insidious issue of voter suppression in the United States in anticipation of the 2020 Presidential Election. The film interweaves personal experiences with current activism and historical insight to expose a problem that has corrupted our democracy from the very beginning. With the perspective and expertise of Stacey Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, the documentary will offer an insider’s look into laws and barriers to voting that most people don’t even know is a threat to their basic rights as citizens of the United States.

Directors Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortés said, “With 100 days left until one of the most important elections in American history, we are thrilled to officially announce All In: The Fight for Democracy which will tell a powerful and harrowing story of the fight for the right to vote as well as arm citizens with the tools they need to protect this right. The film will be accompanied by an ambitious and visionary action plan to reach voters and educate them across the nation.”

“Today, we are 100 days out from Election Day – a pivotal moment in our mission to protect our democracy – and we need to come together as a country and make sure every voice and vote is counted,” said Abrams. “The title All In: The Fight for Democracy speaks to the importance and necessity that every American has the right to have their voice be heard and their vote counted. We know that if our votes were not important, so many folks wouldn’t be working so hard to take our right to vote away.”

Ahead of National Voter Registration Day, in coordination with the All In: The Fight for Democracy film release, the filmmakers and Amazon Studios will launch #ALLINFORVOTING, a robust social impact campaign with community-based organizations, non-profits, corporations, artists, activists and influencers. The non-partisan campaign will develop a groundswell of digital content to combat misinformation about the voting process, and launch targeted campaign programming to educate and register first time voters, mobilize communities to have their voices and values counted in the November election (and beyond), and train citizens to know how to recognize and report voter suppression.