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B&R Films, GVN Releasing, and BPG Media teamed up to release the shenanigan-packed trailer for “The Bid” starring Philly duo Maurquis Boone and Rich “Philly Filthy Rich” Harris who also wrote, produced and directed the film that hit digital platforms and theaters this week.

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The Indie Comedy is already a homegrown phenomenon in Philly where Boone and Rich created, casted, funded and shot the flick in 30 days with a hilarious array of social media comedians/actors like Haha Davis, Mr. Commodore, Southside Ju and A-Town.

They hosted 13 sold out screenings in the city that created buzz and eventually caught the attention of GVN Releasing and BPG Media–the film and television production arm of powerhouse management firm The Blueprint Group.

The film tells the story of two rappers (played by Boone and Rich—named Boone and Rich) who get framed by an overzealous Philadelphia police officer. The duo is sent to prison and forced to fight the unjust Philadelphia prison system from the inside. Richard Harris has done prison time in the past and knows how to deal with the stresses and struggles of incarceration. Boone, on the other hand, is totally out of his comfort zone and violates ALL prison rules and ethics.

Boone’s behavior and attitude place the duo in a series of jailhouse dramas that will leave you torn between fearing for their lives or laughing.

“The Bid” elevates Boone and Rich as two of comedy’s most exciting new voices. Producers include Richard Harris and Maurquis Boone of B&R Films. Executive Producers are Gee Roberson, Jean Nelson, Al Branch, Cortez Bryant, Bryan Calhoun, Dwayne “Heat” Williams of BPG Media, and Geno Taylor of GVN Releasing. Executive Producers also are Bernard “Jamil” Jones and Antonio Simmons of Black Eye Entertainment.

Be on the lookout for news on the soundtrack soon, featuring the hip-hop group Boone and Rich, which will be released on Street Value Records and Blueprint Distro.

Play On: Celebrating the Power of Music to Make Change

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

James Todd Smith, better known by his rap moniker LL Cool J, celebrated his 53rd birthday this week. We just want to know, where’d the time go?!

The Hip-Hop OG has been in the game since the ’80s and has released a total of 13 studio albums in that time. Like most creatives, LL is multifaceted — he crossed over into the acting game, appearing in countless onscreen roles across television and film. To name a few, there was his infamous ’90s sitcom In The House, Oz, Deep Blue Sea, In Too Deep, Any Given Sunday, Charlie’s Angels, Deliver Us From Eva, NCIS: Los Angeles… and the list goes on. Presently, he plays Sam Hanna on NCIS and cohosts Lip Sync Battle. Heavily awarded, LL has two Grammys (Best Rap Solo Performance for his songs “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “Hey Lover,” respectively). And, he’s been nominated by the Recording Academy 7 additional times. James is no slacker…

But, all that said, the husband and proud dad is still the around the way guy from Queens, who loves to stay close to his fans and family. Hitting Instagram to celebrate his big day, he posted a photo of his at-home bday decor and reposted shoutouts in his Story.

Below are more photos from his time in the industry… take a quick trip down memory lane with us and salute the king!

NIKE, Inc. and Virgil Abloh Book ICONS

Source: Nike / Nike

Nike will soon be releasing a book called ICONS, published by TASCHEN and which documents “The Ten,” the company’s 2017 collaboration with Off-White founder Virgil Abloh. The initial project saw the Louis Vuitton Creative Director take apart ten iconic Nike shoes, such as the Air Jordan 1 and the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, and put them back together with different arrangements.

“The foundation of my practice isn’t nearly the end result — it’s rigor and process of the logic. The archive is the paper trail of those artifacts,” said Abloh of his deconstructive/reconstructive approach to the collection’s development. “The ICONS book is, in a way, the only revealing lens to understand that the catalog of the 50-plus Nike shoes I have designed are in my mind ‘one shoe.’ One story.”

NIKE, Inc. and Virgil Abloh Book ICONS

Source: Nike / Nike

Five of the iconic sneakers were grouped as “Revealing,” and the others were classified as “Ghosting,” with each title explaining the manners in which the sneakers’ inner workings were put on display. “These 10 shoes have broken barriers in performance and style. To me, they are on the same level as the sculpture of David or the Mona [Lisa]. You can debate it all you want, but they mean something,” Abloh said at the time of the original collection’s development. The results were so popular that Nike even released a 258-page PDF file called “TEXTBOOK,” which also shares a lot of the ideas that spawned each shoe’s transformation.

ICONS will initially be sold at Black-owned bookstores and independent outlets before being made available through SNKRS, Off-White, and Canary Yellow on January 22. and other global retailers currently will have it available for sale on February 5 for $70.

Get a better look at a few pages of the book in the gallery below

NIKE, Inc. and Virgil Abloh Book ICONS

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Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik dropped his third album, “Nobody Is Listening,” Friday, featuring stripped-down tracks.

Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers

Source: Steph Chambers / Getty

When NBA TV commentator Ro Parrish watched James Harden‘s warmup routine up before the Houston Rockets’ Monday night game versus the Los Angeles Lakers, and he remarked, “James Harden definitely had a pregame meal,” Parrish may have known something viewers did not. Although “The Beard” would end up saying some unflattering things about his team the next night and packing his bags for Brooklyn soon thereafter, he may have also been putting some finishing touches on his new restaurant, Thirteen. The eatery is named for Harden’s No. 13 jersey, which will continue to be his number with the Nets, and it is located in H-Town’s Midtown.

“Our entire staff and team are looking forward to providing top-notch service and bringing a one-of-a-kind dining experience to Houston,” spokeswoman Sherrie Handrinos shared via email. “We are looking forward to sharing our extensive menu and beautiful restaurant with the city.”

Some of the dishes include fries spiced with Old Bay and drenched in Maryland crab cream sauce, deep-fried red snapper with a “brown stew” broth; and a decadent offering called the “Sun Devil,” which is creamed collard greens-topped roasted oysters topped with candy bacon, and so named in homage to Harden’s college basketball career at Arizona State University. Executive chef Tobias Dorzon looks forward to the challenge, saying, “There’s always kinks with any restaurant opening, but my staff is ready to impress.”

But although the restaurant has not yet officially opened, Dorzon and the staff of Thirteen certainly have their work cut out. Reviewers have already begun leaving comments on Google, and they are not mincing words. One Houstonian even humorously mocked Harden’s parting words and wrote, “This restaurant can’t be fixed, it’s just not good enough.”

In any event, Harden’s voracious appetite off the court may not continue to translate so well on the court with his move to Brooklyn. By playing alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets now have three of the top ten active players with the NBA’s highest usage rates.

Let’s see if “The Beard” pays a visit to Thirteen for some comfort food on March 3, when he’s scheduled to return to Houston with his new team.

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Asiahn The Interlude EP assets

Source: Since The 80s/Motown

Boundary-elevating R&B singer/songwriter Asiahn returns with her dreamy new EP “The Interlude” that will have you ready to send risky texts while ascending into the clouds.

The highly anticipated release (that marks her debut on Since The 80s & Motown) centers itself on the period of self-discovery and growth that comes after one relationship’s end and before another’s beginning.

For the South Carolina-raised, Los Angeles-based artist, this 5-song set was a conscious effort to broaden her horizons.

“It’s important that as an artist I not only sing about love,” Asiahn says. “There’s more to life than just being in a relationship and falling in and out of love with others, we also have to fall in love with ourselves and discover what we like and don’t like, explore our sexuality, get drunk and have fun! We have to live!”

True to her word, “The Interlude” finds Asiahn delving into new sounds, styles, and subject matters. The EP’s first single “Gucci Frames” is a slow-mo collection of subtle flexes and empowered bars about taking ownership of your life when someone else expects you to feel broken.

“Get Away” is an escapist dream of a better world in the arms of a lover, with a warm orchestral instrumental by Dreek Beatz.

Elsewhere, she embraces more carnal pleasures on the smoky “Drunk” and the lusty “Messed Up,” enjoying the freedom that uncoupled life can offer.

Asiahn The Interlude EP assets

Source: Nikko Lamere

Even though it’s only five songs, “The Interlude” is a vast release demonstrating the wide-ranging emotions you can experience when you take time to focus on yourself.

“The Interlude” celebrates a new phase for Asiahn, a period of blossoming and fresh growth. It’s an exciting release, both because of its stellar songs and because it reaffirms that she’s always going to have a hunger for exploration.

Stream “The Interlude” here and follow her on Instagram here.

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