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wiz khalifa - Shante

Wiz Khalifa Source: Rodin Eckenroth / Getty

Rapper Wiz Khalifa received an illegal drug possession charge in Romania shortly after smoking while performing.

Festival season is currently taking place overseas, and if you scroll social media you can see your favorite artists from the United States rocking the crowds.  Wiz Khalifa is always a fan favorite across the pond and he was recently booked to perform in Romania at the Beach, Please! Festival.

Wiz rocked the crowd while smoking one of his signature hand-rolled joints, but footage has surfaced of police trying to ruin his high.

According to Barrons (Agence French Presse), Khalifa was charged with illegal drug possession shortly after his performance.

“During a performance at a music festival held in the resort of Costinesti, the accused was found to have possessed more than 18 grams of cannabis and to have consumed (on stage) another quantity in the form of a handmade cigarette,” said the Romanian anti-organised crime prosecutors (DIICOT) in a statement on Sunday, per the AFP.

Romania doesn’t play when it comes to drugs, not even marijuana, and the punishment can be up to 10 years in prison. Wiz is a resident of California where it’s legal, but of course, the laws vary outside of the U.S.

On Sunday, the rapper hopped on social media to apologize to the people of Romania and promised he would return minus the weed smoke.

“Last nights show was amazing. I didn’t mean any disrespect to the country of Romania by lighting up on stage,” Wiz wrote on his X account Sunday morning. “They were very respectful and let me go. I’ll be back soon. But without a big a** joint next time.”

Hopefully, this is a sign to any artist overseas working to leave the flower alone until touching back down stateside.

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Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher attend

Source: Variety / Getty

Eddie Murphy has walked down the aisle again.

The 63-year-old comedy legend and father of ten made it official with Australian model Paige Butcher after a six-year engagement. The couple were married in a private ceremony in Anguilla on July 9. Murphy was previously married to model and actress Nicole Murphy from 1993 to 2006.

Murphy and Butcher have been dating for 12 years and are parents to 8-year-old Izzy and 6-year old Max. Famously private about their relationship, the pair hit the red carpet together in 2023 at the Golden Globes Award and Murphy thanked her during his acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

All of Murphy’s children were in attendance at the nuptials, including his daughter-in-law Jasmin Lawrence, who is the eldest child of fellow comedian Martin Lawrence.

Murphy has been back in business making films, including reprising his role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F for Netflix and prepping the first standalone film for Shrek’s Donkey which is slated to release after the fifth installation of the popular franchise comes to theaters.

What’s Next For Eddie Murphy?

Despite his legendary status, Murphy has managed to keep a relatively low profile. His last Netflix film, You People, which also starred Lauren London and Jonah Hillseemed to mark a relationship between the comedic giant and the streaming juggernaut with rumors of a $70 million deal and a new standup special on the table.

However, the deal appears to only cover the film projects he committed to thus far. In 2023, Murphy revealed that his eventual return to standup would be a little different than people expected.

“[It’s a] whole different world since the pandemic,” he said in an interview with Complex. “But my show won’t just be stand-up; my show will be music and stand-up. Because I can’t just get on the stage and just do jokes because I have all this other stuff now. I’m thinking about how to put together a live show that has everything.”

So far, he completed production on two of the three films he’s slated to release with Netflix. So maybe, we’re closer to a new Eddie Murphy standup than we think.

Congratulations to Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher!

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The United States is increasingly a cesspool of violence and the Donald Trump rally shooting on Saturday reflects the real state of America and its policies. As new details emerge about the alleged gunman, who was registered to Trump’s own party, there are more questions than answers.

BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA - July 13: Former president Donald Trump i

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

As BOSSIP previously reported, the incident left one rally attendee dead, whom officials have identified as former Buffalo Township Fire Chief, Corey Comperatore. Another attendee was critically injured, and Trump sustained a wound to his ear.

New Details Emerge About The Alleged Shooter

According to USA Today, the alleged shooter was Thomas Matthew Crooks, a 20-year-old registered Republican from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Secret Service agents identified and quickly killed him shortly after he allegedly fired multiple shots. Following the shooting, the internet is circulating with Trump’s defiant but dangerously timed fist-pumping gesture.

The attack has flooded social media with outlets and individuals in a frenzy, as reactions range from concern to outright denial. 

Some dismissed the severity of the event, while others concocted conspiracy theories, including racist-driven claims that the event was staged to appeal to black voters.

This reflects a troubling desensitization to violence and a detachment from the traumatic realities of recent years, such as the pandemic, police brutality, and ongoing wars.

The tension and dissension of this upcoming election have reached an all-time high. 

According to Newsweek, Witness Greg Smith saw Crooks with a rifle on a rooftop near the rally minutes before shots were fired. Smith and others attempted to alert the police, but their warnings went unheeded for several crucial minutes.

“We noticed the guy bear-crawling up the roof of the building beside us, 50 feet away,” Smith recounted to the BBC. “He had a rifle; we could clearly see a rifle. We’re pointing at him, the police are down there running around on the ground, we’re like ‘Hey man, there’s a guy on the roof with a rifle’… and the police did not know what was going on.”

To many, the scene was unreal. AP News states that Trump is “fine” and being treated for his injuries. 

Leaders Condemn “Political Violence,” Critics Call Out Increasingly Violent U.S. Policies


Source: KENA BETANCUR / Getty

Former President Barack Obama swiftly condemned the act, emphasizing the need for civility and respect in politics. The Hill states that there was a sentiment of reform needed in politics. 

“There is absolutely no place for political violence in our democracy,” Obama stated on X. 

He also expressed relief that Trump was not seriously hurt and wished him a quick recovery, a sentiment echoed by Michelle Obama.

The incident has also caused many to reflect on the irony of gun violence used towards Trump. For a leader who believes in less structure surrounding gun reform, many are calling out his party’s policies that enabled the violence he experienced and often worse for civilians without Secret Service protection. 

There is an urgent need to address violent policies within the U.S. Despite the “no violence in politics” rhetoric, the U.S. government harbors numerous policies that perpetuate violence. Trump himself has supported several such policies:

Gun Control: Trump has consistently opposed stricter gun control measures, including high-capacity weapons used in mass murders.

Military Interventions: U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts often leads to long-term instability and violence.

Criminal Justice System: Policies emphasizing punitive measures over rehabilitation can exacerbate cycles of violence.

Immigration Enforcement: Aggressive tactics towards immigrants result in human rights abuses and violence.

Police Practices: Excessive use of force, militarized arsenals, and lack of accountability too often risk and end lives rather than protecting or policing them.

President Joe Biden also condemned the violence, stating, “There’s no place in America for this type of violence. It’s sick. It’s sick.”

Many Republicans quickly blamed the violence on Biden and his allies, arguing that sustained attacks on Trump as a threat to democracy have created a toxic environment. However, under Project 2025, Trump’s closest policy advisors proposed dismantling much of the federal government as we know it.

The controversial plan includes expanded presidential power over the justice system, higher taxes for low-income earners to benefit the wealthy, removing workplace diversity programs, ending the Department of Education, and even criminalizing pornography.

Others in opposition quickly responded to hold Trump accountable for his actions leading up to the shooting. Keep in mind that Trump also called for more shootings during BLM protests, mocked the near-fatal attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband by a political extremist, and his party fought to protect people who hit or run over protesters with their cars.  

Let’s Be Real: The U.S. Needs Reflection And Reform

As we move forward, it’s essential to not only condemn violent acts but also to tackle the systemic issues that enable such violence. This requires a commitment to non-violence, comprehensive gun control, and reforms across various sectors.

Let’s use this moment to reflect on our values and work towards a united, safer nation.

Despite the chaos, it is crucial for voters to remain informed and focused on the impact of the upcoming election. Results of past elections, including local leadership, ultimately took us to this point and the 2024 outcomes could shape the country’s future for generations. 

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Content Recap - 2024 Roots Picnic

Content Recap – Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

Your Bossip Weekly Content Recap for July 14 with André 3000, Bun B, Sexyy Red, Anthony Mackie, and more all in one place.

The weekend is coming to a close but we can’t let it end without your Bossip Weekly Content Recap. This week we visit LeBron James in The Shop, Bun B after Mother Nature tested his city, and more. Sit back and enjoy all the best content of the week in one place.

André 3000 & Sexyy Red Stop By The Shop

André 3000 is sticking to his “no rap album” agenda but joined LeBron James on The Shop. However, he opens up about his former stage name and Pimp C’s reaction to one of his most iconic verses. Sexyy Red bonds with 3k on their come-up as Artists.

Captain America: Brave New World Gets A First Look

Anthony Mackie returns as the new Captain America but one problem he didn’t see coming is Harrison Ford’s General Ross. Somehow General Ross becomes the Red Hulk and everything goes south.

Bun B & Trill Burgers Give Back To Houston

While most of Houston is still sitting without power Bun B and his Trill Burgers are making their rounds to provide fresh meals to the people.

Serena Williams Hosts The ESPYs

Serena Williams’s opening Monologue at the ESPYs is too good to not mention. She didn’t hold back and fired off a lot of shots while also sliding some unexpected praise in.

Bronny James Makes His Debut In The Purple & Gold

Last but not least in the Content Recap, Bronny James finally dawns a Lakers jersey in his summer league debut. History has officially been made.

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Earlier this week, Category 1 Hurricane Beryl devastated Houston, leaving a trail of power outages across the region. Yet, in the face of disaster, hometown hero Bun B stepped in to lift the spirit of Houston’s community.

Bun B poses at Anthony Anderson & Cedric The Entertainer Meet And Greet At Trill Burgers

Source: Thaddaeus McAdams / Getty

The UGK rapper turned restaurateur teamed up with Kroger to distribute over 1,500 burgers from his popular eatery, Trill Burgers, to residents affected by the storm. The first giveaway took place at Bethel’s Family Church, where Bun B was personally present, greeting and supporting the people of his city.

The event was a shining example of hope and unity, showcasing the strong community spirit that makes Houston special. Yet, Bun B didn’t stop there. With support from Kroger and new contributions from Levi’s and Lone Star Tents & Events, Bun B held a second giveaway at the Houston Galleria.

This time, the team handed out 713 burgers and 713 bottles of water, a nod to Houston’s iconic area code.

His restaurant has been closed until further notice due to the overwhelming flooding, damages, and power crisis. However, the veteran MC continues to ensure he holds down his city of Houston during tough times.

2024 ESSENCE Festival Of Culture Presented By Coca-Cola - Day 1 - Caesar's Superdome

Source: Bennett Raglin / Getty

Fans of Bun B appreciate his efforts so much that they took to his comments to encourage the rapper-turned-CEO to run for Mayor! One user wrote, “Bun should Run,4 Mayor! I’d vote for him!” While another user wrote, “Way to show up for your community. This what Real leadership looks like! 👊🏾 ”

As Houston recovers from Hurricane Beryl, one thing is for sure: Bun B will be there every step of the way to lend support any way he can!

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Secret Service agents swarmed Donald Trump after he was shot at during a campaign rally that shockingly left one spectator dead and the suspected shooter dead. President Joe Biden responded to the incident in an emergency press conference, stating, “Everybody must condemn it!”

Donald Trump shot at campaign rally TOPSHOT-US-POLITICS-VOTE

Source: REBECCA DROKE / Getty

On Saturday evening, the 2024 presidential election appeared to go from relentless mud-slinging to gunshots ringing. As Trump reviewed a map about border crossers to a Butler Pennsylvania crowd, a series of loud pops stopped him mid-sentence. He quickly clutched the side of his face as the Secret Service surrounded him. Despite the blood on his face, Trump fist-pumped while seemingly instructing supporters to “fight.” His campaign has since confirmed that he’s “fine.”

Secret Service representative spokesperson Anthony Guglielmitook to X, formerly Twitter, declaring that “the former President is safe.”

“This is now an active Secret Service investigation and further information will be released when available, he continued.”

According to the AP, Trump’s spokesman, Steven Cheung, issued a statement with an update stating that he will survive this “heinous act.”

“President Trump thanks law enforcement and first responders for their quick action during this heinous act. He is fine and is being checked out at a local medical facility. More details will follow,” Cheung said.

While the incident is under investigation by federal and local law enforcement, new details continue to emerge. Onlookers appeared frozen, possibly assuming the noise was fireworks while watching agents spring into action. After several moments, a bloodied Trump arose from the huddle of human shields, shaking his fist at the crowd.

He appeared to tell agents he couldn’t leave until he put his shoes on first. While agents gathered to protect Trump, he kept his head and fist raised and looked like he repeatedly mouthed “fight” to the crowd. Secret Service agents continued to try to rush him into a nearby SUV while the recently convicted felon tried to turn and wave to the public. The motorcade sped away to rush Trump to safety and medical treatment.

Reactions To The Trump Rally Shooting


Source: SAMUEL CORUM / Getty

Confusion and conspiracy theories are swirling as the word “staged” trends on X.

In spite of initial reactions and rumors, NBC News confirmed that the individual believed to be responsible for the shooting is now dead. Law enforcement confirmed that one spectator was also dead, and another was injured.

No further details about those individuals’ identities have been released about this developing story.

The rally marked the last campaign rally before the Republican National Convention. This tragedy raises questions about heightened security ahead of both parties’ conventions. Tragically, not even political rallies are safe in the U.S. as gun regulation remains increasingly under attack.

Leaders on all sides of the political spectrum have condemned the deadly violence.

In an emergency press conference from Delaware, President Joe Biden stated that he tried to reach Trump, who was unavailable during medical treatment.

“There’s no place in America for this kind of violence. It’s sick. It’s one of the reasons we have to unite this country. We cannot be like this. We cannot condone this,” Biden said before thanking Secret Service and law enforcement.

“The Trump rally is a rally that should have been conducted conducted peacefully without any problem. The idea that there’s political violence like this is unheard of. It’s inapproriate. Everybody must condemn it!”

BOSSIP will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

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Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes attend Universal, NBC, Focus Features, E! Entertainment Golden Globes After Party Sponsored by Chrysler

Source: Rachel Murray / Getty

Nene Leakes is the latest peach to speak on Kenya Moore‘s abrupt exit from the RHOA franchise.

In an interview with E! News, Leakes spoke on her former frenemy’s current Bravo-related drama and said she wasn’t surprised to hear what led to it.

“I don’t know if I was surprised,” she said. “I know that, over the years, Kenya has always pushed the envelope a little bit.

Listen, those girls do a lot of things. I don’t think I’m surprised at all.”

What may come as a surprise to RHOA fans is that Nene claims that she and Moore—along with Porsha Williams, Drew Sidora, Marlo Hampton and Shereé Whitfield—are currently on good terms.

“We’re not talking every day,” NeNe told the outlet, “but when we see each other, there’s no beef. There’s no hard feelings. Actually we laugh about it.”

Leakes also shared similar sentiments to Williams about their other former castmate, Phaedra Parks.

Housewives is where the viewers know her from and, to me, if she was going to be on any platform it should be on the Housewives platform, not Married to Medicine,” she explained. “I think Phaedra would be a good addition again.”

Parks appeared on RHOA from 2010 to 2017 and recently joined the cast of  Married to Medicine despite not being married to a doctor nor a doctor herself.

Though conversations about the alleged activities that led to her resignation have continued, Moore has released very few public statements about whether or not she is saying farewell to the franchise for good. Maybe her silence means there’s room for reconciliation.

Nonetheless, the newest installment of RHOA will come to Bravo early next year. Season #Sweet16 will feature Porsha Williams, Drew Sidora, Brittany Eady, Kelli Ferrell, Shamea Morton Mwangi and Angela Oakley. Cynthia Bailey is also slated to return but in a “friend of the show” role.

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The allegations just keep stacking up against Sean “Diddy” Combs. Vibe Magazine’s former editor-in-chief, Danyel Smith, accused the Bad Boy founder of allegedly threatening to have her “dead in the trunk of a car” over a 1997 issue.

Danyel Smith x Sean

Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Ricky Vigil M / Justin E Palmer / Getty

The highly respected journalist recently wrote a personal essay detailing the argument for The New York Times. In a shocking article, Smith boldly tells the story of her and Combs’ interaction, stating that she considered taking legal action against the rapper. In 1997, Smith tapped Diddy to cover their December 1997/January 1998 issue.

The photo was inspired by Warren Beaty’s 1987 movie Heaven Can Wait. It depicts the music mogul dressed in all white, peering over his glasses, with an angel behind him. The cover was tagged “The Good, Bad, and the Puffy.”

Smith writes in her essay that Diddy requested to see the cover before it went to press. However, it was against Vibe’s company policy for anyone to preview the cover.

“Combs wanted to see the Vibe covers before they went to press. It wasn’t our policy to show covers before publication,” she stated in the NYT article.

The EIC recalled after telling him no, she and her team heard through the grapevine that Combs intended to get what he asked for.

“After I told him no, we heard that he planned to come to our office and force us to show him what we’d chosen — and to make us choose something else if he didn’t like what he saw,” Smith wrote.

The NYT essay further claims that the father of seven later called the journalist and stated that he would see her “dead in the trunk of a car.” Smith advised Combs to take the threat back, but instead, he allegedly offered a laugh and said “F**k you.”

Danyel Smith Says She Held Her Ground Against Sean Combs

Journalist Danyel Smith becomes emotional when she recalls her youth growing up in Oakland during a conversation with KPFA's Anita Johnson in conjunction with the RESPECT: Hip Hop Style & Wisdom exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California in Oakland, Cali

Source: San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images / Getty

As if threatening to kill her wasn’t criminal enough, Smith revealed that Combs was allegedly having her followed. During their phone call he seemingly knew her location.

“I know where you are right now. Right on Lexington,” he said, according to Smith.

While she was shocked, the EIC took appropriate steps and reached out to her lawyer. Shortly after, Combs sent over a fax apologizing for his behavior. However, Diddy was not done.

Smith stated that following their argument, Vibe’s servers were stolen. Coincidentally, the servers stored the completed issue, including the cover. She suspects that Diddy and his team were the thieves. Luckily, the art director had a backup disk with the issue and they were able to publish on time with the cover they intended.

The allegations are just a drop in the bucket of Diddy’s ongoing issues. As BOSSIP has previously reported, the former music mogul is knee-deep in legal battles. He is also under federal investigation and had his LA and Miami homes raided in March 2024.

Combs also recently came under even hotter fire after surveillance footage revealed the abuse his former girlfriend, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, endured during their relationship. Diddy nor his team have released a statement regarding Danyel Smith’s personal essay and the allegations she made.

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Ari and MoneyBagg Yo‘s relationship has been an emotional and public roller coaster, but the couple has remained steady. However, on Ari Fletcher’s birthday, her boo had fans questioning the strength of their relationship. And in true Ari fashion, she clapped back.

Ari Fletcher & Moneybagg Yo attend BET+ Premiere Screening For “The Impact Atlanta” Season 2

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Ari recently celebrated her 29th birthday on July 12th. The social media influencer has been celebrating overseas. Moneybagg Yo joined her in Greece on her birthday and shared a birthday message on Instagram.

In the caption, he stated, “Happy BaggDay Queen. DaDa Love You.”

The post stirred up a little controversy for several reasons. Some social media users felt the message was too short and she deserved more after dating the rapper for five years.

According to TheShadeRoom, one Instagram user stated, “Each year the paragraphs get smaller.”

Other users were concerned with Ari potentially calling the rapper, “Dada,” as he mentioned in the caption. Some users came to her defense, while others found it a little weird.

An Instagram user stated, “Unpopular opinion on this app… calling a man daddy is weird to me.”

However, another user thought it was cute, “I call my husband Daddy. I think it’s cute.”

Nevertheless, the couple continued to post on social media, seemingly having a blast while on vacation, but not too much fun because Ari had time to clap back at social media users who had something negative to say about her relationship with MoneyBagg.

Ari Fletcher’s Birthday Takes A Pause As She Asks, ‘Whose The Cheater?’

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Host Medusa

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

A video of Ari entering a bedroom full of roses, balloons, and birthday decorations began circulating on X, formerly known as Twitter. One user quoted the video with a boldly back-handed compliment.

“Cheaters and dumb b***hes have the most aesthetically pleasing relationship moments for the media,” the X user stated.

The mother of one caught wind of the tweet and promptly responded with a question.

“Who’s the cheater, and who’s the dumb b***h?” she asked. “Poor slow miserable a** hoes always wanna have a moment. I live your dream life everyday. You the scum of the earth itching for a viral moment. The only attention you ever got in life is this moment right here! My birthday 10/10,” she continued.

Though Ari is known to win arguments with social media users due to them being “broke and ugly,” fans are not bothered. As you may recall, both Ari and MoneyBagg have opened up about the rapper’s infidelity during their relationship, and users are not letting her forget it.

An X user even provided proof, “I mean he told the world he cheated and then you confirmed it.”

Another user laid out plain and simple things for Ari.

Other users pointed out that if Ari was having such a good time on social media, she would not have time to argue on X. As one user stated, she would have most likely had to search her name to know what people were saying.

Some fans thought it was inappropriate to talk about MoneyBagg Yo’s infidelity on her birthday.

Ari nor MoneyBaggYo has not responded to the backlash. They are seemingly enjoying Ari Fletcher’s birthday in Greece.

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Angel Reese is having an electrifying rookie year with the Chicago Sky, and she’s already setting records and making history.

Angel Reese plays in WNBA: JUL 10 Atlanta Dream at Chicago Sky

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Thursday night was yet another milestone for the rising star as she recorded her 15th consecutive double-double, a feat that places her in rare company with NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. Not only did Angel surpass former Sky forward Candace Parker‘s record of nine consecutive double-doubles, but she also became the first player since O’Neal in 1993 to achieve such a remarkable start to their career.

Angel Reese’s rookie season has been amazing! She’s been a game-changer for the Chicago Sky, wowing fans with her consistent play. With 15 double-doubles in a row, Reese is proving she’s a powerhouse in both scoring and rebounding. Her incredible performance has made her a standout player for the Sky and a rising star in the WNBA.

The League And The Legends Put Some Respect On Angel Reese’s Epic Accomplishments

Chicago Sky v Seattle Storm

Source: Steph Chambers / Getty

Angel’s amazing efforts have not gone unnoticed, earning her a well-deserved first All-Star nod. Fellow rookie Caitlin Clark will join her in the All-Star festivities, highlighting the impressive new talent entering the league this season.

Reese also caught the attention of one of the game’s greatest, Shaquille O’Neal. On his podcast, “The Big Podcast,” Shaq emphasized that the WNBA’s recent surge in sponsorships and popularity is not solely due to Caitlin Clark, as impressive as she is.

He made it clear that Angel Reese, along with players like Kamilla Cardoso and Kelsey Plum, have significantly contributed to the league’s growing engagement and success. O’Neal commended Reese’s efforts on the floor, acknowledging her as a driving force behind the WNBA’s rising prominence.

Reese’s ability to dominate the court, coupled with her charismatic personality, makes her an ideal ambassador for the sport. As she continues to break records and elevate her game, Reese is playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the WNBA.