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Social media funnyman Travis Thompson, better known by his sobriquet TravQue, recently went on social media to upload an encounter he had at a bar with Drake. Mr. “Now Walk Away From Me” boldly tried to place a large order of booze on Drizzy’s tab and pull the same stunt on him, too. But from what we see in the 30-second clip recorded by the comedian’s cellphone, Toronto’s Certified Lover Boy was about to revert to his “Stay Schemin’” days right quick if Trav didn’t stop with the games.

“Let me get two thousand cases of Virginia Black [whiskey], forty cases of Bumbu [rum], and three cases of tequila, and put it on [Drake’s] tab,” Trav spouted at the bartender while pointing to the rapper. “[Drake] said he got it.”

The “6 God” immediately motioned to the barkeep for her disregard what she just heard on the spot, and he looked pretty unhappy about the jokes. But when it was clear TravQue was not letting up and insisted that Drake said he would hold down the bill, all the R&B left Drizzy as he tried to grab Trav’s phone.

While names like Desiigner, Jessie Woo Shiggy Show, and Spice Adams found the video funny on Instagram, Drizzy did as well after commenting on the IG post with a crying, laughing emoji.

Furthermore, fans of the artist think the whole dustup was staged, given that someone of Drake’s caliber had no security around him at the time, and it feels like a cheap way to keep his name in the media without addressing the whereabouts of his excessively delayed album, Certified Lover Boy.

That experience was one odd way to treat someone whose album you consider as a Top 5 of All-Time candidate. See some of the comments in the gallery below.

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10th Annual ONE Musicfest

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The music world lost a great today.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, is a rap legend that hailed from Yonkers, New York. He first jumped onto the music scene in the mid-1990s and became a certified talent by release 3 classic albums —It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, … And Then There Was X– in a matter of 18 months.

But while he was still atop the music game, his fame grew even more when he decided to become an actor. It began with hood classic Belly alongside fellow rap great Nas in 1998 and ended in 2020 with the lead role in Fast and Fierce: Death Race. Plus, who can forget DMX and Aaliyah in Romeo Must Die?

While DMX’s gravely distinctive voice, honest lyrics, and gritty music videos will surely be missed by all music fans alike, we decided to take a look back at some of X’s best acting roles.

Peep the list below to see if your favorites were featured.

Hip Hop All Stars 2018

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Swizz Beatz And Bacardi Present No Commission NY: Art Perform - Day 2

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Today (April 9), Hip-Hop lost another legend and an incredibly spiritual soul way too soon when DMX passed away at the young age of 50-years-old.

Known for his gruff voice, gritty style, and overall “I Don’t Give A F*ck” attitude, Dark Man X moved audiences with his raps, prayers, and on-stage presence. With the release of his debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, X immediately became a Hip-Hop superstar and maintained his popularity for years to come via numerous guest appearances in which his verses sometimes outshined whoever gave him a bag to hop on the track.

To honor the late-great DMX and his illustrious career, HipHopWired has compiled DMX’s best guest features just to give anyone who isn’t familiar with the Yonkers legend an idea of just how much this loss hurts us OG Hip-Hop Heads.

Thank you for the music and memories, X.


LL Cool J ft. Method Man, Redman, DMX & Canibus – “4, 3, 2, 1”

“Stay out the dark! Cause If I catch you when the sun is down, run it, clown.”

[embedded content]

Ma$e ft. The Lox, Black Rob & DMX – “24 Hours To Live”

“I been livin’ with a curse, but it’s all about to end/But Before I go say hello to my little friend!”

[embedded content]

Ja Rule ft. Jay-Z & DMX – “It’s Murda”

“As long as I can remember the streets have kept me safe and ever since that time in December the heat’s been on my waist.”

[embedded content]

Jay-Z ft. Ja Rule & DMX – “Murdergram”

“I’m a cruddy n*gga, going up raw dog in dirty b*tches/And If I get burnt i’m giving that sh*t to thirty b*tches.”

[embedded content]

Cam’ron Ft. DMX – “Pull It”

“What you don’t know will get you f*cked up! And when you don’t roll it’s gonna get you stuck up!”

[embedded content]

The Lox ft. Lil Kim & DMX – “Money, Power, Respect”

“Moms at home praying that you coming home but you not! You sittin’ up in a trunk startin’ to rot!”

[embedded content]

Ruff Ryders ft. DMX – “Bugout”

“Look out! They done let the crook out. I took out enough of your family to have a fuckin’ cookout!”

[embedded content]

Funk Master Flex Freestyle

“I been off the deep end since I was semen/That’s why now I’m such a muthafuckin’ demon.”

[embedded content]

Jay-Z ft. DMX – “Money, Cash H*es”

“D-M-X and my dogs bite! Jigga-My-Ni**a rhyme all night!”

[embedded content]

Onyx ft. DMX – “Shut Em Down”

“How much is your life worth to someone important? Cause I be extortin’/Kidnap him for ransom is some sh*t you don’t wanna get caught in.”

[embedded content]

Aaliyah ft. DMX “Come Back In One Piece”

“Dog tags around my neck, the streets are mine, I might leave the heat behind, ‘Cause in the streets I’m fine…”

[embedded content]

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DMX died Friday, leaving behind a catalog of music filled with pain and brutal honesty. These are the rapper’s most memorable lyrics and quotes.


It’s a really sad day for hip-hop but DMX created a beautiful legacy, one that we can all continue to celebrate.

Swizz Beatz And Bacardi Present No Commission NY: Art Perform - Day 2

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As we mourn the passing of the legendary Earl Simmons, we continue to pray and send love to his friends and family including Swizz Beatz, who was a dear brother to the late rapper as part of the Ruff Ryders collective. Swizz and Timbaland were recently guests on OZY’s “The Carlos Watson Show” and Swizz was asked about how he got his start. He revealed that his career skyrocketed after DMX recorded “Ruff Ryders Anthem”, although he noted the Yonkers rapper initially did not want to do the song. Check out the clip below:

There are so many stories about X that reveal he had such a kind and generous nature. He was BEYOND talented. We are incredibly saddened by his loss, but at least he will not suffer any longer. Life was not always kind to him and we pray he’ll find peace in heaven.

Sending so much love to Swizz, Eve, the Dean family, the Simmons family and all those in DMX’s circle.

What DMX songs are your favorite? We’ve been playing “Slippin’”, “How’s It’s Going Down” and “What’s My Name?”

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Everyone on the right side of history knows this.



Derek Chauvin and his lawyers are having a real tough time coming up with viable legal defenses for murdering George Floyd. Spoiler alert: there aren’t any viable legal defenses. During yesterday’s hearing, we watched pulmonologist Dr. Martin Tobin make it abundantly clear why Floyd is dead. He had no access to oxygen. He couldn’t breathe because Derek Chauvin was restricting his airflow with his knee.

It was something that every decent person who watched the now-infamous video already knew but hearing it said by a field expert in court under oath was so powerful that Dr. Tobin was trending on Twitter for most of the day. Cops have disingenuously tried to insinuate that illicit drugs caused Floyd’s death. F**k those cops.

Dr. Tobin has been doing work in the pulmonary field for over 40 years. He has testified in over 50 court cases, the majority of them medical malpractice cases. This is his first criminal trial. According to the AP, Tobin declined the substantial fees that doctors and medical experts usually charge to offer their knowledge in a case. The prosecutors made no secret about Dr. Tobin’s pro bono testimony.

“Well, when I was asked to do the case, uh, I thought I might have some knowledge that would be helpful to explain how Mr. Floyd died,” he said. “And since I’d never done this type of work in this nature before, I decided I didn’t wish to be paid for it.”

If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack. Imprison Derek Chauvin. Justice for George Floyd.

DMX, the hip-hop icon known for his raspy-voiced delivery, changed the game with hits including “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” and “Party Up (Up in Here)”.


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Buckle up! The power of womanhood is intersecting with powersports for a day of female ridership, camaraderie, and fun in the coolest of ways.


Source: Polaris Inc / International Female Ride Day

Polaris Inc. is once again joining forces with International Female Ride Day (IFRD) to further celebrate and accelerate the participation of women in powersports, this time with a theme of #FocusFemaleForward.
This year’s 15th annual IFRD returns to the first Saturday of May and will once again have high-powered global synchronization. On International Female Ride Day women in over 120 countries will strap on helmets, gloves, and gear and ride their motorcycles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, or other powersports vehicles in unity and support of the female riding community. This year’s theme emphasizes the goals of IFRD including encouraging new women to ride while shining a light on the diverse participation of women already engaging in powersports.

Per a press release, Polaris says it’s continuing to remain focused on driving industry inclusion and representation of women and hope to inspire more ladies to participate in powersports. With that in mind, they’ve launched the Empowersports Women’s Riding Council, an exclusive yet inclusive bad a$$ club of 12 trailblazing women who are riders, adventurers, leaders, and entrepreneurs assisting in championing the growth of female riders and helping to broaden their voice in the industry.

Vicky Gray, IFRD Founder and inaugural member of Polaris’ Empowersports Women’s Riding Council, is especially excited to have Polaris on board for this quickly approaching IFRD occasion.

“It’s exciting to have Polaris as a sponsor, teaming up to encourage even more women to join the movement,” said Gray. “This year, women around the world will be active, riding in celebration, unity and support of the female riding community more than ever before. Whether on roads, dirt, sand or snow, riding continues to be an exhilarating, liberating and a fulfilling activity for women of all skill levels. The female riding community continues to expand every year, and this is our day to celebrate.”

Pam Kermisch, Polaris Chief Customer Engagement, and Growth Officer believes that this year’s IFRD will be something special.

“Every day, scores of women put on their helmet and point their ride towards an open road, mountain or trail,” said Jermisch. “IFRD is about taking a moment to celebrate how incredible that sisterhood is while encouraging female riders to bring along other women in their lives to share in the riding experience. We believe in uplifting the voices of our female riders across the powersports industry. Helping female ridership flourish and creating a sense of community is important for women, as well as the powersports community.”

If you wanna get in on the action, Polaris says it’s simple—-“Just Ride!” Go outside and ride a motorcycle or powersports vehicle and take part in the digital celebration by sharing photos of rides using the hashtags #IFRD2021, #FocusFemaleForward, and #InternationalFemaleRideDay. Social media posts will also be entered into a global photo contest.

For more info on IFRD click HERE.

Are YOU grabbing your helmet and gloves and taking a ride for International Female Ride Day???

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Rest in power, X!

DMX assets

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Words simply can’t express how legendary Earl “DMX” Simmons was during his world-shaking reign where he singlehandedly elevated Hip-Hop while staying true to himself as a once-in-a-lifetime artist, showman and hitmaker with the world in his hands.

DMX assets

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Between ’98 and ’02, he had quite possibly the greatest run in Hip-Hop history with two multi-platinum albums (“It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” and “Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood”) IN THE SAME YEAR, multiple blockbuster films including “Romeo Must Die” alongside Aaliyah and the golden Rap crew blueprint that launched the Ruff Ryderz into stardom.

Following the tragic deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., DMX emerged as a commercial powerhouse with a rare combination of artistic ambition and street credibility. Everything about DMX was unremittingly intense, from his sculpted, tattooed physique to his gruff, barking delivery, which made a perfect match for his trademark obsession with dogs.

He could move from spiritual anguish one minute to a narrative about the sins of the streets in compelling moments that connected to fans and made him the first artist ever to have his first four albums enter the charts at number one.

He was hilarious.

He made the greatest Christmas song of all-time.

He was a playable character in pop culture obsession “Def Jam Vendetta”

He ran several feet up a wall and back-flipped onto the ground in “Cradle 2 The Grave”

He made a smash hit with Sisqo (who lifted imaginary weights in the video)

He was truly iconic with an infectious energy that touched everyone, especially his peers who shared some of their fondest memories of the legend on social media.

The two starred in “Cradle 2 The Grave” that debuted at #1 at the box office with a $16.5 million opening weekend.

The Ruff Ryderz first lady was featured prominently on the group’s hit singles.

DMX and Snoop’s Verzuz was one of the most watched (and memed) Verzuz matchups to date

Swizz produced DMX’s biggest hits including international smash “Party Up

In an interview with TMZ, Killer Mike shared his favorite DMX stories and lessons he’d learned from the multi-layered legend.

“His greatest legacy are his fifteen children. Musically, he has been an amazing man,” Mike began before sharing a story about his experience gambling with the star. “I met DMX personally myself, me and my cousin,” he recalled.

“We gambled for like, eight grand. My cousin Jimmy skipped him for about five grand, I was on the side making his manager bet me for about three.”

In another instance, X was reportedly “singing Christmas Carols to a table in a Waffle House [and] making everyone very happy.”

He went on to drop some of the jewels that can be learned from X’s life.

“He taught people that you can love through suffering,” said Killer Mike. “He taught people there is no shame in addiction because he was always honest about being in that place. And he taught people that there was no shame in being sensitive and vulnerable. He showed people publically that he loved God.”

Despite his international stardom, rapper DMX remained a steady presence around White Plains, NY. His death was met with local outpourings of respect.