Janet Jackson tackles rumors about a secret baby with James DeBarge and her relationship with brother Michael in the new documentary, “Janet Jackson.”


Released in 2020, Glass Animals’ hypnotic single “Heat Waves” finally hit No. 1 this past week. The indie-rock band looks back on its unusual success.


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Two years ago today, it felt like the world stopped when news broke that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Kobe Bryant Remembered On His Second Anniversary Of His Death

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

Like Nipsey Hussle, Kobe meant a lot to the state of California and more importantly, the city of Los Angeles.

Being in the city of LA, you instantly feel the pain every time you pass a Kobe mural. On August 24, when you leave your house and go by the mall, all you see is a sea of purple and gold Kobe gear. But on the bright side, the city has taken its pain and expressed it through art.

Still, Kobe didn’t just mean a lot to California or Los Angeles, he meant something to everyone across the globe, even if they weren’t sports fans. Everyone can relate to trying to be a better person every day and sometimes falling short, but continuing that quest. Across the globe, people took their pain and created art and murals to honor someone who embodied that. What better day than today to showcase some of the amazing Kobe and Gigi murals that popped up across the globe?

If we left out one of your favorites, we apologize, but we tried to pick the top 50 in terms of popularity on the internet.

Get Ready!

VH1 has officially announced the return of the hit franchise Black Ink Crew and fans of the show will be blessed with back-to-back season premieres of Black Ink Crew: New York and Black Ink Crew: Compton on Monday, February 21 at 8 PM ET/PT.

A press release reports that The Black Ink Crew: New York team is returning to their flagship store in Brooklyn, and this time the gang is stronger and more unified.

Black Ink Crew

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

The shop’s owner and head honcho Ceaser continues to elevate the Black Ink brand, but he’s got a few challenges ahead, especially if he’s going to keep everyone together.

As for the rest of the crew, Ted finally decides to invest some time into his burgeoning acting and music career, but the rising star is met with a tough decision as to whether he should stay in New York or consider a full-time move to Atlanta. Ted is not the only one thinking about moving to the A. Spending time in the Peach state seemed to be beneficial for Puma and his family. The New York native is now forced to reevaluate his place of residence and quality of life.

After a contentious year filled with prejudice and hate towards the Asian-American and Pacific Island community, Young Bae is now committed to making the world a better place for her son Niko and Tatti is settling into her new leadership role in the shop, but her past comes back to haunt her when some unresolved legal troubles rear their head.

A press release also notes that The Black Ink Crew: Compton team is back with bossman KP, as he strives to uplift his community and reclaim his place as leader of the crew.

Black Ink Crew

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

This season, the busy shop owner has a clear vision for himself post-pandemic shutdown and social unrest caused by systemic racism. KP is determined to bring his community together and create a rich movement in the city by using the art of tattooing as a way to celebrate Compton’s talent, passion, and profound culture. Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson returns later in the season for the first time in four years, and the thriving businesswoman has become the first BIPOC woman to own a tattoo shop in Beverly Hills. This also marks her first time back on the franchise since departing from Black Ink Crew Chicago.

After a near-death experience, Ink Drippin’ puts his family first and leans on holistic healing to mend himself back together after the traumatic experience, while Lemeir is set to open a second food truck business after the success of “Happy Ice” on Melrose. The thriving entrepreneur is also welcoming a new member to his growing family with fiancée Danielle, but as his personal life continues to grow, his passion for tattooing has taken a back seat after a rocky start alongside KP and his IAM Compton shop.

There’s a whole lot more in store this season too!

Watch a brief preview of Black In Crew: Compton below and brace yourself for two new seasons coming February 21 at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1.

Will you be watching?

Join the conversation using #BlackInkCrew and #BlackInkCompton and follow the official Black Ink Crew accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Catch-up on the previous seasons of Black Ink Crew: New York and Black Ink Crew: Compton on their respective show pages along with the VH1 app.

Black Ink Crew: New York from MTV Entertainment Studios is executive produced by Daniel Blau Rogge, Phakiso Collins, Treiva Williams, Yessica Garcia, Melanie C Lodge and Anne Swan. Black Ink Crew: Compton from MTV Entertainment Studios is executive produced by Daniel Blau Rogge, Phakiso Collins, Treiva Williams, Maricarmen Lopez and Davis Reidpath.

Okay Cynthia Bailey! We see you out here spreading your wings!

Cynthia Bailey appears alongside Ally Sheedy on Freeform series "

Source: Courtesy Freeform / Freeform

Cynthia Bailey makes a cameo in this week’s episode of “Single Drunk Female,” which premiered Jan 20 on Freeform/Hulu. Cynthia makes a guest appearance as a member of Carol’s (Ally Sheedy’s) book club, and they’re discussing intergenerational trauma— which is a touchy subject for Carol considering everything Sam has been going through!

Check out the clip below:

Poor Carol is doing her damndest to keep them folks out her business!

Here’s what we can expect from this week’s episode of “Single Drunk Female”:

Sam tries to win over Brit by making an amends at her birthday party. Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t invited, and neglects Felicia. Meanwhile, when Sam’s probation officer stops by, Carol struggles to explain Sam’s “situation” to her friends.

Have you seen the first two episodes of “Single Drunk Female”? We HIGHLY recommend you catch up before this week. Sam, the main character is a whole mess. The plot basically hinges on her bumpy road to sobriety after basically blowing up her life. It’s definitely the kind of disaster you won’t want to look away from. Get your popcorn and get to it!

Watch new episodes of Single Drunk Female Thursdays at 10:30p/9:30c on Freeform, stream on Hulu Fridays.

We’re so happy to see Cynthia doing scripted TV work. We won’t be shady and say she’s left “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for bigger and better things but we definitely see the vision and look forward to seeing more!

Abbott Elementary!

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season One

Source: Prashant Gupta/ABC via Getty Images

Everyone’s buzzing over hilariously heartwarming ABC sitcom “Abbott Elementary” that’s easily the funniest show on TV’s Blackest night where “Black-ish,” NBC’s “Grand Crew,” CW’s “Naomi,” and “The Wonder Years” reign supreme on social media.

[embedded content]

It’s also ABC’s first comedy premiere to quadruple ratings since its original airing as the can’t-miss show we didn’t know we needed during these stressfully uncertain times.

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season One

Source: Pamela Littky/ABC via Getty Images

Created, written and starring Quinta Brunson, the Emmy-worthy series centers around a kooky group of dedicated teachers and a proudly ridiculous principal who find themselves thrown together in a Philadelphia public school where they’re determined to help their students succeed in life.

Well, everyone except Principal Ava (Janelle James) who’s absolutely hilarious while doing everything but her actual job.

Starring alongside Brunson and James are Tyler James Williams (whose reactions to Ava’s shenanigans are priceless), Chris Perfetti (the coworker you refuse to interact with outside of work), Lisa Ann Walter (sassy firecracker who knows a guy who knows a guy) and Sheryl Lee Ralph (who we’ve loved our entire life).

“I was like, ‘I really enjoy all these sitcoms where characters just get to live day to day, specifically workplace sitcoms,’ . . . and for me, I just could not think of many workplace sitcoms with Black leads,” said Brunson in an interview with Pop Sugar.

“Most of the recent ones, there is one Black person, or a Black person and another person of color in the workplace, but not predominantly. Whereas where I’ve come from, most of the workplaces were composed of predominantly Black people, and I wanted to reflect that . . . I just thought it would be unique to do that. So I’m happy that people feel that, feel seen, and are enjoying watching this different version of a workplace sitcom.”

Are you on the “Abbott Elementary” train? If not, WHY? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over our fave new show on the flip. (*Note: The shows airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT but you can also watch on Hulu the following day)

“If Janelle James doesn’t win an award for her character Principal Ava Coleman, I know something. There is no one funnier on network TV right now. Period” – period!

Cha-ching! Major musicians such as Springsteen and Shakira aren’t waiting until the end of their careers to cash out millions from their songs.


“Grand Crew” is without a doubt one of our favorites from the Tuesday night lineup, so we were super excited to learn some behind the scenes information from the show’s executive producers Phil Augusta Jackson and Dan Goor.

NBC's New Comedy Series "Grand Crew" Premiere Event

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

“It’s been fun because it’s on network TV, that week to week nature of it all is a very unique experience considering the kind of streaming world where we’re living where people consume everything at once, it’s been fun to see people anticipate and unpack the things we’re doing,” Phil Augusta Jackson told BOSSIP during an interview with Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden last week.

“We’re hearing people like to watch the show with a glass of wine, always with a glass of wine, Tuesday night 8:30/7:30 central watch ritual,” executive producer Dan Goor joked, plugging the show’s airtime.

As the creator of the show we were interested to learn from Jackson which character from “Grand Crew” most reflected his own personality.

“It’s interesting, I really do feel that there are elements of each character that I embody,” Jackson told BOSSIP. “When it comes to Noah and the rom-com of it all, I love a rom-com, it’s my favorite genre. The dedication to work and really being invested in career, that’s the Anthony side of me. The willingness to banter and argue but be playful about it, I think that’s the Sherm, and then maybe Wyatt is a future me, when I settle down. I think there’s a little bit of each character but I wouldn’t say that it’s as clear cut as one, but I think Dan…”

“Yeah for me I’m hard into pole dancing,” Goor interjected.

“Dan’s Nikki,” Phil joked.

“A lot of the Nikki storylines are coming directly from my life,” Dan deadpanned. “I’ve got rules about hooking up. Sex Henry, directly from my phone. If anything I’m the Wyatt I think. I’m married, dedicated to my family, constantly doing little bonsai cuttings.”

Grand Crew Key art and episodic stills featuring Nicole Byers, Echo Kellum, Justin Cunningham, Aaron Taylor Jennings, Carl Tart, Grasie Mercedies

Source: Kwaku Alston / NBC

It’s clear that Goor and Jackson, who previously worked together on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” make for a really great team. So much so that Goor couldn’t help gushing about his producing partner when the topic turned to how Jackson, who is also a musician, is responsible for the theme music for “Grand Crew.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Goor told BOSSIP, speaking on Jackson’s musical talents. “And he’s so frickin humble about it. If I did the music and it was as awesome as it is — my kids walk around the house going ‘Grand Crew! Grand Crew!’ — I would be telling everybody I would be more proud of that than having created a show and having written it. It’s so good. It’s so cool, he’s so talented!”

“I make music, separate of scripts and acting and all that,” Jackson told BOSSIP.

“Google Phil Augusta Jackson and NPR, they did a feature about it!” Dan interrupted.

“My producer, his name is Nick Lee, he’s just a boy wonder, he co-produced Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby,” he’s like 24-years-old, and he’s just this amazing talent. So he produced my music stuff and when it came time to do the show I brought him onboard to compose the show. I always wanted to do the theme song but it felt like a natural partnership for us to create it together. And that’s how it came to be. So we wrote it and produced it together.”

Check out the full interview below:

“Grand Crew” airs Tuesday nights at 830PM EST/PST on NBC

Dolly Parton and Duncan Hines partnered to create a baking collection filled with Southern cake mixes and frostings.


Kid Rock released a new song Monday, titled “We the People.” In it, he slams Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and COVID-19 public health mandates.


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Attention “BestFrans”, school is almost in session for ALLBLK’s weekly talk-variety series that’s gearing up for a star-studded second season.

Social Society hosted by social media superstar/actor Kendall Kyndall (Games People Play) is back Monday, February 7 with a fresh new look and a bigger society.

For season two Kendall’s bringing in three fresh faces to join him as cohosts; Angela Simmons (Growing Up Hip Hop), Reginae Carter (Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta), and Kendra G. (radio personality for Chicago’s WGCI Morning Show).

This season, the co-hosts will welcome your favorite celebrities, influencers, and Black culture experts for epic discussions on lifestyle, love, politics, and everything in between. Created by Sheena D. Carter, and executive produced by both Carter and Latisha Fortune, Social Society will continue to deliver the perfect blend of comedy and commentary by presenting an unrestricted mix of guest stars, memorable moments, and interviews that challenge society’s discomfort with issues facing the culture.

In the inaugural season, Kendall Kyndall welcomed a rotation of social media’s leading ladies, such as Jasmine Luv (@luv_jjp), Khadeen Ellis (@khadeeniam), and Jennah Brittany (@missjaydmv), as co-hosts to help deliver thoughtful commentary and a boost of weekly motivation. Additionally BOSSIP’s own Deputy Editor Dani Canada and BOSSIP on WE tv alum Tyler Chronicles, also made guest appearances and provided witty banter and takes on pop culture.

With each episode curated around specific themes like Black entrepreneurship, relationships, and financial literacy, season one saw these topics amplified by notable guest interviews with NeNe Leakes, Ray J, Da Brat, Blac Chyna, Pastor John Gray, and more.

Season 2 encourages audiences to join Kyndall, Simmons, Carter, and Kendra G. as they bring celebrities and social media influencers together for lots of laughs and a fresh look into the week’s trending topics.

Speaking on the show’s sophomore season, creator and executive producer, Sheena D. Carter shared,

“We’re excited to be back to work with the ALLBLK team as we look forward to a successful sophomore season with our amazing new hosts! Connecting with the culture and inspiring thought-provoking conversations remains a top priority for our show. This season’s special guests and unfiltered interviews will allow our viewers to tap into what’s happening in the culture in a format that is authentic and relatable to them.”

“We love being able to continuously engage with ALLBLK subscribers and round out our programming mix with a weekly show that features topical talk, music, comedy and great guests,” adds Brett Dismuke, General Manager of ALLBLK and WE tv. “Season two will build on everything we’ve done with this show so far – entertaining and educating our viewers, highlighting the best of what social media has to offer, and most importantly, showcasing the Black experience from every possible angle. We could not be more excited to welcome Angela, Reginae, and Kendra G. as regular hosts, alongside the incomparable Kendall Kyndall. Mondays are about to be lit!”

Society returns to ALLBLK on Monday, February 7—-will YOU be watching? 

Social Society is a production of Big Little Sis Media, a joint venture between Carter’s IV League Creative and Fortune’s Great Fortune Films. Executive produced by Carter, Fortune and ALLBLK founder Robert L. Johnson, Season 2 of Social Society will feature 15 episodes, airing weekly on Mondays.