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SZA Might Not Be Making Music For Much Longer

Why must all good things come to an end? Especially so soon!!!

It looks like SZA isn’t planning on making music for much longer, and according to her, she might not make it past her sophomore album. In a new interview with Flaunt, TDE’s number one lady says that her upcoming follow-up to her smash hit Ctrl is going to be the end of her music career.

“I’m still miserable,” she told the publication. “My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage. I’m making the best album of my life for this next album and I know that… because it’s going to be my last album.”

All we can hope is that that doesn’t end up to be true. As the article specifically notes, there’s an important specification along with her thoughts of calling it quits: “Let’s not take that ‘last’ part too seriously. She delivered it with a grin and has been known to flirt with the idea of early retirement. Even before Ctrl dropped, the stress of expectation got to her so much that she tweeted ‘I actually quit.’ Now she thinks, ‘God didn’t give me the Grammys, because he knows I would have quit, like ‘I have nothing else to do.’”

Like anyone who keeps up with Solana knows, her words need to be taken with a grain of salt–but it’s understandable that she’s experiencing a shock to her system rising to fame at lightning speed.

Whatever the case, we can at least expect one more album out of SZA, which she says she’s in the process of starting now.

Aubrey O’Day: I Had a Sexual Relationship with Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O’Day is telling close friends she absolutely had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump Jr. for months, but she strongly believes it has nothing to do with Trump’s divorce.

Sources closely connected to O’Day tell TMZ, she had an affair with Trump Jr., but it didn’t start until AFTER she filmed “The Celebrity Apprentice.” She says she has “proof” of the affair. Our sources say Aubrey was told by Trump his marriage had fallen apart and he intended to leave his wife, Vanessa, and Aubrey believed it.

The sources say Vanessa knew about the affair when it was happening in 2012. We’re told Vanessa flew into a rage and eventually it got to Donald Trump, who told his son, in no uncertain terms, he had to end the relationship and “focus on his marriage to make it work.”

DJT Jr. swiftly cut things off with Aubrey.

We’re told Aubrey is “devastated” people are calling her a homewrecker. She says, first of all, she was told DJT Jr.’s marriage was over. Secondly, she says her affair did NOT trigger the divorce 6 years later.

Sorcery: Plastic Surgeon Dry Snitches On Lira Galore, Lists Her Procedures On IG

A popular Miami doctor is dry snitching on Lira Galore on instagram! Lira, who claims her bawwwdy is natural, with the exception of artificial chest-puppies, may be telling lies. The professional, Dr. Altman posted this “throwback” of Lira visiting him after surgery and he hashtagged all of her surgical procedures.