#GUHH: Irv Gotti’s Kids Discuss Him CHEATING On Their Mom With Ashanti [Video]

"Growing Up Hip Hop: New York" & "Untold Stories Of Hip Hop" Special Event

Source: Jim Spellman / Getty

Irv Gotti’s Family Talks About His Ashanti Affair

Have YOU been watching “Growing Up Hip: New York”?

Irv Gotti and his family actually discuss him smashing his artist, Ashanti, back in the day. On the show, Irv is prepping for a Murda Inc. reunion show and he says he doesn’t deal nicely with everyone from the label. Eventually, his wife lets it out that he’s on bad terms with Ashanti. Then, his daughter jumps in bringing up his affair with the singer.

Apparently, Irv’s affair with Ashanti lead up to his wife leaving him while their oldest was in middle school.

Yikes! Hit play to hear it.

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Leave Her Alone! Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle Nearly Weeps While Addressing Hate From English Media, Twitter Tries To Square Up!

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Johannesburg - Day Two

Source: Pool/Samir Hussein / Getty

Twitter Jumps To Meghan Markle’s Defense

Wait a minute! Why was Meghan Markle about to burst into tears after being asked about the slack she gets from British media? Social media is sharing a clip of the Duchess of Sussex answering the question of whether or not she’s ‘ok’ with English press slander after marrying Harry and having a baby.

As we know, British media likes to be outright RACIST to Markle and you can see, it gets to her in this interview clip:

When she said “yes” she nearly cried. Poor thing! Twitter is upset that she’s upset and showing her support by telling the British press to BTFU!

Some Twitter users are even begging Harry to let Meghan take a leave and come to America for her sanity before something tragic occurs. Hit the flip to see what folks are saying.

Someone Ordered Milk? Ice T’s Wife Coco Austin Exhibits Funbags Full Of Dairy For The Gram, “I Will Always Be Coco”

"Equal Standards" New York Screening

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Coco Austin is taking down stereotypes about motherhood, one post at a time. Previously, the mother of 4-year-old Chanel educated folks on why she chooses to still offer up her breastmilk to the growing tot before naps and bedtime. Now, the hot-bodied model is empowering mothers to still be themselves, despite how people think mothers should be. That includes being sexy!

Ok Coco, we see them thangs you.

FoodGod OMFG: Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Got Emotional The Last Time She Saw O.J. Simpson

Kim Kardashian

Source: Janet Mayer / Splash News

FoodGod Talks O.J Simpson, Corey Vs Scott & More On ‘Food God: OMG’

The Kardashians have been a wide open book for the pas 12 years, but even for them some things are off limits. Like the family’s interactions with O.J. Simpson, a former friend of the family and client of the father, the late Robert Kardashian. But clearly, we can always count on Kim‘s BFF Jonathan Cheban to get all the never before heard stories out of Mrs. West. On the latest episode of his podcast FoodGod: OMFG, Cheban opened up about his recent run-in with Simpson, which got Kim to recall her last encounter with “The Juice” that left her pretty emotional. FoodGod shared,

“The first thing he asks is about you guys, like, ‘How are the girls? How’s everybody?’ Like, have you seen him ever?”

Kim replied,

“I think the last time I saw him was in Miami. It was before he had gone to jail this, you know, last situation. I think me, Kourtney [Kardashian] and Khloé [Kardashian] were in Miami in a club and we ran into him in the VIP section. It was behind a stage or something, I don’t even know what club it was at. I started crying. It was emotional, I think.”

But the tea spilling didn’t stop there. Next week’s episode of KUWTK shows Kris Jenner’s boo Corey Gamble and Scott Disick get into a heated argument at Jonathan’s birthday dinner in L.A. And according to FoodGod, ish got real:

“I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the Kardashians and been like ‘Wow, that’s not gonna air, cause it’s crazy!’ My birthday party, NOBU Malibu, Scott and Corey get into a psychotic fight that is so intense and crazy I didn’t think they were gonna air it. I’m telling you, out of all the stuff I’ve ever seen, this was the craziest thing I’ve seen on the show. This happened after my cake.

Also, remember when the Internet was in a frenzy last week over Kim and Jonathan having dinner with Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan “Third Trimester” Thompson? Well according to the FoodGod, they in fact did meet up with the Cavalier in NYC. Not only that — Jonathan actually wants Khloe and Tristan to get back together.  Oop!

Check out the full episode here.

Business Hottie: Megan Thee Stallion Signs Management Deal With Roc Nation

Rihanna's 5th Annual Diamond Ball Benefitting The Clara Lionel Foundation - Arrivals

Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

Megan Thee Stallion Signs With Roc Nation Management

Hot Girl Meg has her own bag, but now she’s in Jay-Z’s too! The Houston rapper just announced she’s now a part of the Roc Nation family. Last week, Megan was seen hanging with Jigga at a Puma event in NYC and now we know they were probably sorting out their business dealings.

“I would like to announce that I am officially a part of the @rocnation fam,” Meg revealed on Instagram. “The grind don’t stop!”

According to Complex, Meg will continue to release her music through 1501 Certified Ent/300, but Roc will give her a huge push as part of their management team.

Shortly after the deal was revealed, Megan reflected on her career and her late mother.

“After my mom passed I promised myself I was going to keep going hard bc not only is music my dream but it was her dream for me too,” she wrote. “I have days where I want to go hide and cry bc she’s not here but i kno that ain’t what she would want me to do! I kno she’s proud of me !”

It’s been a huge year for Thee Stallion already. Congratulations to her!

Beard Or No Beard: Do You Prefer These Famous Men With Or Without A Beard?

Brooklyn Nets v Houston Rockets

Source: Scott Halleran / Getty

Just as makeup does for some women — beards have the ability to transform men into totally different people. Most women feel that the thicker and more groomed the facial hair, the more attractive and manly you are. However, there are some who feel that a clean face is the way to go.  At the end of the day, facial hair is a subjective thing, but are men with beards more desirable?

According to the New York Times:

Barnaby Dixson, a human behavioral ecologist at the University of Queensland and a co-author of the beard length study, research has also found that facial hair is associated with some antisocial traits, such as aggression and social dominance. While these traits might not be pleasant if you’re looking for a fun fling, they might be alluring if you want an alpha male to support your family and fend off predators. It’s not just women who prefer bearded alpha males — men also prefer men with facial hair. Dr. Dixson and colleagues asked 1,577 men and women from Brazil and the Czech Republic about facial hair. Compared to heterosexual women, gay men had stronger preferences for men with more facial hair.

Usually, we honor the beard-toters during No Shave November. But today is National No Beard Day, and guys often celebrate by shaving their beloved beard and starting from scratch.That made us think of some of our favorite beards in Hollywood and if we prefer the men with or without the facial hair?

Hit the flip and you be the judge! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.


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Loud AF Break Ups: Boxer Gervonta Davis & Ariana Fletcher Call It Quits, She Curses Him TF Out On Twitter

Chance the Rapper Celebrates His Birthday

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Ariana Fletcher & Gervonta Davis Fight On Twitter After Breakup

That was fast.

Boxing champ Gervonta Davis has split with girlfriend Ariana Fletcher, and their break up has been LOUD. Both of them took to Twitter and Instagram to be petty after the separation. First Ari begged “blogs” to delete photos of them off of the internet in an instastory post, saying hse was single. But why the aggressive demand?

In tweets, Fletch insinuates that Davis tried to fight her while her son was sleeping, saying he also took back all of the things he bought for her…

SMH. Gervonta responded to Ari’s accusations with this petty gif.


#BossipMukbang: Are The Snacks Or Kennie’s Tears Saltier After Her BF Was Caught Texting Her Bestie?

#BossipMukbang: First Fights

We’re back with another storytime video over deliciously salty and sweet snacks. As you know BOSSIP’s Mukbang series is infused with messy stories all mashed up with delicious food. Mukbangs are all over the internet. Folks sit at a table, in front of a camera, and eat the biggest, most over-the-top, messy, juicy, delicious foods you can imagine and share stories. So you kind of get the idea, right? This season,  we are focused on relationship anecdotes from relatable folks over juicy meals.

In this episode, Kennie reminisces to Jasmine on school days and food fights with a meal straight outta your 1998 Ninja Turtle Lunch box. Kennie tells her girl how she almost lost her sh*t after seeing her ex-bestie’s name pop up on her college boyfriend’s phone screen. SMH.

As the ladies chow down and Kennie tells her ‘first fight’ story, we snuck a rocky surprise inside of their meal. Hopefully, the crackling surprise in their food helps Kennie and Jasmine realize that first fights can rock the boat, but they don’t have to sink your relationship.

Scroll up and hit play to hear how Kennie navigated her first fight with her college boyfriend after he was caught texting her bestie!

Blink Thrice For Help: Alexis Skyy’s Rapper Bae Trouble Uncomfortably Kung Fu Grips Her Neck, Fans Are Concerned

Troubles Winners Only Pool Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Fans Think Alexis Skyy Needs To Watch Her Back Around Trouble

Alexis, you ok sis?

Alexis Skyy and Trouble, her official boyfriend of about two weeks, are raising brows after a video shows him gripping the model’s neck awkwardly. It seems like the mother is clearly having a good time while they party at a club on Miami, but is she too inebriated to tell him she’s uncomfortable?

In the video, Alexis says “I let him tell me what to do. I follow his lead”. Meanwhile, Trouble has a kung fu grip on her throat. She tries to swat his hand away and he doesn’t move is at first.

Do YOU think this is a red flag? Her fans think it’s a huge HELL NAW.

Previously, Alexis made headlines for attending and partaking explicitly in Trouble’s “cucumber” soiree. What are YOUr thoughts on them as a couple?

So Sad: Three People Were Killed After A Cliff Collapsed At Southern California Beach

Cape Point - Table Mountain National Park

Source: Moelyn Photos / Getty

3 People Were Killed In Cliff Collapse At Beach Near San Diego

A popular beach for surfing was closed on Saturday after a cliff collapsed, killing at least three people.

According to reports from NBC News, the cliff collapsed at around 3 p.m. and ended up trapping several people on the beach in Encinitas near San Diego. A woman died at the scene, while two more died later at hospitals. Another person was taken to a hospital, and a person who had minor injuries was treated at the scene, according to statements from the city.

Because the scene was so dangerous, police actually had to stop searching for additional victims. They are now using K-9’s in the search, according to local news reports. One of the boulders that fell was said to be 7 or 8 feet by 4 feet. The cliff was on Grandview Beach, a popular surf spot among locals and vacationers.

This beach was absolutely filled with people at the time of the collapse–which isn’t surprising, because it’s the middle of the summer. A KNSD-TV helicopter captured footage of beach chairs, towels, surfboards and beach toys strewn about the sand.

Suburbs north of San Diego have contended with rising water levels in the Pacific Ocean, pressuring bluffs along the coast. Some bluffs are fortified with concrete walls to prevent multimillion-dollar homes from falling into the sea. Long stretches of beach in Encinitas are narrow strips of sand between stiff waves and towering rock walls. People lounging on beach chairs or blankets are sometimes surprised as waves roll past them and within a few feet of the walls.

Cliffside collapses are not unusual as the ocean chews away at the base of the sandstone, according to authorities. Some beach areas were even marked with signs warning of this exact danger.

Several people have been killed or injured over the years in similar bluff collapses. The San Diego Tribune reported that a resident of Encinitas died near the same area back in 2000, when a 110-yard-wide chunk of bluff fell and buried her.

Eesh: Mo’Nique Says She Was “Hurt” When Whoopi Goldberg Allegedly Told Her What She Makes On ‘The View’


Source: Vincent Sandoval/ Wire Image / Getty

Despite Mo’Nique‘s long career in entertainment, it seems her big name fights have been getting the most attention recently.

Of course, there was the time she challenged people to boycott Netflix for gender bias and racial bias when they offered her a bad deal compared to white and male comedians. Then there was the time she called out Lee Daniels, Oprah and Tyler Perry for either portraying her as difficult or not defending her when faced with opposition from the industry.

With each instance, other celebs have given their opinion on the situation including Whoopi Goldberg, who said she could’ve “schooled” Mo’Nique on the way the business works. Mo’Nique responded in a Vulture interview, saying “what you’re saying to me is, ‘you must work for free. I could’ve schooled you.’” Then, Mo’Nique went even further and said she spoke with Whoopi backstage and said “I gotta think about the little sister who’s not here yet,” to which Whoopi allegedly responded, “You better stop worrying about the little sister who’s not here yet and worry about you.”

Mo’Nique explained how hurt she was about the situation in a new video with Comedy Hype. She tearfully started off by explaining how it was women like Patti LaBelle and former Essence editor-in-chief Susan Taylor who inspired her to advocate for herself and her community. Then she continued:

“So when I get Whoopi Goldberg on the flip saying, ‘fu** them little ones coming behind you, you better give a damn about you,’ that crushed me that day in her dressing room because see Whoopi Golderg told me the salary she makes from The View and that hurt my feelings that you’ve been there for ten years and you accept them paying you that and you telling me ‘don’t worry about the little one coming up?’ Goddamn if I ain’t gotta be worried about you too. Because you accept that salary, it makes it hard for me, and how hard do you think it’s going to make for the one who ain’t here yet because you accept that salary?”

The comedian, per usual, has a point.

Peep the video for yourself below as the Mo’Nique vs. the world saga continues.

[embedded content]

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The D.R. Debate: These Celebrities Are Defending The Dominican Republic Despite Bizarre Deaths

Dominican Republic

Source: Splash News / Splash News

The Dominican Republican hasn’t been having the best summer as far as public perception.

Headline after headline has revealed some tourists are coming up dead after visiting the island for vacation and falling sick. While investigations are underway, it’s important to remember that although the news is alarming, there are a plethora of reasons tourists could be falling ill. Some might have something to do with the resorts people are staying, while other reasons could involve food and alcohol contamination. Either way, it’s not totally fair to blame an entire country and its people, especially when they too could be susceptible to harm. Some celebrities are bringing attention to this, one being Vin Diesel.

According to Page Six, the 51-year-old actor went on Instagram from London to defend the DR.

“Never let anyone tell you that people in the Dominican Republic aren’t magical wonderful people,” the actor said on Monday. “I love that country and I will always love that country.”

Ms. Cardi B also went on Instagram to defend the DR, where a lot of her family hails from. She dismissed all the talk that the country was unsafe. She explained to fans in Spanish that she recently visited the island and she was “fine.”

“What I do know is that the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful country, and everyone has fun there,” the rapper explained. “Even poor people have fun. So it hurts me a lot when people say ‘that country is bad. That country is this and that.’”

Tourism to the Caribbean spot has recently dropped since reports of at least 12 Americans dying in the past few months. A study revealed trips booked to the island have dipped by 74.3% for the month of July and August compared to the same period in 2018.

Again, no consistent reason has been confirmed for the tourist woes, so it seems we’ll have to let time and further investigation take its course. Until then, you can check out some helpful safety procedures here.

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