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Paint the world pink!

Flo Milli Turns 21

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Rising star Flo Milli kicked off 2021 with a Barbie-themed birthday bash where she also received a Gold plaque for hit single “In The Party” off her breakout EP “Ho, Why Is You Here?”

“This project is introducing a revamped newer me,” said the vibrant Alabama baddie in an interview with Complex.

A newer version of myself that I’m still discovering. This phase of me comes with an ego and an attitude. This is setting the tone for what I have to come in the future, I want everyone to feel the energy I’m coming with.”

This pink-splashed party comes just a week after she went viral for her widely panned Beats By Dre commercial where she “flexed that clapback” with carefree dance moves in front of a Confederate statue.

And yes, it’s just as ridiculous, embarrassing and tone-deaf as it sounds.

The months-old ad was part of a not-sure-if-serious campaign (that also starred Cordae and Naomi Osaka) to promote the new Beats Flex headphones, with each clip focusing on racism and inequality.

Fast forward to a few days ago where she sorta kinda addressed the now infamous saga with a cheeky Instagram post captioned “Flex That Clapback” before celebrating her breakout year at her pinked out party.

Flo Milli Turns 21

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

Celebrity guests included Gunna and super manager Ebonie Ward who stepped into Flo Milli’s wacky wonderland that perfectly captured her bubbly persona.

Flo Milli Turns 21

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

Hopefully, 2021 is even bigger for the growing obsession who shines in a wave of exciting new women in Rap.

“It’s so beautiful and refreshing that women are supporting one another again,” she gushed in an interview with Paper Mag. “It was gone for a minute, but someone from that original time shouting me out felt super special.”

“I’m not gonna bash Black men, but what I am gonna say is that everyone knows there’s an imbalance when it comes to Black women and the issues that we face.”

Flo Milli Turns 21

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage


Our beloved QUEEN of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige celebrated her 50th birthday (yep, FIF-TEE) by setting her seasoned thigh meats OWT in a spectacular series of sun-kissed photos that melted the gram.

The iconic diva (who hashtagged the pics “Mary J Fly”) was not playing around with her photoshoot in paradise that exploded to over 500K Likes from fans, celebrity friends and thirsties who gushed over her flawless body-ody.

“Tough love is the therapy!” she captioned on the stunning photos that immediately went viral.

And this was only the prelude to her special day where she was surprised with a virtual birthday bash featuring all of her famous frannns that included Gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard, Missy Elliott, Gabrielle Union, Common, Angela Basset and more.

Sheard kicked things off by singing “Happy Birthday” while Blige’s family and friends showered her with love and warm messages.

“Happy birthday, dearest darling Mary. I am so glad I get to live in a time and space where you exist… I am beyond thrilled that I have had moments to share the soft side of you and the exuberant side of you as well,” said Angela Bassett.

Naturally, Common reminisced about the time he crushed on her because Common:

“You’re looking more beautiful, more vibrant, more in your greatness. You’re an inspiration,” he said. “You’ve always been one of my favorite artists, and people I’ve gotten to connect with, in this whole business. And I always crushed on you when I was younger — when we were younger … You’re the queen.”

What’s your absolute fave MJB moment? Tell us down below and peep the beach photoshoot pics/amazing tributes from around social media on the flip.

You know what it is!

Happy Founders’ Day to the men of Phi Beta Sigma celebrating 107 years of brotherhood, scholarship and service as the super cool nice guys of the Divine 9.

The storied organization was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C., January 9, 1914 by three young African-American male students. The Founders, Honorable A. Langston Taylor, Honorable Leonard F. Morse, and Honorable Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity that would truly exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship and service.

The Founders deeply wished to create an organization that viewed itself as “a part of” the general community rather than “apart from” the general community. They desired for their fraternity to exist as part of an even greater brotherhood which would be devoted to the “inclusive we” rather than the “exclusive we”.

“To be a member of Phi Beta Sigma is to represent the community as a whole, because we are all formed from one man,” said Terrence Howard in an interview with Watch The Yard.

Anytime you recognize the humanity of another person, you recognize the creation of God in that person — and you recognize your own responsibility towards that person, because to look out for another man is to look out for yourself.”

And, of course, we had to mention Brother Bill Clinton who joined the Fraternity in 2009 in a hilarious/historic pop culture moment.

“Throughout my life I have always tried to exemplify the vision of the fraternity’s founders,” he said in his acceptance speech.

The honorable Brothers A. Langston Taylor, Charles I. Brown, and Leonard F. Morse who established the fraternity’s motto, “Culture For Service, Service For Humanity.”

How are you celebrating the Sigmas today? Tell us down below and peep all the Sigma baes on the flip.

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Jessica White, Nick Cannon

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Jessica White and Nick Cannon have had somewhat of a murky relationship history from the public’s perspective, but who knew she felt THIS betrayed when they split last year?

The model opened up in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Unlocked to tell her side of how her and Nick’s split went down and she’s trying not to relive the hurt, she says.

From our perspective, it seemed as if Nick was single and mingling with Jessica and his baby mama Brittany bell openly in 2020, after she popped up pregnant. But Jessica says “no” when asked if she knew Bell was pregnant with her’s and Nick’s . The model found out like the rest of us, through Instagram just two weeks after she had a miscarriage.

Jessica says in the minute-long clip:

“No, but she was aware that I just had a miscarriage two weeks prior to her news coming out because he told me that he told her. And I was living at his house and she knew that as well.”

Jessica goes a little more into detail in the preview clip, claiming to have found out about Nick’s second baby with Bell through her Instagram announcement.

Wow! Jessica’s full chat, exposing her side of dating Nick will be airing tonight on Fox Soul with Jason Lee. Are you shocked by her revelation so far at all?

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Future is playing hard ball.

Gashouse Christmas Party

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Future, father of six, is not trying to give up anymore coins to Eliza Reign than he already is, so he’s refusing to comply with subpoenas to release any of his financial information to her as requested in their ongoing child support case.

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Eliza is trying to get Nayvadius’ bank statements, tax documents, and other child support orders. She wants to see the information to justify her request for an increased amount in monthly child support. Eliza originally requested $53,000 a month in support based on his reported income. Future scoffed at the number saying he would pay her $1,000. Eliza rejected his proposal.

A Florida judge recommended Future pay $3,200 a month in support. Eliza believes the number reached is based on inaccurate financial information from Future. She believes he is much wealthier than he is claiming.

Thus far, Future is objecting to the subpoenas issued by Eliza’s team. But alas, on January 4, Eliza informed the court she will be issuing a subpoena to Wells Fargo Bank, where she apparently believes Future holds a bank account.

In tweets after news broke about Future’s refusal to give up his bank info, he shared cryptic tweets seemingly sending shots at Eliza.

“Blogs need to post more shit that’s gone change the world and not groupies. Leave me out the convo 2021 and see how far u can get. Love yourself”

Interesting. But like Future hinted, this isn’t surprising news right? Do you think Eliza is any step closer to getting a bigger child support bag out of her baby daddy?

Essential content!

We’re only a day away from the end of the absolute WORST year ever that tried (and failed) to steal our joy on social media where everyone laughed to keep from stressing out during a surging  pandemic.

One of the biggest Twitter moments of 2020 was the ‘Negro Solstice‘ meme wave inspired by a rare cosmic event where the solar system’s two largest planets (Jupiter and Saturn) will appear to merge and create a bright “star” in the sky.

Now, it ALL began when Twitter user @LottiDot revealed that Black folks would evolve into super-powered beings on this rare cosmic event that immediately grew into a pop culture phenomenon.

“As black people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than everyone else, we are more creative, on December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction. Learn who u are as a people Woman with probing cane they wanna make us average,” she tweeted in the now viral tweet.

Other 3-eyed wokelings jumped in to agree with the tweet that marked December 21st as a significant day of awakening for Black people throughout the diaspora.

Astronomers are calling the winter solstice event the “Great Conjunction of 2020” that hasn’t been visible to the naked eye since 1226, according to Earth Sky.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn giants appeared so close was in 1623 and, if you miss it this year, you’ll have to wait until 2080 to see it again.

As of today, we haven’t experienced any powers but the jokes were absolutely HILARIOUS at a stress time during the surging pandemic.

What was your fave Twitter moment of the year? Tell us down below and peep the absolute FUNNIEST tweets of 2020 on the flip.

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Gucci Mane Black Tie Gala

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Gucci Mane, 40, and wife Keyshia Ka’oir welcomed their first child together on Wednesday (December 23rd), a baby boy named Ice Davis. “My wife just gave me a 7lb 1 oz baby boy his name ICE DAVIS 12/23/20 thank you MrsDavis ❤️ he’s here!!!!!!!,” Gucci wrote in a sweet Instagram post that featured a glammed up pregnancy photo of his wife showing off her belly on a floral swing.

35-year-old Keyshia shared even more details about baby Ice, who was born 7lbs, thanking The Lord for his safe arrival.

He’s here!!!!!!!!!!
OMG he is soooooo darn CUTE & PERFECT

In May of 2016, Gucci Mane was released from prison after more than two years of being locked up on various charges. Since then the rapper has tied the knot, had a very successful music run, released a best selling book called  The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, and has now welcomed another child. Amazing!

Congratulations to the Davis fam on all of their blessings and new baby!

“Please drive your “hate Kenya train” onto the same track as the underground railroad you thought existed 5 minutes ago…”

The Cast of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to Celebrate the New Season

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Another day, another shade session between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams.

As previously reported Kenya seemingly agreed with a comment that Porsha was using her Breonna Taylor activism to “clout chase.” Porsha said Kenya should be “ashamed of herself” and Kenya claimed that Eva Marcille was a “real activist” unlike her.

Recently, a #RHOA clip was released showing Kenya once again questioning Porsha’s activism…

and that lead to Until Freedom Founder Tamika D. Mallory who’s been working alongside Porsha in Louisville, Kentucky to defend the housewife in the @PeachReportDaily’s comments section.

According to Tamika, YES, Porsha did plan to get arrested on purpose alongside fellow reality star Yandy Smith. Tamika said the ladies agreed to do so as an act of civil disobedience and to shine a national spotlight on Breonna Taylor’s murder.

“Yes @thekenyamoore. It seems you need an education on CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Google and/or history classes are your friends,” said Tamika.

She later added to a commenter;

“To be clear: Porsha was nervous as hell and went back and forth before deciding to get arrested. @yandsmith who I also called to come, promised her they would stay together as much as possible. Porsha and Yandy understood their role of being there was to bring national teention for Breonn’as murder. That’s exactly why we called them FOR PRESS. Her courage is something most TALKERS would never do.” “

Porsha then chimed in and called Kenya’s comments “sad” while noting that she won’t “stoop down” to her level. She did note however that she hopes she can be a “beacon of light” in Kenya’s “dark heart.”

“It really is sad that this has to be addressed. I am on RHOA and most of the show is for entertainment but when it comes to BLM let me be clear I will not be reading anyone, I will not be shading anyone, I will not stoop down and give weight nor battle on the topic of BLM with a fellow black women [sic] on TV! I take it very serious so all I will say is Kenya I will pray for you over the holidays and maybe even I can be a beacon of light in your dark heart when it comes to anything Porsha related or maybe I can enlighten you on the act of civil disobedience.”


“@TamikaDMallory Man, Thank you for speaking on my behalf. It’s sad really it is. The point is to bring awareness to Breonna Taylor’s case and the injustice her family had to deal with and since I am a celebrity taking part in an act of *civil disobedience it will absolutely bring more attention to her being wronged. I love you @untilfreedom and I was blessed to be amongst my fellow frontline brothers and sisters who walked in their purpose and wasn’t afraid to get in good trouble for a beautiful young woman whose life was stolen.”

Sending shade over Black Lives Matter activism??? Something about all of this just seems wrong on Kenya’s part specifically.

Kenya and Porsha

Source: Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Bravo TV

Kenya has since responded to Porsha and she’s doubling down on her comments…

The Cast of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to Celebrate the New Season

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Hit the flip.

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Get well soon!

Daily Pop - Season 2019

Source: E! Entertainment / Getty

Sandra Denton, better known as Pepa from the legendary Salt-N-Pepa is taking action against a doctor who she says MESSED her body up. The mom is suing Dr. David Sayah for negligence, claiming after he talked her into 3 separate procedures she didn’t need, she’ll be damaged for life.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ, 54-year-old Denton says a car crash caused the biopolymer injections she previously had in her butt and hips shift, leaving her in extreme discomfort. She was referred to Dr. Sayah in Sept. 2019 to help her out, and the plan was to remove the biopolymer material and butt implants to relieve her pain but unfortunately he made it worse she says. Allegedly, the doctor was supposed to replace her butt implants with smaller ones as a fix.

Instead of doing that, Pep alleges Sayah performed an unsuccessful liposuction, which required yet another corrective surgery.

Pep claims Dr. Sayah pressured her into a different procedure which caused her buttocks to harden and knot up — making it difficult and stressful for her to perform on stage. After two tries, the third and final surgery was in Feb. 2020 when Sayah finally removed the biopolymer material — but he didn’t she claims.

Pep says she went to another doctor because her butt was still hurting and, after an MRI, discovered a “large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining.” Reportedly, Pepa’s suing Dr. Sayah for allegedly disfiguring her and says she’ll likely suffer from the injuries for the rest of her life. She also says she’s gonna need even more surgery.

We hope she gets better soon!


Lil Baby's Ice ball

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

It certainly appears like QC CEO Pee Thomas is back boo’d up with bangin’ mama Kaylar Will after gently flexing her at Lil Baby’s super exclusive Ice Ball and a recent Instagram post where’s she featured prominently in the background.

Now, we’re not 100% sure they’re officially together but they seem to be very cozy based on their last few posts on social media. Kaylar even posted up with their son in a recent post.

You may remember that Kaylar was pregnant a month apart from Pee’s other bangin’ ex Lira Galore who may have been reacting to his re-entanglement with Kaylar when she appeared very intoxicated in a now-viral video.

Lira has since denied that she was high off any synthetic substance or wasted in the video that stirred up messy chatter across social media.

In the clip screen recorded by a fan, Lira appears disoriented, barely keeping her eyes open and touching her head. At one point, her friend steps in and asks if she’s OK.

The video comes a year after Pee alleged that she had been using coke while pregnant in a super messy rant against the model when he broke off their engagement.


Lira, however, denies she was doing anything aside from having a fun game of “Drunk Uno” with her friends from high school.

“I hate the internet, can’t get drunk w/o ppl being dramatic sheesh. It was game night w/ close friends in the comfort of my own home . Most games involved taking 2/3 shots if lost or a certain card was picked . Relax .”

Hopefully, she’s OK and can move on because Pee clearly has. How do you feel about the latest Pee saga? Tell us down below and peep some pics/Twitter chitter-chatter on the flip.


Thanksgiving 2020 had everything: virtual face-stuffing, hilarious jokes and some surprises that included Michael Bae Jordan and Lori Harvey potentially “Creed 3” canoodling, Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-BFF dropping a diss track and the Finer women of Zeta Phi Beta shutting down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

“Congratulations again to our Centennial Steppers who performed in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade this year! You all were #Finer and represented Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated well!” Zeta Phi Beta wrote on its official Twitter account.

It also had several mouthwatering dishes that sent the whole entire internet into a drool emoji TIZZY.

If you remember, struggle plates dominated Thanksgiving season but we noticed improvement in this year’s plates posted on social media after years of anticipating Draya’s infamous culinary creations in one of the funniest (and messiest) holiday traditions on the internet.

ps::: I don’t care about how your grandma makes it or your auntie with the elbow dimples.”

[embedded content]

When she’s not cooking fried chicken or “kinda healthy salmon,” she’s eating super healthy to keep her bodyodyody tight.

“I am six months pescatarian,” she told BET in an interview.

I’ve tried to limit my chicken and red meat consumption a lot. I try to drink a lot of water. I try to work out. My downfalls are sweets. I really love sweets. And alcohol goes with partying. If I’m going to drink, I try to diet. If I’m not going to diet, I try to skip dessert,” she said.

What dish did you enjoy the most this year? Tell us down below and peep the most astounding dishes from Thanksgiving 2020 on the flip.

Zoomsgiving was lit!

Thanksgiving 2020 didn’t slap like previous years but it was still an enjoyable occasion where thousands of families connected via Zoom in the name of thankfulness, fellowship and drool-worthy food that makes the holiday so special.

This year, we had several shockers and pleasant surprises that included Michael Bae Jordan and Lori Harvey potentially “Creed 3” canoodling, Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-BFF dropping a very questionable diss track and the Finer women of Zeta Phi Beta shutting down the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

“Congratulations again to our Centennial Steppers who performed in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade this year! You all were #Finer and represented Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated well!” Zeta Phi Beta wrote on its official Twitter account.

“No, thank YOU for joining us this year!” @Macys replied.”

(If you missed it, Macy’s deleted an earlier tweet calling the Zetas a “diverse dance group” which understandably sparked outrage across social media)

We also noticed improvement in the plates posted on social media after years of anticipating Draya’s infamous struggle meals in one of the funniest (and messiest) holiday traditions on the internet.

“Remember that time you guys roasted me on making chicken,” she captioned on a post promoting her new cooking show *eye-roll emojis* …anyway. My fried chicken video is up now on Youtube (link in my bio) *chickem emojis*

ps::: I don’t care about how your grandma makes it or your auntie with the elbow dimples.”

How was your COVID-era Thanksgiving? Where are you spending your Black Friday bucks? Tell us down below and peep the absolute funniest tweets/memes from Thanksgiving 2020 on the flip.