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What is it — the braids???


Source: Araya Doheny / Tim Mosenfelder / Getty

Sabrina Claudio and Tyga got the interwebs aflutter this week with a collaboration post on social media sharing three photos of them, her in a bikini and him in tropical ombre tie-dye, hugged up and making kissy faces.

Wow she kinda looks like Kylie Jenner, no?

So are they hard launching a relationship … or a new song?

Judging from the comment from spotify on the post, “tyga and sabrina summer fr,” we’re guessing most likely we’ve got a vibey pop soul track with a catchy but mid verse feature on the way.

Not hating, just saying!

If there is anything we have gleaned from the pair’s controversial coupling it’s that the internet has not forgotten that Sabrina Claudio had a WHOLE racist tweet scandal. Six years and a formal apology later and the people are still mad.

Check out a few reactions below:

It’s really mad funny to me when non black woman put their racism away just a lil to date a black man. Didn’t Sabrina Claudio have a lot to say about BW?

It’s still f**k Sabrina Claudio for me

Tyga and sabrina cloudy dating really feels on brand. She got caught being a wild racist and he coached Kylie into being his emotional support wigger. Match made in heaven

There was also the occasional Tyga hate — from the guys lusting after Sabrina.

I fell to my knees at work today when I saw a post on Instagram of Sabrina Claudio with Tyga announcing their relationship

Tyga bagging Sabrina Claudio got me super hating BTW.

Someone needs to tell Kendrick that Tyga was the one telling Drake that Kendrick’s kids weren’t his so he can take Tyga out too for the culture

Sabrina Claudio and tyga together… truly hate it

Finding out Sabrina Claudio is dating Tyga has ruined my night.

got hit by a car Friday fractured bone in my wrist and one in my back yet seein that tyga bagged Sabrina claudio the worst thing that happened to me the last couple days 😭😭😭

The internet is a funny place. Do you think Sabrina and Tyga have a hit on their hands or is this matchup a miss out the gate?