Kidz Jamz 2 is a two hour Saturday show featuring the Radical Rileys – Cerina, Chirelle, Celia, Ce’nai. This Gen Z show is inspired by the original Kidz Jamz from the mid 80’s. Four sisters give their opinions about juicy topics, celebrity news, all while vibing to the hottest hip hop music.

The Real on Real Estate airs every Wednesday from 12pm – 2pm featuring radio personalities Tamesha Wells and KeMesha Hall better known as The Real Estate Chicks.  With a combined 20+ years of real estate experience and community advocacy; the Real Estate Chicks share their extensive knowledge and expertise with 953 Jamz listeners coast to coast.  The host invite guest on the show from every aspect of the industry to educate and give the listeners a holistic insight on the world of real estate.

The Real on Real Estate includes segments such as Chick Talk where the ladies share hot topics and market updates; Celebrity News which features a recent real estate transaction (buying, selling or investing) of a known celebrity; and the “Good, Bad and the Ugly” is at the end of the show that allows the guest to share real live experiences and tips, the only rule is that they must “Keep It Real”!