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Exxxistential Crisis: Free Speech Coalition Calls For Porn Industry Close Its Legs And Pull Out Of All Punany-Pounding Productions Over Coronavirus

  Source: Ethan Miller / Getty It’s not exactly…premature to shut down the porn industry. In fact, the pregnant pause they took to decide whether they should shut it down is late, period. According to industry trade called XBiz, an adult-film industry lobby group called Free Speech Coalition is calling for a complete shutdown of […]

Not Bruv! Idris Elba Announces He’s Tested Positive For COVID-19

  Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty Witty headline aside, this is SCARY and we applaud this man spreading awareness. While Rapper Waka Flocka is dying on the hill that black people can’t catch Coronavirus–which very obviously isn’t true–Idris Elba just revealed that he has tested positive for the virus. Elba shared on social media that […]