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Drake, Derozan, Kendrick

Demar DeRozan, Kendrick Lamar, & Drake – Source: Patrick McDermot/Getty/ Prince Williams

DeMar DeRozan addresses his appearance in Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” music video and talks relationship with Drake.

One of the people dragged into Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s beef was former Raptors player DeMar DeRozan. Once upon a time, DeMar graced the cover of SLAM Magazine alongside Drake as they were crowned the “6 Gods”. Eventually, DeMar was traded but was recently name-dropped on “Not Like Us” with Kendrick claiming Drake “didn’t deserve him”.

On the 4th of July Kendrick unleashed the video for “Not Like Us” and DeMar DeRozan was front and center for his name drop.

According to Bleacher Report, in his first interview since his recent trade DeRozan addressed his relationship with both rappers.

“Love Drake, always can play him (in Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center),” DeRozan told Fox40’s Sean Cunningham. “Kendrick’s been a friend of mine, family. Damn near family, for a long time, for a while. We’re from the same city, we’re up down there in the same neighborhood.”

Derozan reveals Kendrick has been a close friend but their relationship isn’t for the public or to prove any points.

“It’s always been there. It hasn’t always been publicized, but that’s basically family.” said Demar.

If you’re asking him to pick sides it seems he wants no parts. However, there is a difference in the two relationships one is family and one is business. Furthermore, it seems Kendrick’s shoutout was good luck as he’s found his way back to California after joining the Sacramento Kings.

You can watch Demar break the relationships down below.