The American rapper Daniel Dumile is better known by one of his many aliases: King Geedorah

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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must report that renowned rapper MF DOOM, born Daniel Dumile, has passed away. He was just 49.

Today (Dec. 31), the MC’s official account confirmed that he actually passed away back on Oct. 31 per his wife, Jasmine. She shared a message to her late husband, honoring the man fans across the world came to love for his wordplay and production virtuosity.

To Dumile,

The greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover and friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for all the things you have shown, taught and given to me, our children and our family. Thank you for teaching me how to forgive beings and give another chance, not to be so quick to judge and write off. Thank you for showing how not to be afraid to love and be the best person I could ever be. My world will never be the same without you. Words will never express what you and Malachi mean to me, I love both and adore you always. May THE ALL continue to bless you, our family and the planet.

All my Love

MF Doom first came to fame in the early 90’s, then going by Zev Love X, as part of rap group KMD (see: their 1993 debut Mr. Hood is a gem), which also featured his late brother Subroc, who passed away in 1993. Mourning his younger brother’s passing, he would retreat from the scene, but return around 1997 with his face obscured, now going by MF DOOM. In 1999 he was release seminal, undergrond Hip-Hop album Operation: Doomsday on Bobbito Garcie’s Fondle ‘Em indie record label.

Dumile would use a number of monikers throughout his career including King Geedorah, Metal Fingers and Viktor Vaughn. But it may be Madvillain, with producer Madlib, and their 2004 project Madvillainy that certified him as a creative force, which real Hip-Hop heads had recognized for years. Also released in ’04 was the critically acclaimed MM.. Food. DOOM’s intricate, often brilliant lyrics earned him the respect of fans his peers, and he would collaborate the likes of Dangermouse (The Mouse and the Mask, 2005) and most recently Czarface (Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric) (Czarface Meets Metal Face, 2018).

At this time there is no information regarding his cause of death. Rest in power MF DOOM, spell his name with all caps.

As word of his transition spreads, the tributes to the Hip-Hop legend are beginning to pour in (see below).

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So many of us lost loved ones in 2020 and continue to grieve after their deaths, many which happened suddenly.

Peace Of Mind With Taraji assets from Facebook Watch

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This Monday Facebook Watch’s newest talk show, “Peace of Mind with Taraji” tackles the tough topic of grieving a loved one alongside her best friend and co-host Tracie Jade. For those unfamiliar with “Peace Of Mind with Taraji,” the series aims to shine a spotlight on the challenging mental health issues facing us today. We’ve got an exclusive clip from a brand new episode premiering Monday (1/4) at 9amPT/12pmET on Facebook Watch which features Obasi Jackson, brother of late rapper Pop Smoke. Check it out below:

We’re glad that Taraji kept on encouraging Obasi to seek therapy. Finding the right therapist is a really difficult task but definitely worth it to do the work we all need to do on ourselves to be healthy.

Have you had a chance to watch “Peace of Mind with Taraji” yet? Facebook Watch is currently releasing two episodes a week, focusing on different mental health topics, interviewing celebrities, experts and everyday people to help eliminate the stigma of mental health issues.

On Monday’s episodes of Peace of Mind with Taraji, Taraji and Tracie sit down for
powerful and revealing discussions with celebrity guests and everyday people about the mental health issues that have impacted their lives.

On Wednesdays, Taraji and Tracie delve deeper into the experiences of Mondays’ guests with licensed therapists, and reveal their own stories related to the topics in an effort to provide the community with useful tools and techniques to help manage the specific mental health issues.

Watch all new episodes of Peace of Mind with Taraji every Monday and Wednesday at 9amPT/12pmET on Facebook Watch and Taraji P. Henson’s Facebook page.

Will you be watching?

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Heyyy Joy!

Joy M. Hutton assets

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Classy business baddie Joy M. Hutton is the woman you want as your friend or wife (or both) who brought her alluring energy and larger-than-life locks to Season 3 of OWN’S hit dating show “Ready to Love” (airs every Friday at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST).

If you’re late to the party, the show places 20 well-moisturized men and women in one location to see if they are truly ready to find love.

Joy, 38, joined the cast with high hopes and the best intentions.

“When I got the call for ‘Ready to Love’, I was surprised and instantly began to doubt what has turned out to be an amazing experience,” revealed Joy.

“Dating after divorce requires a lot of internal evaluation and makes the process a bit more sensitive. But I chose to give it my best shot because I do believe I am worthy of genuine love and happiness.”

While she was initially reluctant to put herself out there on national TV, she ultimately chose to take a leap of faith and potentially find a bae which appears entirely possible based on recent events (*wink wink*).

Joy M. Hutton assets

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Aside from driving men heart eye crazy every Friday on OWN, the gorgeous Houstonian (by way of Chicago) thrives as a successful business consultant. In addition, she’s creator of On the Go Glam–an innovative new beauty platform that enables glam professionals to come to you on demand.

“I was attending an event in L.A. and wanted my makeup done, but it was 7 o’clock in the morning and everything was closed,” says Hutton.

“I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there were an app that allowed me to book someone to come to my hotel room? And that’s how On the Go Glam was born!”

In addition to OTGG, she’s also Houston’s new Google coach who took a break from running the world to chat with us about everything from “Ready To Love” to her luxurious tresses to potentially dating Tyler Perry in an essential interview you can view below:

Bossip Video

A media maven is being honored for her amazing accomplishments once again and receiving her well-deserved flowers.

Cathy Hughes NAB

Source: NAB / NAB

Urban One Founder and Chairwoman, Cathy Hughes alongside CEO Alfred Liggins III, has received Congressional commendations for Urban One’s 40-year anniversary and its impact on the national media landscape.

The news was shared by Urban One, Inc. Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Karen Wishart after congressional leaders, the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia and the Honorable Chris Van Hollen of the State of Maryland gave statements on the floors of the US House of Representatives and US Senate, respectively. Additionally, Hughes was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) alongside the likes of FOX NFL reporter Pam Oliver and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell. Cathy was honored by NABJ for her outstanding 40 years of services in the media field.

“Mr. President, I rise today to honor a tenacious, entrepreneur, visionary radio personality, and powerful advocate for the African American community, Cathy Hughes,” noted Senator Van Hollen. “This year, her pioneering radio company, Urban One, celebrated 40 years on the air. Cathy Hughes has left an indelible mark on the State of Maryland and inspired millions of listeners across the country.”

Representative Holmes Norton acknowledged the impact Urban One has had on the national media landscape and the contribution of Liggins, Hughes’ son and business partner, who is responsible for taking the company public

“In 1999, at the recommendation of her son, who had received his MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Cathy Hughes became the first African American woman to chair a publicly held corporation…” Holmes Norton included in her statement for the Congressional record. “I ask the House of Representatives to join me in recognizing the accomplishments of Cathy Hughes on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Urban One.”

Rightfully elated about the honors she received this year, Hughes released a statement saying;

“I am deeply humbled by this prestigious recognition and grateful that Urban One’s contributions are now a part of our nation’s Congressional record,” said Hughes. “The year 2020 will long be remembered as a year that challenged and changed our country, and while we faced unprecedented trials, this honor and our opportunity to be of service to the black community are among the highest distinctions we have received.”

Urban One postponed plans to commemorate its milestone anniversary with an event. Instead, it established a new foundation, Urban One Community Works, a non-profit that provides financial support to organizations and programs that work to strengthen and improve the quality of life of African Americans in the markets it serves. Its inaugural donations were made in support of agencies providing aid to families struggling due to COVID-19.

Urban One is the parent company of Radio One, TV One, iOne Digital, CLEO TV, One Solution, and Reach Media. Urban One, the largest African American-owned broadcast network with 54 radio stations. Urban One also reaches millions digitally via iOne home to BOSSIP, MadameNoire, Global Grind, HipHopWired, NewsOne, Hello Beautiful, and Cassius. 

Congrats to our chairwoman, Cathy Hughes!

Storefronts And General Views Of Hamburg

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While many are still doing our best to maintain COVID-19 safety regulations, there are those who’ve been ignoring protocols altogether. As a result, Apple shut down an iPhone app that had been promoting secret parties throughout the pandemic, according to reports.

“Apple has removed an iPhone app promoting secret parties and social gatherings during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The service, named Vybe Together, targeted users who wished to either host or attend underground parties, urging individuals to ‘Get your rebel on. Get your party on.’ While it managed to lay low for most of the year, the company recently entered the spotlight after The New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz discovered it and posted a screenshot in a critical Twitter post,” HypeBeast notes. See that screenshot below.

“Some terrible people built a whole app for finding and promoting COVID-unsafe large, indoor house parties and they’re using TikTok to market it to millions of ppl,” reporter Taylor Lorenz tweeted a couple days ago.

In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for the banished app said “Vybe Together was [a minimum viable product] designed to help other people organize small get-togethers in parks or apartments during COVID. We never hosted any large parties, and we made one over-the-top marketing video that left a wrong impression about our intentions, which has since been taken down. We do not condone large unsafe parties during a pandemic.”

Vybe Together’s TikTok and website were also taken down, reportedly. Thoughts?

Marcellino only wants what’s best for his family, so can you blame him if he’s decided Brittany’s mom can no longer visit if she’s not completely sober?

Marcellino and Brittany

Source: Courtesy WeTV / Courtesy WeTV

Happy New Year! A brand new episode of “Life After Lockup” airs on New Year’s Day — well night to be exact. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek for your viewing pleasure where Brittany confronts her mom about getting her life right for good.

Check out the clip below:

[embedded content]

Wow that was really powerful. Brittany has been traumatized by her mother’s choices — as well as her own. It’s amazing how much she’s turned her life around, thanks in part to Marcellino, now she just needs her mom to see it’s possible for her to do the same. How would you deal with this situation if you were Brittany?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Lindsey unleashes rage on Scott. Shawn stuns his ex with a shocking request. Brittany breaks down over her mom’s addiction. Amber’s prison wifey has SEXpectations. Quaylon suspects Shavel is with another man. John hits up his ex, Lacey.

The upcoming episode of “Life After Lockup” airs Friday, January 1st at 9pm on WeTV. Will you be watching?

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As 2020 finally comes to a close, The Weeknd is giving fans some information on where he’s at during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and what that means for his future releases.

ABC's Coverage Of The 2020 American Music Awards

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During a recent interview with TMRW, the singer reflected on how not touring, along with everything else that has come with the COVID-19 pandemic, has affected his writing process over the past couple months.

“I have been more inspired and creative during the pandemic than I might normally be while on the road,” he told the mag. “The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the tensions of the election have mostly created a sense of gratitude for what I have and closeness with the people near me.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Abel went on to sum up what he feels is “the story” of his 20s.

“I feel like I spent the last 10 years creating a sound and most of my career I’ve either been running away from it or duplicating it,” he revealed. “After Hours was the perfect piece of art for me to show my tenure in the industry.”

The Weeknd also talked about his 2020 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, which both literally and figuratively took him to vertiginous new heights.

“It was terrifying. The helicopters were really close to me and it took so much concentration to stay on pitch due to their noise,” he said in the interview. “The wind from the choppers was so strong that it felt as if I could get blown right off the building.”

Bossip Video

Remember when we told you about Drew Sidora’s husband Ralph Pittman who got blasted for his shady spying ways? Well, #RHOA fans will surely send him more shade after Sunday’s episode.

A Bravo TV preview for the newest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta features Ralph and Drew going to marriage counseling and Raph explaining some interesting expectations he has for his wife.

According to Ralph, he wants respect from his wife (fair enough) and sex, at least three times a week which is a “very conservative” number of times for him.

Marriage Counselor: “So Ralph, what would be your goals that need to happen in your relationship?” the marriage counselor asks Ralph.

Ralph: “Respect and sex.”

Marriage Counselor: “What’s the preferred frequency for that?”

Ralph: “I would say minimum, minimum three times a week,” he said. “And I think that’s really, truly, very, very conservative.”

Oh really?

The marriage counseling episode comes after Drew admitted that they were seeking professional help after her husband up and left for three days and ultimately blew up on her about it.

Ralph: “You don’t really, truly understand men and how we work, especially Black men. If I leave, it’s really, truly in the spur of the moment because I need to get away, and I’m making the best decision I possibly can make at that moment,” said Ralph. “Staying is worse than me leaving. And I leave because you have no idea about the pressure that I have that’s on my shoulders. I came from nothing. I’m the first generation where I’m trying to create what a true legacy looks like.


Ralph: “Me telling you where I am, what does that solve?”

He then begrudgingly admitted that he “was in Tampa” when he took a sabbatical from his family.

Will YOU be watching #RHOA to see Ralph’s “respect and sex” shenanigans?

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We’re only a day away from the end of the absolute WORST year ever that tried (and failed) to steal our joy on social media where everyone laughed to keep from stressing out during a surging  pandemic.

One of the biggest Twitter moments of 2020 was the ‘Negro Solstice‘ meme wave inspired by a rare cosmic event where the solar system’s two largest planets (Jupiter and Saturn) will appear to merge and create a bright “star” in the sky.

Now, it ALL began when Twitter user @LottiDot revealed that Black folks would evolve into super-powered beings on this rare cosmic event that immediately grew into a pop culture phenomenon.

“As black people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than everyone else, we are more creative, on December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction. Learn who u are as a people Woman with probing cane they wanna make us average,” she tweeted in the now viral tweet.

Other 3-eyed wokelings jumped in to agree with the tweet that marked December 21st as a significant day of awakening for Black people throughout the diaspora.

Astronomers are calling the winter solstice event the “Great Conjunction of 2020” that hasn’t been visible to the naked eye since 1226, according to Earth Sky.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn giants appeared so close was in 1623 and, if you miss it this year, you’ll have to wait until 2080 to see it again.

As of today, we haven’t experienced any powers but the jokes were absolutely HILARIOUS at a stress time during the surging pandemic.

What was your fave Twitter moment of the year? Tell us down below and peep the absolute FUNNIEST tweets of 2020 on the flip.

YG x BLMLA x BLDPWR Protest And March

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YG is stepping up his fashion game by getting into the sneaker industry.

The “FDT” rapper hit social media to reveal his latest business move and give fans a first look. The sneaker, a 4Hunnid design and apparently called ‘The Flame,’ will arrive March 2021, according to the brand’s official Instagram account.

“You’ll immediately see that the low-top shoe draws heavily from Nike’s iconic Cortez, which is fitting seeing as the Swoosh sneaker is a West Coast staple,” High Snobiety observes. “YG has teased the shoe in four colorways, each featuring a flame insignia on the side. The model then bears ‘The Flame’ branding on the tongue.”

See the shoe in white, red, blue, and black below. Feeling it?