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Toya Johnson is just like you during these uncertain coronavirus times, that is if you’re taking social distancing seriously. The entrepreneur/reality star is currently quarantined at home with her family that includes her fiance Robert “Red” Rushing and her baby girl Reign. And in between passing the time by learning new recipes, cleaning and potty training her 2-year-old, Toya’s preparing for the season three premiere of VH1’s “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.” This season will focus largely on relationships from T.I. and Tiny’s fully rekindled romance to Monica’s surprising Shannon Brown split to Reginae’s cucumber party fallout with YFN Lucci.  T.I. will also have to work on his relationship with daughter Deyjah Harris after he made those virginity comments about her.

As for Toya, viewers will see her fiance Red offer her comfort as she seeks justice for her late brothers.

This season looks extra spicy—will YOU be watching???

See [quarantined] Toya’s thoughts on the new season, her love life and her unfortunate [but neccessry] social distancing from her daughter Reginae below.

Has COVID-19 affected your wedding plans?

“We wasn’t planning a wedding for this year, we were actually planning a wedding for next year,” said Toya. “Still, we did have locations to scout and we were going to make it a mini-vacation so that definitely got pushed back. We’ll get on it as soon as this is all over.”

What’s been the biggest change in your schedule?

“I have a daily routine, I go walk, I workout, I go visit family, something to get out of the house each and every day —now I don’t go outside at all much,” said Toya. I haven’t been outside in a month. I go take a walk and it’s around the neighborhood, I even stopped doing that. Now it’s on my treadmill. The biggest change is not being able to see my family, I haven’t seen Reginae in almost a month. I am one of those types of people—you know how the youngsters are, they be around people and I’m like, ‘You don’t know who they’re around!’ I don’t have time for it. We FaceTime all day.”

We saw on “Friends & Family Hustle” that your beau Red is looking forward to you all welcoming baby Reign #2—are you all planning on expanding your family soon?

“I’ll be totally honest I go in and out with that,” said Toya. “I really wanna have a son or another baby but going through this 2-year-old stage with baby Reign, it’s a lot of work! I’m totally putting all my energy into her, we do all types of learning activities daily and teaching her, so I’m soaking all this in before I try it all again. There’s no rush.”

We also saw that this season will focus on #HymenGate and T.I.’s virginity comments about Deyjah—where were you when that story broke and did you immediately call Tiny?

“The crazy part is, we were all together,” said Toya. “You’ll see it on the show. We were all on a family vacation together when it happened.”

What can we expect this season on “Friends & Family Hustle”?

“It’s a lot of repairing of relationships within the family, we have our engagement, you get to see how that all went down,” said Toya. “There’s a lot of things that happened this season, you see us going to my brothers’ murder trial, that trial finally came while we were filming. You get to see with the other girls us supporting one another, that’s what I love about the show. It’s a strictly family show. It shows love and support and it’s genuine because we are all really friends.”

What else are you working on while being quarantined? 

“I still have my BeforeBedHeadz line, my luxury bonnet line. I have all types of bonnets to protect your hair with the diamond bling on them,” said Toya. “I have the stretch bonnets, the tie bonnets, I’m producing different colors, I added pajamas to the line as well, shower caps—just products so you don’t have to be in the bed looking all granny and country with your man.

“I’m also still writing books and I’m getting ready to publish out more books from other authors as well. I’m also working with Reginae with her stuff and getting ready to launch her YouTube, she’s actually taking over TikTok. I have a new kids book out called “Learning Colors With Reignbeaux.” As I’m teaching Reign colors, I get to help moms teaching their kids as well.”

See a clip from season 3 of “Friends & Family Hustle” ahead of tonight’s premiere at 9/8 c on VH1 below.