Few things ruin first impressions more than wrinkled clothing. Imagine showing up to a first date, or a job interview, or meeting your significant other’s family wearing a creased shirt. Your first impression is already destroyed before you even utter a word.

But we all know that maintaining freshly-pressed clothes via ironing is complicated a task, which is why you’d be better off doing the alternative: steaming.

InstaSteam is the perfect tool for people who have no time nor patience for ironing. Designed with travel in mind, it’s an electricity-free, hands-free steamer that renders your clothing wrinkle-free within minutes. It consists of a specially-designed pod with an outer plastic layer and internal foam insulation, and all you have to do is hang your wrinkled item inside the garment holder, place your pod inside, and wait for InstaSteam to work its magic. Within a few moments, your clothes will look good as new and ready to wear.

Look fresh on the go with InstaSteam. It usually retails for $24.95, but you can get it on sale for $14.99. Use the code MerrySave15 at checkout for an extra 15% off, bringing the price further down to $12.74.


InstaSteam™: The World’s First Electricity-Free Clothing Steamer – $12.74 (MerrySave15)

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