Bamboo has become our new favorite nature-saving novelty. In an effort to become more environmentally-conscious, people have been ditching single-use plastic for bamboo alternatives, as seen in the prevalence of products like bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo tumblers, and bamboo eating utensils. And now, the eco-friendly material is dominating the beauty world, too.

Make your makeup routine more Mother Nature-friendly with the Lucky Beauty Bamboo Makeup Brush Set. This 10-piece collection features high-end brushes with easy-to-hold bamboo handles to make glamming up much easier. Comprised of brushes that meet all your makeup needs, including foundation, powder, angled blush, and eyeshadow brushes, this set can help you put together all kinds of looks from a natural, “no makeup” look to night-on-the-town glam. It even includes a roll-up pouch so you can tote it around even when you travel.

Typically retailing for $68.95, this elite makeup brush set is now on sale for $19.99. Use the code CMSAVE20 at checkout to enjoy an additional 20 percent off, bringing the price down to $15.99.


Lucky Beauty Bamboo Makeup Brushes: 10-Piece Set – $15.99 (CMSAVE20)

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