If you’re planning on hosting a bunch of end-of-the-year parties this year, you need to design a banger of an invitation to entice your guests to come to your shindig — meaning you need to possess some semblance of design skills in order to put together a decent invite. Heck, even if you forego making invitations altogether, you might still find Photoshop skills handy in your career or even just for personal use, like removing a giant zit from a selfie before posting it on Insta.

The Essential Adobe Photoshop CC Bundle can push you to be the creative you’re destined to be. It features 14 extensive courses, all of which are designed to train you to become a confident photo and graphic editor. It starts by walking you through all the basic tools and functionalities, then moves on to teaching you how to take your images to the next level using the many different utilities the software has. You’ll learn all about vectors, applying image adjustments, and working with videos. You’ll also get familiarized with the full Adobe Creative Cloud to introduce you to the wonderful world of Adobe apps. Plus, aside from the video lectures, you’ll also be asked to complete exercises to solidify your learning.

Normally priced at $199, you can now gain access to the Essential Adobe Photoshop CC Bundle for only $10 with code BFSAVE60.

The Essential Adobe Photoshop CC Bundle – $10 (BFSAVE60)

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Sous vide cooking sounds like an overly complicated culinary method that only professional chefs can do, but it’s actually relatively simple. A technique mostly used in restaurants, it involves heating food in a pot of water to achieve the perfect temperature and the preferred doneness level. But this isn’t to say that you can’t do it at home. A tool like the Curtis Stone Sous Vide Cooker & Beverage Chiller can help you pull off the popular cooking technique right in your own kitchen.

The process is straightforward: simply seal your food in a food-safe plastic bag, place it in a pot filled with water, and clamp the sous vide device to the side to let the contents heat at a precise temperature without risking overcooking. Whether you’re preparing beef, chicken, pork, lamb, or seafood, you can cook whatever you want to perfection at the exact temperature required. The device has a built-in touchscreen LED display that makes managing controls much easier. You can even use it to create an ice bath for beverages to keep them cool.

Elevate your dishes with the Curtis Stone Sous Vide Cooker & Beverage Chiller. Usually $99.99, it’s now on sale for only $79.99 — a savings of 20 percent.


Curtis Stone Sous Vide Cooker & Beverage Chiller – $79.99

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6th Annual Billboard Music Awards - Press Room

Source: Ron Galella / Getty

Before SZA and Cardi B gave us albums to help us heal from f***boy and f***girl madness, there was only one Queen who had the personal experience, passion and vocals to tell the story of a 20-something woman (or man) going through relationship issues. That Queen is Mary J. Blige, and 25 years ago, she released her second studio album My Life which took her career, and her fan base, to another level.

These days, it feels as though anything that happened before the Internet existed didn’t actually happen. For example, millennials think the idea of having a friend with benefits is something they created. But Auntie Mary has been talking about her FWB situationship since 1994.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the classic album, hit the flip to check out the lyrics that perfectly describe the many stages of having a friend with bennies.

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Meek Mill

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Just three years ago, everybody and their mama had something negative to say about Meek Mill. He was dating Nicki Minaj (who was America’s Hip Hop Sweetheart at the time) and sparked an infamous beef with Drake, who also happened to be a beloved jewel to the masses — which made folks want to cancel the Philly bul altogether.

But after being arrested last year and spending 8 months away in prison, people’s hearts grew fonder for Meek and what he brings to the game. With folks like Jay-Z supporting him, it was easy for former haters to jump on the “free Meek” bandwagon.

Now the Dreamchasers CEO is free, with a whole new lease on life — and his 2018 album Championships is a direct reflection of that. Without being too preachy, Meek still manages to spit some truths about the state of his city, the country and surviving as a Black man in this world in general.   There are few songs here and there when he talks about his money, h**s and watches — but not in his usual braggadocios way. This is Meek Mill all grown up.

Hit the flip to check out all the lines on Championships that will have you saying “I felt that.”

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Black Ink Crew Kitty Ryan Henry

Source: VH1 / VH1

Kitty Pressures Black Ink Crew To Expose Ryan Henry Rumor

Black Ink Crew has been a hot a$$ mess ever since rumors began swirling that Kitty gave some of her namesake-nana to tattoo boss Ryan Henry.

This rumor has cost Kitty her job and it looks like it’s about to cost her a friend or two as well.

Press play to find out what happens when Kitty puts the pressure on someone to fess up…

[embedded content]


Nicole Scherzinger says The Pussycat Dolls’ reunion is something they’ve been planning for years. The pop group’s tour starts in the UK in April 2020.


Live in an area that doesn’t exactly allow for a white Christmas, but still want to experience a winter wonderland this holiday season? You don’t have to be knees deep in ice to find some winter fun. In fact, all you need is Atelier Delfina’s White Swarovski Center Snowflake Necklace to keep the spirit of Frosty (the snowman, of course) with you wherever you go.

Patterned after an intricate snowflake, this necklace features a dainty pendant that can turn any outfit into a festive one. It’s crafted from 14K rose gold plating and adorned with Swarovski elements to add dazzle and shine. The snowflake pendant boasts a unique shape that resembles the rare charm of actual snowflakes, making it an excellent accessory to wear to holiday parties.

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White Swarovski Center Snowflake Necklace – $12 (BFSAVE20)

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When it comes to comfort food, everyone knows that Paula Deen is the best of the best. Dubbed as the Queen of Southern Cuisine, she rose to prominence thanks to her array of specialties, including chicken pot pies, barbecue sandwiches, butter-soaked treats, and deep-fried munchies. But even the culinary legend knows that comfort food isn’t the healthiest, which is why she released the Paula Deen 9.5QT Family-Sized Air Fryer.

Now on sale for 40% off, this air fryer lets you prepare healthier, quick meals for you and your whole family. It features a single basket design and rapid air circulation system, both of which work in conjunction together to cook larger portions at faster speeds, all while using less oil. It’s capable of prepping up to 9.5 quarts of food, enough to fill up the tummies of your friends and family. The basket is crafted from ceramic non-stick coating to make cleaning effortless. There’s also a built-in control knob and recommended cooking temperatures that let you air fry, bake, roast, or reheat food.

Grab one just in time for holiday festivities. It usually retails for $249.99, but you can take one home now for only $149.99.


Paula Deen 9.5QT Family-Sized Air Fryer – $119.99

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Let's make cookies for Christmas

Source: eli_asenova / Getty

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Lil Uzi Vert

Source: (Photo by Prince Williams/ Wireimage)

Lil Uzi Vert Spends His Thanksgiving Blasting DJ Drama & Former Associates

Lil Uzi Vert has been touring the world performing two-year-old music throughout 2019. The only music he released was Sanguine Paradise & the FREE-ME-FROM-THIS-DEAL track “Free Uzi” which was quickly removed from streaming services then restored to some earlier this year. The reason behind this fiasco was due to an ongoing dispute with his former or current label Generation Now.

Generation Now is a label owned by DJ Drama & DJ Don Cannon. Very few details are concrete on what exactly is the issue but as always someone’s accused of stealing money and someone wants out the contract that binds them to the supposed thieves. All of which promoted Lil Uzi to announce he was retiring at the end of 2018 leaving fans confused.

Uzi recently gained one small victory when he switched management and is now managed by Jay-Z and his Roc Nation imprint. Uzi hasn’t been shy about how happy the change has made him. He is constantly taking to social media to thank Roc Nation for their hospitality and letting us know the Roc Nation checks are way different than he’s been getting.

DJ Drama has been lowkey and is seemingly rather unbothered. Still despite that, Drama’s artist Jack Harlow sent some weird shade Uzi’s way. Jack took to Twitter to post a picture with DJ Drama captioned he just “signed his life away” and asked for fans to double-tap if they are ready for Lil Uzi’s long-awaited Eternal Atake.

Last night while everyone was full from turkey, stuffing, dressing and all those goodies, Uzi took to Twitter to not only let everyone know he hasn’t eaten anything for Thanksgiving but to air EVERYONE OUT. He let the chopper sing and let Drama know exactly how much he thinks of his financial situation. He also exposed another associate, Keef, for letting them steal his money. We all know this rant isn’t coming out the thin air but until we have the full details we will have to sit with the small bit of information via Uzi.

Hopefully Uzi & Drama get it together for Philly but this business relationship seems to have reached its end.

Goldlink In Berlin

Source: (Photo by Frank Hoensch/Redferns) / (Photo by Frank Hoensch/Redferns)

It’s been about a year since the world lost rapper Mac Miller after he overdosed at his Los Angeles home. As fans are still coping with his untimely death, rapper, and former friend of Mac, Goldlink said some things about the Pittsburgh native that he should have kept inside.

In an Instagram caption that many believe was disrespectful, he compared his album  And After That, We Didn’t Talk and Divine Feminine– revealing his opinion that Mac’s album was a direct influence of his.

View this post on Instagram

Mac Miller I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear that you died on us. Not because you were necessarily troubled, but because you were special and because of that, you were troubled. At your peak, you were the archetypal rapper all of us wanted to be; which was independent. But also just a kid with really bright eyes about life. I’ll keep it short because I want to continue our conversation for when it’s my time to go. But I think what made you and I special is that we weren’t always on the best terms. So I didn’t always have great things to say about you. When we were on the GO:OD AM tour, I played you my album “and after that we didn’t talk”, and you thought it was absolutely incredible. I released it under the“Soulection” label and the single for my album was called “Unique” ft. Anderson Paak, and that was your favorite song at the time. You loved it so much that you made the entire tour party listen to it, and surprised me with a cake after my set. I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music. So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of “and after that we didn’t talk”. Your single was called “Dang!” Ft. Anderson Paak…you had Souelction support you on the Divine Feminine tour and when I tried to contact you, about anything at all…you never hit me. A close mutual friend ended up just hittin’ my DJ saying “listen man, we love Link, but we just had to do what we had to do. And Mac said if he needs a verse at anytime, he got him” We are family, you could always call me. Afterwards, we seen each other at Coachella, and you put your head down like an innocent child, but I told you to pick it up and I hugged you like the brother you are to me. You were the first person brave enough to openly say “he’s dope.”, and gave me a platform. That meant more to me than anything else. 3 days before you died, I remember pullin up on you at the crib, walking in the house and seeing the Divine Feminine album plaque on the wall. I was so proud of you and what YOU created for yourself. And I’m forever grateful for that

A post shared by GoldLink (@goldlink) on Nov 26, 2019 at 5:22pm PST

“I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music,” GoldLink wrote. “So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of ‘and after that we didn’t talk.’”

Now just a few days into the backlash, Goldlink responded while performing at a recent concert.

“Without Mac Miller, there would be no GoldLink …” he said on stage, before touching on how angry social media is. “I’mma be a sacrifice for everybody in this fuckin’ shit right now. You say whatever the fuck you want … you say it however the fuck you want it. You don’t have to explain yourself to no-motherfuckin’-body … we ain’t worried about n***as that we don’t know.”

He continued, saying,  “The whole post I that made about Mac Miller was about love and that n***as can actually be brothers. It wasn’t about stealing. I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal. The thing is, Mac Miller wrote all of Divine Feminine. That was a great album. The fact that he made a n***a a cake was one of the most heartwarming shits when you’re a young n***a in the game. What rapper makes other rappers cakes? …. That’s some cute boyfriend-girlfriend shit we was doing…That’s one of the realest n***as I ever met. So I don’t give a fuck what nobody say about it.”

Watch Goldlink address the entire situation below.

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