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The Woodstock 50 event that was proposed for August is off, organizers confirmed. The move follows a string of logistical and legal problems.

R. Kelly Mugshot

Source: Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Department of Corrections

R. Kelly To Be Arraigned In Racketeering Case In Brooklyn This Week

R. Kelly’s lawyer has hit back at the federal government’s claims that his client exposed women to venereal disease as part of his racketeering case.

Douglas C. Anton wrote in court papers that there was “zero evidence” to support the government’s allegations that Kelly had infected a witness known as “Jane Doe,” with herpes during sexual encounters.

Anton said that although the feds assert that they have Kelly’s medical records, he questioned the manner that they procured Kelly’s records and wondered if the government could prove that the woman and Kelly had the same strain of the virus or who first contracted it.

Jane Doe No. 5 “has had her civil case pending for some months and she has not been able to prove a scintilla of her allegations and has offered no evidence to support her claims that Robert gave her herpes,” Anton wrote to the judge.

The lawyer said Kelly as been a law-abiding citizen for all of his life, and like anyone, has had consensual sex with “various people throughout his life, possibly more than normal people because he is a rock star.” But that didn’t mean that he did anything wrong, Anton insisted in court papers that were obtained by BOSSIP.

Kelly’s lawyer’s allegations were made as part of court docs to persuade the judge to allow Kelly to be released on bail. Kelly is set to be arraigned on Friday, where he will enter a plea in the case.

Anton wants Kelly released on his own recognizance, arguing that he’s surrendered his passport and is so broke that he and his other lawyers are working for free.

The judge has not ruled on whether or not to grant Kelly bail.

Growing Up Hip Hop stars Brandon Barnes and Ayana Fite

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Deb Antney Tells Da Brat That Brandon Was Lying

“Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL” returns for a new episode on Thursday, but while we wait — we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure! As you guys already know Brandon has been catching hell all season for most of his claims, well Da Brat has had about ENOUGH. Watch below:

The upcoming new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” airs Thursday, August 1 at 9PM on WE tv.

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