“Tucson Train,” coupled with a Thom Zimny-directed music video, is the third single from the upcoming “Western Stars” album.




USA - Frank Lucas - "American Gangster"

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Frank Lucas Dead At Age 88

The man who Denzel Washington immortalized on the silver screen has gone home to glory.

According to Rolling Stone, heroin kingpin Frank Lucas died of natural causes yesterday as confirmed by his nephew Aldwan Lassiter.

For those who haven’t seen American Gangster, Lucas is a legend of sorts. He is credited as the visionary behind the “Golden Triangle” cartel that imported heroin from Asia inside the coffins of dead Vietnam soldiers.

“Who the hell is gonna look in a dead soldier’s coffin,” Lucas said told New York in the 2000 article “The Return of Superfly.” “We had him make up 28 copies of the government coffins . . . except we fixed them up with false bottoms, big enough to load up with six, maybe eight kilos.” (Lucas’ coffin claim, however, came into question following the release of the movie.)

The DEA and NYPD collaborated to bring Lucas down in 1975. The drug czar would eventually go on to snitch on a LOT of people as he turned state’s evidence

The Drug Enforcement Agency and the New York Police Department ultimately ended Lucas’ reign in 1975, with Lucas receiving a 70-year prison sentence. However, Lucas later turned state’s witness and provided evidence that resulted in dozens of drug-related arrests. Lucas was released from prison in 1981 after his sentence was reduced to time served. Three years later, Lucas was again busted for a drug deal that violated his parole and spent seven years behind bars. Sterling Johnson, a former New York City special narcotics prosecutor, called Lucas’ operation “one of the most outrageous international dope-smuggling gangs ever . . . an innovator who got his own connection outside the U.S. and then sold the stuff himself in the street.”

USA - Frank Lucas - "American Gangster"

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We’re not sure if Frank Lucas is in Heaven or Hell but rest in peace, Black man.

African woman embracing her boyfriend on the street

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There’s been a GoFundMe campaign circulating social media because of how absurd and exhausting the explanation behind it sounds. Vandreena Cotton-Meeks wants to raise $50,000 to help her fight her husband’s racist family in court. The woman says they’ve been placing bogus charges against her like ‘stalking’ and making ‘threats’ in order to ruin her life because she’s Black.

She’s even lost her job behind the madness and now she faces a year in prison. But PLEASE…read for yourselves how Adreena says her swirly marriage might be the end of her freedom (FYI, none of it mentions WTH her husband’s been doing to help her):

* Joel & I are an interracial couple. After 8 years of dating (and an extremely negative reaction from his parents, we got married in late 2016.

* Approximately 6 weeks into our marriage, Joel’s brother & his brother’s wife accused me of sending death threats (but had zero evidence or forensics). Their reasoning for blaming me was because we “don’t get along”.

* Between January 2017 – April 2017, my brother-in-law & his wife called my job, stalked me at work and complained about me to my manager (whom they didn’t know).

* A day shy of our 5 month wedding anniversary, my in-laws had me arrested for ‘sending terroristic threats’. During this, we learned that they did not have evidence and the police went through my phone without a warrant. My bond at the time: $50,000. I ended up missing a day of work, but was released after 21 hours.

* A month later, I was served and had to appear in DeKalb County court for the same charges, but as a TPO. The judge in that case ruled in my sister-in-law’s favor “to help her sleep at night” and my husband & I were barred from having direct & indirect contact with his family, extended family & their friends – or being within 100 yards of them – for one year.

* Just before the scheduled date of the trial (October 2017), I was fired from my day job. When I asked the manager why, he stated I was no longer a good fit “after speaking with your in-laws”. Yes, my in-laws complained to my manager enough to get me fired from my well-paying job (that I had a stellar review for one week prior).

* Since I am a caregiver for my mom – and I know how the justice system can behave towards people of color – I made the decision with my lawyer to forego the trial and take several months of anger management instead. This allowed me to avoid one year in prison if I would have lost the case.

* Around January 2018, my lawyer received notice that I was being charged with contempt in Fulton & DeKalb counties. If I were found guilty of contempt, I would be listed as a felon & would be required to serve one year in prison. The reason for the contempt allegation: my in-laws claimed I ‘liked’ an Instagram post of theirs. After going to a bench trial in Fulton, the judge found I was NOT in contempt and informed my in-laws they could not send me to jail because they didn’t like me (especially since they never presented evidence or forensics that I had done anything they alleged).

* In February 2018, we had the contempt hearing in DeKalb and the judge agreed with Fulton that there was no contempt. However, when we met back in his courtroom in May 2018, the judge reiterated the ‘help her sleep at night’ narrative and agreed to extended the aforementioned TPO through May 2021.

* In early November 2018 – after Joel & I captured a promo video for a state park – we saw his mother, father, brother, sister-in-law & his parents’ best friends at a restaurant in Helen, GA. Luckily, we saw them immediately after we arrived at the hostess stand and left to eat at another restaurant, which we have on video from the restaurant security camera, (but not before his brother chased after us with his phone to take pictures, told the staff not to serve us and asked an employee to follow us; he talked very loudly).

* In December 2018 – we started receiving harassment in 2 ways: police & process servers were coming to our house daily (and trying to tamper with our security cameras) and we were receiving fake, negative reviews on WeddingWire for our photography business (which is one of our only sources of income). Unfortunately, gigs aren’t guaranteed & a negative review could ruin our business. Luckily, WW removed the reviews, but we were also receiving harassing comments on our blog (which we moderate, so the public never saw them).

* In January 2019, the harassment continued – this time with a phone number registered to his mother’s best friend. The messages started with “don’t have a baby”, “we’ll ruin you & your livelihood” and statements along those lines, but they soon turned to us receiving pictures of a shot up bulls-eye and promises to “hang [me] from a tree” (i.e. lynching). We never engaged with these messages and they always came from his mother’s best friend (even though she did CC his family on a few messages as well, but her tone was 180 degrees on those).

* And that brings us to today when I received a letter for a felony indictment in the mail. From what I’ve read & been told, that means they went to a prosecutor, which had a grand jury hearing in order to file these felony charges against me. The charges: terroristic threats & stalking. The dates these allegedly took place: the same dates they sent us death threats.

After all that, Joel & I need your help. As I mentioned above, I have been out of steady work since 2017, so Joel is our sole breadwinner. Our current plan was to hire the same attorney we had for the Fulton case, but I know he charges at least $50,000 (the $35,000 is for the attorney fees & the additional $15,000 is for the digital forensics experts). If you know us, you know we don’t like asking for help and normally go through trials & tribulations on our own. But with the hearing taking place in 2 weeks, we need to raise those attorney fees ASAP. My family literally can’t survive if I go to prison (and that’s not an understatement).

We would appreciate any funds you could part with to help us, from the price of a cup of coffee to a tax return – no amount will be turned away. If the Lord blesses us with a large financial windfall, we will do our best to pay you back and know that we will be praying that blessings come to you as well. You can also feel free to share this fundraiser & keep us in your prayers; we honestly don’t know what else to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and let me know if you have any questions or want to see evidence of the statements above.

– Vandreena & Joel Cotton-Meeks

Kit Harington Making Time for Fitness … During ‘Wellness’ Stint

5/31/2019 11:26 AM PDT

Kit Harington is finding healthy ways to release stress — getting in a workout down the street from his stay at a “wellness center” … aka rehab. 

The “Game of Thrones” star was walking out of a gym Friday in the Connecticut neighborhood where he’s been taking what his people call a mental health retreat … at a luxury facility. 

Kit, who played Jon snow on the extremely popular HBO series, was rocking jeans and a button down on his way out of the gym. His female companion appears to be someone connected to the facility — maybe a sponsor … she’s been seen with him around town in late April.

As we reported … Kit’s reportedly getting treatment for exhaustion, stress and alcohol abuse at a facility that’s believed to cost about $120,000 per month. As you can see, he’s allowed to leave the facility from time to time. 

We’re told Kit spent about 90 minutes at the gym … plenty of time to get in a killer workout.

“She Is Coming” is the first of three planned EPs for the 26-year-old singer.




YNW Melly Police Booking Photo

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YNW Melly Thinks He Should Get Bail Since He Turned Himself In

YNW Melly’s legal team filed court documents this week arguing that the artist should be released from jail on bond due to the fact that he turned himself in in connection with the murder charges he’s currently facing.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, the rapper wants the opportunity to post bond and walk free until his trial, despite the fact he’s facing 2 incredible serious counts of first-degree murder in South Florida. Melly reportedly explained that if he was going to go on the run, he would have done it when he first found out that he was facing capital murder charges.

Instead, he says he chose to surrender, so he thinks there’s no reason for the court to think he’s a flight risk. On top of that, YNW Melly points out he was born and raised in the area and his entire family still lives there,  which he says is even more proof he wouldn’t go anywhere if he was able to post bail.

As far as Melly’s actual case goes, the rapper seems to like his chances in court. In the documents, he claims there’s no murder weapon, no witnesses tying to him to the incident, no motive, and no DNA evidence implicating him.

As we’ve reported previously, the State of Florida disagrees with YNW and they’re seeking the death penalty.

The State says it has proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Melly and his accomplice Cortlen Henry shot and killed Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. After that, the two are being accused of shooting up their own car to make it look like a drive-by, then left the victims at the Emergency Room–even though cops believe they were already dead once they arrived.


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The Beyhive damn near fainted earlier this week when it was announced that Beyonce‘s first ever film, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, is heading to Netflix on Saturday, June 1st. It’s hard to believe that the Robert Townsend directed flick came out on MTV almost 20 years ago!

And it was the first time we got to see 19-year old Bey show her acting chops and spit a couple of bars.

[embedded content]

Hella tours, hella hits, one marriage, and three children later, Beyonce is still snatching our edges with every move she makes.  In 2019, she’s revered as one of the greatest performers to ever grace the stage. But in 2001, she was just a teen branching off from her from her budding music career in order to find her voice. And that, she did.


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2001 was a pivotal year in lots of ways for many people. The devastating September 11th terrorist attacks took place in New York City, changing the face of America as we knew it. That same year, the first Ipod was released, and Wikipedia made its online debut.

Bill Clinton was leaving office, Hillary Clinton was sworn into senate, while Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked their infamous Denim on Denim couple’s look to the American Music Awards.

But besides starring in Carmen, here’s what the Bootylicious Queen Bey was doing in 2001.

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Meek Mill In Concert - Atlanta, Georgia

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Lil Durk turned himself in this week after news broke that he’d been charged in connection to a shooting.

“Lil Durk is a wanted man in Atlanta, because a warrant has been issued for his arrest … and we’re told it’s in connection with a shooting. The Atlanta Police Department tells TMZ … cops have obtained arrest warrants for Lil Durk, but the rapper is not yet in police custody,” TMZ reported prior to the Atlanta rapper turning himself in on Thursday. “Law enforcement sources tell us cops want to bring Lil Durk in to book him on 5 FELONY charges … including criminal intent to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and another charge of associating with a criminal street gang to participate in a crime.”

ALSO READ: Lil Durk Drops His Steamy “Home Body” Video Starring Alexis Skyy

According to reports, the shooting went down outside of The Varsity restaurant in Atlanta…

“As for the shooting, it’s all detailed in a police report … cops say officers responded to reports of a person shot around 5:45 AM Feb. 5 at a restaurant called The Varsity, where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. Police say they recovered 13 shell casings from a rifle and pistol at the scene and found a firearm,” the site states. “According to cops, the shooting victim was rushed to a hospital and underwent surgery … and we’re told he survived.”

Before he surrendered himself to police, Durk released a song proclaiming his innocence. On the track, “Turn Myself In,” he also said his longtime love India Royale will of course stay by his side. See their best Instagram moments below and keep Durkio and his beautiful family in your prayers.

Entertainer Kenny Rogers has been admitted to a Georgia hospital for dehydration, according to his official Twitter account.




After her disappointing 2017 album “Witness,” Katy Perry makes a welcome comeback with her therapy-themed single “Never Really Over.”




The rapper comes out guns blazing – complete with gunshot sound effects – on “Press,” her new single released midnight Friday.




The 'Gin and Juice' rapper crafted the record-breaking cocktail at BottleRock Napa festival with the help of Warren G, chef Michael Voltaggio and Williams Sonoma.