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Kristen Scott

Source: Vh1 / VH1

Kristen Scott Has Wedding Dress Giveaway

If any of our lady readers are planning to get married in 2020 and need a dress, we might have an answer for you. “Basketball Wives LA” star Kristen Scott is having a wedding dress giveaway on her page. The wife hasn’t explained in depth why she decided to give away the special gown, but she wants it to end up in the closet of a ‘well deserving’ person.

Hi loves!

I want to gift my wedding dress to a well deserving person. If you or anyone you know will benefit from having this dress and lives in the LA area send me a DM of why they are deserving. The person will be chosen on January 2, 2020.

How sweet!

BET Awards 2019 - Roaming Show

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Princess Love & Ray J Welcome Baby #2

Despite their ongoing issues, Princess Love and Ray J have welcomed their second child. As previously reported the couple went through a public spat after Princess accused Ray of abandoning her and their daughter in Las Vegas. They’ve since seemingly reconciled and they’re sharing that their second child, a boy, is here.

Ray shared a Youtube video on Monday, December 30 of Princess and their baby girl Melody.

“I love you princess love!” Ray, 38, captioned the footage. “And my babygirl melody! I don’t ever wanna lose our time together. I’m sorry for everything. 2020 will be somthing [sic] very special.”

In it you see Princess and their 19-month-old daughter celebrating Christmas, taking a trip and then heading to the hospital for delivery.

[embedded content]

The couple announced that their baby would be a boy in October with a helicopter gender reveal.

Prior to announcing their pregnancy, Ray previously told US Weekly that they were trying for another baby.

“I want one more right now,” Ray said. “I’m trying right now. I’m trying to get one in and hopefully we can have another by April, if it happens. They could be friends and protect each other, like my sister and myself.”

Congrats to Princess and Ray J!

Two Killed And One Injured In Texas Church Shooting

Source: Stewart F. House / Getty

Texas Church Previously Fed Gunman Who Murdered Two Members

There is another level of sadness that has just been revealed in the West Freeway Church of Christ shooting in White Settlement, Texas.

According to what Pastor Britt Farmer told the Christian Chronicle, the man who killed two people during a worship service, 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, was a frequent visitor who the church members had fed many times before.

John Robertson is an elder member of the church and also runs the video recording room. He says that he trained a camera on Kinnunen from the minute he walked into the building.

“This was (a case of) ‘maybe it’s nothing, but maybe it’s worth looking into,’” Robertson said. “We had put him on isolation on one of the cameras back here so we could see that he was behaving.”

When Kinnunen got up for Communion, “We said, ‘We need to make an intervention,’” Robertson said. But it was too late – Kinnunen brandished his weapon and opened fire. Farmer said he never recognized Kinnunen until he was killed.

Angela Holloway, the shooter’s ex-wife, told NBCDFW that Kinnunen had a bad drug problem but never suspected that he would be a killer.

“We knew he was crazy but not like this,” Angela Holloway said. “I don’t wish this on anybody. I feel sorry for the victims. I really do.”

It’s a sick, sad world we live in. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” spends its third week at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 list.


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Clive Davis pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons honoring Debra l. Lee

Source: FayesVision/ / WENN

The Most Surprising Celebrity Breakups Of The Decade

For the final day of the decade, it’s important we spend time on what really matters: celebrity breakups.

A lot has happened over the past 10 years. It seems like just yesterday Kim K was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians talking about her boyfriend Reggie Bush and Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were making headlines for their secretive wedding–but a lot of our favorite celebrity couples met their demise during the last decade.

As 2019 comes to a close and we get ready to bring in the next 10 years, let’s take a look at the most surprising celebrity breakups of the decade:


Source: WENN / WENN

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush (2010)

Thankfully, just like “The Bush and The Tush,” celebrity couple names in general seem to be a thing of the past.

The reality star and her baller boyfriend dated for 3 years and briefly split in 2009 before reuniting, but ended up breaking up for good in 2010. According to reports, Reggie was unable to deal with Kim’s rising level of fame–and the fact that their relationship was plastered all over the internet thanks to storylines on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In the end, Kim ended up with her match made in heaven and probably the only person in the world just as use to fame as her: Kanye West.  As for Reggie, he seems to have found happiness too…with a woman a lot of people think look just like Kim K.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a type…right?


Source: WENN / WENN

Kanye West & Amber Rose (2010)

Well, would you look at fate! Kanye and Kim both newly single in 2010 (well, beside that whole Kris Humphries thing. Anyway…)

Amber Rose and Kanye West were the “it” couple for two years before calling things off at the beginning of the decade. At the time, there were reports that Kanye was so engrossed in recording My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that he didn’t have time to focus on anything else–especially a relationship.

But later, in 2012, Amber called Kim Kardashian a homewrecker, saying she was the reason for their breakup. She claims Kim was cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye during their relationship, saying that Kim had been texting Kanye and sending him proactive photos.

A whole lot has happened in the nearly 10 years since, but Amber was just on Instagram listening to some Kanye with her current boo and baby daddy A.E., so there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings…at least anymore.

Heidi Klum and ex-husband Seal watch their children play in a soccer game

Source: / WENN

Heidi Klum & Seal (2012)

2012 started with the split of one couple that seemed to be living in a fairytale, Seal and Keidi Klum. After almost a decade of extravagant parties and vow renewals every single year, the couple shocked fans by announcing their divorce.

At the time of their split, TMZ reported some pretty unfavorable things about Seal, making it seem like his ways were a big reason for their demise.  According to the tabloid, “Seal’s inability to control his anger has become too much for Heidi to take, in no small part because it’s affecting their children.” They also wrote that there was no infidelity from either side, but she reportedly grew tired of his “hard partying ways.”

Seven years after the split, things seem to be all good between these two–in 2017, Seal even appeared on an episode of America’s Got Talent alongside Klum, who was a judge on the series at the time.


Source: WENN / WENN

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson & Evelyn Lozada (2012)

Two months was all it took for Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco’s holy matrimony to go seriously downhill.

After a July wedding and 41 days of marriage, the NFL player and the reality star’s divorce was finalized in September. Johnson was arrested August 11 on a domestic violence charge, after he allegedly head-butt his wife during a heated argument. The situation reportedly escalated after Lozada confronted him about a condom receipt she found in his car.

Evelyn filed for divorce three days later and Johnson pled was sentenced to 12 months probation. Since then, Lozada has said publicly that she forgives her ex-husband and Johnson has apologized.


Source: WENN / WENN

 Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner (2014)

After a whopping 22 years of marriage, Kris and Caitlyn announced their separation in October of 2013.

“We are living separately and we are much happier this way, but we will always have much love and respect for each other,” they said in a joint statement to E! News. “Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.”

In April of 2015, after years of rumors surrounding the subject, Caitlyn came out as transgender in a 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, revealing that she had been taking hormones since before ever dating Kris. In the years since, there has been a lot of back-and-forth from both sides on the status of their relationship–but lately, it’s not looking too cordial between the two.

Clive Davis pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons honoring Debra l. Lee

Source: FayesVision/ / WENN

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose (2014)

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa started dating in 2011, gave birth to their adorable son Sebastian in February of 2013, and got married a few months later. After a little over a year of holy matrimony, the couple announced their split in September of 2014.

The announcement of their break-up brought on rumors of infidelity from both sides with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg claiming that Amber walked in on Wiz cheating with a pair of twin sisters, though Khalifa claimed he has already told his wife things were over weeks prior.

A few years later, Amber admitted in interviews that if the two hadn’t rushed into marriage, they would probably still be together today.

The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards

Source: Bridow/ / WENN

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (2014)

After rumors that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks, Nick Cannon’s sources finally announced his split from Mariah Carey at the tail end of 2014, revealing that they were already living apart and that things between them had been bad for a while.

The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in 2008 only a few weeks after they began dating, and a couple years later, they had two children together: twins Moroccan and Monroe. Their divorce didn’t get finalized until 2016, when Mariah was preparing to wed her now-ex-fiance James Packer–but fast forward to 2019, and Nick is claiming he’d be up for getting back together with the pop icon.

On an episode of T.I.’s podcast, Cannon revealed that monogamy and marriage simply aren’t for him–but if he was to ever get married again, it would only be to Mariah.

The Trevor Live

Source: Apega/ / WENN

Big Sean & Naya Rivera (2014)

What the hell was in the water back in 2014?

Just like several other couples on the list, Big Sean and Glee star Naya Rivera met their demise in 2014.

In April, the couple called off their engagement, which started a ton of rumors and contraversy surrounding the reason for their split. According to Big Sean’s rep, the rapper was the one to end the couple’s relationship–but there were also reports that he had been cheating on Naya.

Just a few months later, in July, Rivera surprised everyone when she secretly married her longtime friend, actor Ryan Dorsey, whom she got with following her break-up from Sean. Given the speed at which she moved on, fans quickly started to speculate that something wasn’t right here. Reports spread that Naya married Ryan in the same location, on the same date, and wearing the same dress as she was planning to wed Big Sean, though that was never confirmed.

Boxer Wives

Source: PRNewsfoto/iONE Digital / Boxer Wives

“Boxer Wives” Airs Exclusively On BOSSIP

The ladies behind iOne’s new reality show “Boxer Wives” said life as a prizefighter’s other half was anything but conventional.

The cast – Meda Montana, Shanequa Barrett, Jylissa Quinones, Cindy O’Farrow and Linda “Lee Lee” Batson – said there’s one thing that they’ve all been through as a boxer’s partner – dealing with other women trying to come in between them and their partners.

“To be the girlfriend, and the youngest (cast member) I think I’m learning to be more mature now,” Jylissa, who was in a relationship with fighter Joel Castillo, said in an exclusive interview earlier this month in NYC.

“But if you ask me,” Jylissa added, “if it’s not liquor, it’s fighting. It’s reality. I wasn’t like, ‘Please can you not do that?’ It was like ‘No, you’re not gonna do that – we’re not gonna have that.”

“Boxer Wives” chronicles the lives of women who are in relationships with prizefighters. All of the ladies admitted that the path to love they’d chosen wasn’t easy and that there are always other women waiting in the wings.

“You have to have tough skin,” according to Shanequa, who went to marriage counseling on the show with her husband Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett after he admitted she was the only woman that he’d been consistently faithful to.

Boxer Wives

Source: Courtesy of Boxer Wives / Courtesy of Boxer Wives

Meda said during the early days of her relationship with her now ex-husband Zab Judah she had an unorthodox way of dealing with unwanted attention from females.

“I would say that the 20-year-old me, I was just ruthless,” Montana said. “That’s probably why me and Zab had so much chemistry – I was just beating everybody up!”

Nowadays Meda said she doesn’t jump to conclusions unless she had hard evidence, and became a detective of sorts when other women tried to contact her.

“I try not to accuse until I have actual facts,” Meda said. “So Im like CIA. Zab has gone out of the country and I’ve rung his hotel room…”He’ll be like, ‘How’d you find me?’ And I’m like, ‘this is what I do.’”

Growing Up Hip Hop

Source: WE tv / Via WE tv

Briana Latrise Meets Up With Angela Simmons And Her Friend Katrina

If you’ve been keeping up with “Growing Up Hip Hop” you already know that Briana has been a bit of a firecracker — and she and Angela Simmons have been at odds for YEARS. Has the time finally come for the ladies to let their past go?

Check out an exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode below!

[embedded content]

Eeeeek… This doesn’t seem like it’s going to help things much.

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Angela and Briana’s feud comes to a head; a secret marriage shocks all; Boogie takes his shot.​

Will you be watching?

GROWING UP HIP HOP– “SERVING THE TEE TEE” – Airs Thursday, January 2 at 9/8C

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Danielle Brooks

Source: Getty Images / Getty

Celebrities Who Had Babies In 2019

As promised, we’re back with more of the babies born in 2019. Some of your favorite singers, actresses and reality stars welcomed newborns this year. Keep clicking for all the cuteness!

On March 20th Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson’s big bundle of joy, third child Birdie Mae Johnson was born at 10lbs and 13 oz. They also have a son Ace Knute, 5, and daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 6.

It’s controversial, but Future reportedly welcomed two new babies this year – daughter Reign in April and son Legend in July.

Future and ex-girlfriend Joie Chavez’s son Hendrix turned 1 on December 14th.

Brooke Valentine and her LHHH hubby Marcus Black welcomed a daughter this year — but we only found out the news about Chí Summer when Black did a Mother’s Day post for Brooke in May.

Mustard and his wife Chanel also welcomed a baby this year. Son Kody was born in June. He is their third child; bringing the family tally to two boys and a girl.

YG's daughter Harmony holds her little sister Vibe

Source: Courtesy / YG

YG and his ex-girlfriend Catelyn Sparks celebrated the birth of their second daughter Vibe Jackson this July. She joins big sis Harmony who is four.

Hustle Gang rapper Tokyo Jetz gave birth to son Amir on September 16th.

Shay Mitchell birthed her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Atlas in October with fiance Matt Babel.

USTA 19th Annual Opening Night Gala Blue Carpet

Source: John Lamparski / Getty

Actress Danielle Brooks revealed she gave birth to her first daughter on November 16th, but she’s still been holding on to the baby’s name and other details.

Chris Brown welcomed his second child, son Aeko with model ex Ammika Harris in December

REVOLT X AT&T Host REVOLT 3-Day Summit In Los Angeles - Day 2

Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty

SZA Is Bae Of The Day

SZA is one of the baddest women and most talented singers in the game and she really seemed to enjoy her 2019 to the fullest despite a relatively quiet year musically. Then, boom, out of nowhere the songbird hit us with a thirst trap of all thirst traps.

Not only that, she revealed the diet behind it all:

This got us to thinking: we really need to pay homage to SZA’s best and brightest looks in recent memory to see how fine she has always been while saluting her recent glo-up. Don’t you agree?

Take a look…

Sexual harassment allegations against superstar Placido Domingo sparked deep soul-searching in the opera world.