As a broadcaster, it is your responsibility to be aware of the policies and procedures as defined below.  

Please print and sign a copy of the 953 Jamz Policies and Procedures Manual to acknowledge you have read and understand.  Drop your signed copy to the station no later than Friday, January 26, 2018.   

View a printable copy of the Policies and Procedures Manual HERE >>

Questions or concerns regarding the 953 Jamz policies and guidelines should be addressed to 953 Jamz Management.


953 Jamz Mission, Principles and Vision Statements

953 Jamz Mission Statement

It is the mission of 953 Jamz to provide our listeners with a broad range of trusted and indispensable source of information, music, and entertainment by acquiring, producing and delivering high quality radio programming, production and broadcasting.

953 Jamz Principles:

  • Provide an alternative to music and in-depth spoken word programming from that heard on other local radio stations.
  • Champion such values as freedom of expression, fairness, respect and accountability with regards to participation and programming.
  • Support, promote and create linkages amongst the community.
  • Create and deliver programming by the most appropriate and efficient means and technologies possible.
  • Pursue alternative sources of revenue to reduce the financial burden of the station.
  • Be a positive force for social change in the community.

953 Jamz Vision Statement

  • 953 Jamz envisions a future where it will become an organization whose volunteers will develop the skills and experience to fully participate in the training of volunteers, the management of aspects of the radio station and the development of programming, to better reflect their community and its place in the World.
  • 953 Jamz is an outlet for the creative skills and energies of its communities.

953 Jamz Philosophy and Objectives:

Our Target Audience:

  • 953 Jamz strives to broadcast to our varied local community, and online listeners offering a variety of music.

Fulfilling Our Entertainment Objective:

  • 953 Jamz does this in a variety of ways, including music and talk programs, special programs, theme shows, talk shows, holiday shows, music specials, radio plays, etc.

An Important Philosophical Statement: 

953 Jamz radio station is unique and rare. It is considered a special privilege, and provides an experience that only a very small percentage of people ever receive. We at 953 Jamz are honored, proud and privileged to be a choice of entertainment for our listeners and we are dedicated toward honoring our station license by fulfilling our commitment to our community, by taking care of our very expensive equipment, and most importantly, by always “taking the high road,” in actions, in language, in program content, etc. As a high road, public radio station, we understand that our standards must greatly exceed those of other stations. Anyone who does not share this dedication at all times will not be allowed to continue the honor and privilege of participating in the broadcasting program. All staff members must follow all laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, must strive to be professional and appropriate, and must serve the community and make sure 953 Jamz is regarded positively in our community. To sum up our philosophy, all actions and decisions at 953 Jamz must always be dictated by the slogan, “ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.”

Core Values

  1. Our Audience Comes First
  • We always strive to serve our audience better.
  • We are committed to and engage our community in authentic and meaningful ways.
  • We respect our audience.
  1. We Embrace Change and Encourage Innovation
  • We don’t fear failure
  • We dedicate ourselves to growth and learning.
  • We embrace the evolution of public radio, strategically plan for growth & change, and work in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, & excellence.
  1. Anything Is Possible
  • We value the power of “Why Not?”
  • We aim high and push ourselves to be the best at what we do.
  • We want to work with people who push themselves to be the best.
  1. Together We Build an Epic Workplace
  • We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective.
  • We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large.
  • We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive.
  1. Bring Your Passion
  • We work at 953 Jamz because we want and choose to be here and not because we have to.
  • Our passion drives teamwork and collaboration.
  • Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.
  1. Have Fun
  • We never take ourselves too seriously.
  • We are committed to excellence with a sense of fun.
  • Fun works hand-in-hand with creativity. Humor can be a launch pad for ideas.

953 Jamz has much higher standards than most professional radio stations. All broadcasts and actions at the station must fully represent the highest of standards. Additionally, all staff members in the broadcasting program are responsible for following ALL STATION RULES, POLICY AND PROCECURES. Also, when deciding what is appropriate for programming, music, language and behavior, the standards are drastically different than most other stations; the standards are based solely on what would be appropriate for targeted audience. A guiding question to follow in all decision-making and broadcasting is, “Would any member of the management staff even slightly object to the action, decision or content?” If the answer is yes or maybe, then the action, decision or content should not take place.  FOLLOW THIS DECISION-MAKING GUIDELINE: “WHEN IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT!!!!


The 953 Jamz Honor Code:

The entire broadcasting program, especially the radio station, relies on trust and integrity. The program is built on staff committed to, “do the right thing” and to always “take the high road.” Honor and pride are mandatory character traits of all staff members. Everyone associated with the broadcasting program is required to report all major infractions of rules and regulations, any abuse, loss or problem with equipment, all major problems, mistakes or deviations from the norm, and anything else that could have a negative impact on what we do or what we stand for. Reporting should be done immediately to the COO and/or General Manager and to the Station manager.  All infractions and problems during a show should also be written on the discrepancy log. If you witness a major infraction or problem and fail to report it in a timely manner, you may be dismissed from the program. Furthermore, the 953 Jamz honor code also requires “SELF REPORTING,” which means that all staff members are required to immediately report their own infractions. Failure to self-report in a timely fashion may result in dismissal from the program. ALL BROADCASTERS ARE REQUIRED TO ACT HONORABLY AT ALL TIMES, and must NEVER BETRAY THE TRUST granted to them as members of the program.

The 953 Jamz Code of Conduct:

Everyone associated in any way with the radio station and the broadcasting program is required to conduct himself/herself in a professional, courteous, respectful, law-abiding manner. Being associated with the radio station is a privilege, and must be treated as such at all times. Even when not involved in station activities, a staff member is still always a representative of the station. Any action that reflects poorly on the station, the program or the staff may result in consequences, including dismissal from the broadcasting program.

Examples of Proper Conduct: (This is not an all-inclusive list)

  1. Broadcasters must use appropriate actions and language at all times (on and off the air, this includes social media, pictures that are posted…no nude or explicit photos).
  2. Anyone associated with the broadcasting program in any way is expected to only speak positively about 953 Jamz and the broadcasting program at all times. Negative talk about the station or about any individual member of the station or broadcasting program is grounds for dismissal.
  3. Everyone must be treated with respect at all times. The broadcasting program will not tolerate harassment or disrespect of any kind.
  4. Everyone must always show respect for all managers, leaders, etc. (and their decisions).
  5. Smoking, drinking, drug use and other self-abusive behavior is not tolerated if you are a member of the broadcasting program, even when you are not involved in broadcasting activities.
  6. The broadcasting program, and thus 953 Jamz, is a HIGH ROAD PROGRAM. Anyone associated with the program must act responsibly and with honor, must strive to “do the right thing,” and must “take the high road” at all times.

At 953 Jamz, we are a team, and all actions must be in support of our team, which we sum up with the following saying: THERE IS NO “ I ” IN RADIO. (except when spelling, of course…)

All members are required to adhere to a code of conduct. Anyone, who in the judgment of the management of 953 Jamz Radio behaves in an inappropriate or unprofessional manner may have his or her station participation suspended. Any station member judged to be in violation of our code of conduct may appeal to the department for a review and reevaluation. The COO and/or General Manager and Founder and CEO have the final word.

Serious violations, which may result in permanent suspension, include (but are not limited to):

  • Acts of physical or verbal abuse or violence
  • Acts of theft – intentional and unauthorized removal of station or staff property
  • Destruction or defacement of station or staff property
  • Violations of the US Criminal Code
  • Use or possession of illegal drugs and/or alcohol on station premises
  • Airing profane, indecent, or obscene material
  • Conflicts of Interest – intentional acts whether personal or business related that are in direct competition with 953 Jamz or that may tarnish or ruin the station’s reputation.

Other violations, which may result in temporary suspension, include (but are not limited to):

  • Missing meetings without an excused absence
  • Editorializing on air
  • Missing an air shift
  • Unauthorized guests

953 Jamz Board of Directors and Staff Positions

The 953 Jamz Board of Directors serves as the primary policy making body for the station. The board consists of the Founder and CEO, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Music Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, Program Director, and Promotions Director.  The board meets regularly and accepts petitioners for changes in staffing, procedures or policies.

Founder and CEO

As the station’s leader, the Founder and CEO provides the vision to ensure 953 Jamz grows and improves and the needs of the staff and listeners are met. Specifically, the Founder and CEO’s duties are to:

  • Coordinate and manage all aspects of the station in compliance with 953 Jamz regulations, the training manual.
  • Schedule and conduct regular meetings for all staff and the executive board. Establish and evaluate goals with executive staff members.
  • Be available for assistance regarding any aspect of station operation.
  • Serve as the final authority on any decision internal to station operations. • Approve all expenditures and develop the annual budget
  • Retain the right to alter or retract any rule, regulation or procedure at the station.
  • Supervise and hire all station employees and volunteers and take disciplinary action as needed.
  • Meet weekly with the radio station adviser and submit monthly reports regarding station operation, including progress towards annual goals; income/expense projections and progress; personnel notes including training efforts, recruitment/retention, morale and staff vacancies; long-range planning; technology implementation; and any legal issues.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The COO is the Founder and CEO’s second-in-command and participates in the establishment, organization, and implementation of short- and long-range goals, objectives; monitors and evaluates program effectiveness and effects changes required for improvement. Directs and administers the provision of day-to-day operation support to the various sub-units of the station. Plans, designs, establishes, and maintains organizational structures and systems that enable community volunteer staff members to effectively accomplish the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives. Works closely with disc jockeys, anchors and hosts to make sure they represent the station’s branding correctly. Handles logistics, payroll, taxes, bills, audits and legal matters.  Reports to the station CEO.

General Manager

Oversees all activities as they relate to on-air broadcast. Helps the program director convey the image and sound of the station to its listeners through produced donor announcements, public service announcements, promos, sweepers, liners and legal IDs. Enforces the owner’s standards while making sure the needs of all employees are being met. Assists in signing off on the hiring of staff and in station operations.  Ensures that operations comply with 953 Jamz policy and procedures.

Music Director

Handles the radio station’s music library and works closely with the Program Director to help choose which recordings will ultimately be played on-air. Shapes the tone of the station, takes calls from record labels and musicians, networks and connects with representatives from the music industry.

Comes up with ideas for contests, promotions, giveaways, and other projects that can give the station a publicity and marketing boost.

Program Director

Creates and plans the daily broadcast schedule, approving and scheduling of all in-studio interviews and guests, scheduling all air shifts and approving specialty show applications, compiling weekly attendance reports and developing special programming including festival coverage. This means locating and providing the news, music, or entertainment that should be covered while monitoring on-air activity to ensure content is disseminated properly. The program director reports to the operational manager and assumes all responsibilities of the operational manager in the operational manager’s prolonged absence.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

The VP of Sales & Marketing is responsible for hiring and inspiring sales management and setting the examples and the pace for local, regional and national sales account executives.  Achieves monthly, quarterly and annual sales and identifies new sales talent – coaching, training, counseling and motivating them to succeed on all levels. The VP of Sales & Marketing also oversees and is ultimately responsible for setting the rate structure and managing all collections on the sales end.

Director of Sales

Prepares weekly revenue projections and handles budgets while working to set rate structures and maintain inventory control.  Hires and trains sales staff and works with programming and promotions departments to best achieve visibility and revenue.  Reports to the VP of Sales & Marketing

Promotions Director

The Promotions Director is responsible for managing the development and execution of all station promotions, enhancing the station image and visibility within the community, that will attract listeners and clients. Specific duties include assisting with planning and executing station activities and events to generate interest in the station and coordinating with local venues. The Promotions Director works very closely with the Founder and CEO, Program Director and the Program Director to plot the marketing course for the station and develop overall station campaigns, themes and marketing approaches. This includes everything from how to brand the station, logo design, web presence, organizing and coordinating station events, on-air contests, live broadcast events. Music Director The music director manages the station’s physical and digital music library for the specific genre by reviewing and scheduling new recordings. The music director, in cooperation with the program director, determines the sound of the station. Other duties include representing the station to record and promotion companies and submitting weekly charts. ALL MUSIC MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE MUSIC DIRECTOR PRIOR TO BROADCASTING! 


Transmitting the station’s voice to the public falls to On-Air Personalities. Disc jockeys play music, take requests and provide information. Anchors deliver the news, weather and traffic updates. Hosts often conduct interviews and allow listeners to call in and become part of the show. The board operator operates the control board during syndicated programming and sports broadcasts. The board operator airs donor announcements according to the program log and performs other duties as assigned. All must align with station branding. On-air personalities report to their program director.

NOTE: A well-researched and planned show is simply better than a show, which is haphazard in preparation.



All 953 Jamz staff, paid and volunteer, need to complete a new job agreement each year.

Schedule and Attendance

Hosts are expected to arrive at the station early enough to properly prepare for their show. They should be ready to go on the air no later than 10-minutes before the top of the hour (after the final break by the preceding host). Arriving early ensures smooth transition between shows and permits each host to select play material in a timely fashion. Showing up early allows a smooth transfer of responsibility between hosts, time to finish up preparation for the show, time to check the previous announcer’s play-list. The preceding host must 1) have the studio “cleaned up” for the next host at that time; and 2) program sufficient music to reach the top of the hour (without going over more than 1 minute).

If you cannot fill a shift you have been assigned, it is your responsibility to secure a qualified replacement and to notify management of the time and date of your absence as well as the name of your replacement. You are expected to contact everyone on the list in the effort to find a replacement.

If station management must make calls to find a replacement and discovers you did not try to contact everyone on the list, you can face disciplinary action. If you have exhausted all efforts to find a replacement, please notify the General Manager as soon as possible. Each station member must provide the General Manager with a phone number where they can be reached, in case of an emergency or a problem at the station. Leaving your shift uncovered will result in probation, suspension, or termination from the staff.

Clean-up Professional Courtesy: we strive to be professional at all times, and that means all staff members are expected to show “professional courtesy” at all times. That includes cleaning up after yourself and setting up all studios the way the studios are supposed to be set up. It also means getting everything organized for the next person who will use the studio or do a show (or use any set of equipment). Anything you can do to show professional courtesy to another teammate, should be done. The engineer is responsible for the condition of the studio and for all sign on and off tasks, but all members of a show may be held accountable for all tasks, all equipment, and the condition of all studios and for professional courtesy. All staff/volunteers are also responsible for cleaning up all broadcasting program at the end of their shift. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! Keeping the station clean is everyone’s responsibility. Each person should not only clean up his or her own mess, but also be willing to help whenever a cleanup is needed.


The Station’s Network Acceptable Use Policy governs use of computers in the 953 Jamz Radio facilities. This policy states that the network is a privately-owned resource. Access to the stations digital network is authorized for employees of the station using the resource for appropriate professional purposes, and in accordance with prevailing law and regulation. Misuse may constitute a misdemeanor or felony under state or local law and may result in the deprivation of network privileges and/or station disciplinary actions.

Users are to access the network in understanding that the resource guarantees neither confidentiality nor user anonymity and that system administrators may review files stored on or transmitted over the network and to take such corrective actions as may be necessary in light of the policy restrictions.

You may not use the network for the creation, transmission, receipt, and/or storage of materials whose contents are obscene, illegal, or advocate illegal actions, or whose purpose or effect is to harass, intimidate, abuse, denigrate, or to incite hatred against persons or groups of people.

You may not use the network in a manner that would violate laws protecting intellectual property. Unless expressly within the public domain, text, audio, image or video files as well as computer programs are protected by copyright and licensing laws.

You may not take any deliberate action as a user that would destroy, corrupt, render inoperative, or cause to function in unintended ways any of the files, programs, or hardware devices on the network. Unless authorized to do so, you may not modify workstation hardware or change configuration settings.

System resources are finite and the system is collectively utilized by a large number of individuals. You may not: use printers to execute batch-printing jobs or produce multiple copies; download large files; use the network to play games; engage in other activities that tax or waste system resources.

Client and Sponsor Events / Appearances

In most cases, a limited number of press passes are granted to 953 Jamz.  Management will strive to rotate sending staff members to events in an attempt to be fair.  In some cases, management may have to send specific personalities that are requested by the client.  953 Jamz management will determine who / how many staff members may attend events and will manage the event schedules. 

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest are intentional acts, whether personal or business related, that are in direct contrast or in competition with 953 Jamz, and/or that may tarnish or ruin the station’s reputation.  These are serious violations that are NOT tolerated and will result in permanent suspension.

Examples include:

  • Self-registering for events without the authority of management with any clients or sponsors of the station.
  • Using the 953 Jamz name for personal gain or leverage in any way such as for entry to events, etc. without prior approval from management.
  • Advertising your personal brand at functions where 953 Jamz is present without pushing or advertising your connection to 953 Jamz.
  • Leveraging and contacting any connections obtained through 953 Jamz for personal gain.
  • Creating personal opportunities through the use of the 953 Jamz name and reputation for endeavors that do not include the station.


Alcohol – No person shall use, possess, distribute or be under the influence of alcohol without the expressed consent of station management. 

No person shall use, possess, distribute or be under the influence of narcotics or other dangerous drugs on campus at any time, or off campus at any college-sponsored event. The possession or use of drugs on the premises will result in immediate dismissal from the station, and the matter will be referred to the police for further action


It is illegal to possess or use any firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other potentially harmful implements or substances while on the station premises or at a station-sponsored function without prior authorization of the Founder and CEO.


The 953 Jamz radio station is committed to a smoke-free environment in all location buildings and hallways. 

953 Jamz Policy on Obscene Language/Explicit Material/Time of Day

It is 953 Jamz policy that we will not play music containing profanity. As a programmer, you must always listen to any programming use in your show before you put it on the air (music, voice clips etc.). If possible, you should play clean versions of songs (they often exist for commercial music) or consider making your own. All music must be submitted to the music director before it is broadcasted.

The above section applies to all speech on 953 Jamz. Obscene, indecent, or profane language spoken or recorded for on-air play by a broadcaster will bring immediate action, especially when deliberate, willful or malicious. The broadcast of indecent, profane, and/or obscene material on 953 Jamz Radio is prohibited at any time. If there is any chance that a member of the community might consider any part of a broadcast indecent, profane, or obscene, the specific material must be cleared by station management before it is aired.  All broadcasters are required to provide programming of “high standard”. High standard cannot be defined differently for different sectors of the broadcasting system. 953 Jamz is responsible for ALL material broadcast, which includes comments made by guests. In all cases of infraction not only will the person who makes remarks over the air be subject to legal action, but in all cases the radio station. Broadcasters will be informed if a specific complaint has been received concerning material broadcast during a show. If such a complaint is received, the complaint and the material aired will be reviewed by station management and if it is found to contravene 953 Jamz policy, action will be taken. For minor or first-time offenses, penalties can range from verbal and written warnings. For additional or more serious violations of 953 Jamz policy, penalties will be greater and can include temporary or even permanent suspension.

Going Live through Social Media and Other Media Outlets

When airing broadcasts live through social media or other media outlets, broadcasters are expected to:

  • Have a well kempt appearance (hair, clothes, etc.)
  • Refrain from using any forms of profanity
  • Ensure that the tables and surrounding areas within the shot of the camera are clean and free of any trash, debris or clutter.
  • When possible, have the 953 Jamz banner or logo somewhere within the shot of the live feed.


The 953 Jamz suite is adjacent to several other suites occupied by various companies.  It is imperative to keep the noise level to a minimum, refraining from playing music and speaking in tones to levels that are easily heard outside of the studio walls.  We must be courteous of our neighbors.

Off-Air Behavior

The 953 Jamz staff includes a wide variety of talented people, each with a different background and level of experience. Everyone is expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. While everyone is encouraged to assist other staff members if they have a question, criticism of performance must be directed through station management or faculty. Please carefully consider whether the issue needs immediate attention, or can wait to be addressed during regular business hours. You represent 953 Jamz at all times. The image you portray and your behavior reflect the brand. This includes your social media accounts and the content you post. (No explicit or nudity photos.)

On-Air Behavior Hosts are not allowed to editorialize or comment on news, traffic, or produced spots (station promos, underwriting). Making negative comments regarding music played on the station, other hosts, station policies, and other programming, is also prohibited (even if it is meant in jest).

As the designated “Operator on Duty,” the on-air host is responsible for strictly following the programming format and the station regulations. The host is also responsible for the behavior of in-studio guests and visitors.


All show flyers, banners, etc. (electronic or print) must be approved by Erica Candley, VP of Marketing and Sales.  Design of all flyers, banners, etc. will be done in-house.

Guests and Guest Interviews

All guests and guest interviews must be approved by Erica Tirado, Program Director through the 953 Jamz intranet.  Any guests that have music must submit their music for review a week in advance to be considered for rotation. 


All audio equipment and materials received in conjunction with station activities are the property of the station. All the necessary music and program material needed to do an air shift on 953 Jamz Radio is provided by the station (with the exception of specialty programs).

All materials sent to 953 Jamz Radio station are intended for use on the stations become property of the station (see “Station Property, Donations, and Gifts”). Removal or misdirection of such property from the stations is a violation of law and may result in dismissal from the station and prosecution under state law. Material may be checked out from the station on a very limited basis for the purpose of reviewing it for inclusion on regular programming, or planning specialty shows. Material must be checked out using approved procedures and it is the responsibility of those checking out material to replace it if it becomes lost or damaged. All materials must be returned to the station upon request by station management.

Station Information

Important station information will be posted regularly on the station’s bulletin boards. Each staff member is expected to read and be responsible for any posted changes in policy, procedures or regulations.


Everyone is responsible for answering the phones as quickly as possible. It is extremely important that each caller be treated with politeness and courtesy regardless of the nature of the call. Since the stations do not have a full-time receptionist, it is the responsibility of the operator on duty to answer and forward all calls or take messages for personnel out of the office. Telephones are for radio station business only. Personal calls are not permitted during air shifts. When off the air, such calls should be kept to a minimum and any personal toll calls must be made from a pay telephone or cell phone.

Building Access

To access the stations during off-hours you must be on a pre-approved weekend or holiday list. To be put on this list contact the General Manager prior to noon on Friday of that week. 

To enter the station during off-hours you should use the Password system. If you do not know the password AND you have been pre-approved to enter the station, call the on-air operator, who will check the pre-approved list for your name. If you are cleared to be in the station, the on-air jock will open the door for you.

If a last-minute substitution is necessary, or if there is any other question regarding who should have access to the station, please contact the operations manager.

Do not attempt to access the station during off-hours without the approval of station management.

Children of Staff Members

Children of staff members are not permitted to be in the station during live broadcasting.  Children are permitted to be in the waiting room area WITH SUPERVISION as it is imperative that we have consideration for the other suite owners that are our neighbors.

Visitors/In-Studio Guests

All guests invited to participate in programs broadcast on 953 Jamz must be approved in advance by station management and must have a clearly defined role as to their programming contribution. 953 Jamz hosts are not permitted to guest on another host’s program without prior management permission. A guest is a visiting participant and cannot assume a regular role or presence on any program broadcast on 953 Jamz. Due to the limited size of the 953 Jamz broadcast studios, the number of guests for any one program should not exceed three persons

All visitors only allowed on the station premises by appointment. Appointments must be made in advance with station management.

No visitors are allowed without prior permission from the General Manager or Program Director. A visitor is considered anyone who is not a current member of 953 Jamz as listed in the station directory. Each night and weekend operator is responsible for enforcing this policy and, if a problem arises, they are expected to contact security. Any violations of this policy may result in immediate suspension from the station.

Animals or Pets 

No animals or pets are allowed within the station. This restriction also applies to animals or pets confined in any vehicle parked within the station boundaries


Payola is accepting or agreeing to accept anything of value in return for broadcasting music or any other material without disclosing the payment. Section 507 of the Communications Act requires station personnel who receive such payments to report them to station management before broadcast. Failure to do so can result in a $10,000 fine and up to a year in prison. In addition, Section 317 requires that the broadcast of such material contain a sponsorship identification announcement.


Plugola is the practice of an on-air personality promoting non-broadcast activities on the air. Section 507 of the Communications Act requires station personnel who engage in these activities to report them to station management before broadcast. Failure to do so can result in a $10,000 fine and up to a year in prison. In addition, Section 317 requires that the broadcast of such material contain a commercial sponsorship identification announcement.

It is the policy of the 953 Jamz Radio stations to prohibit on-air personnel from promoting or publicizing any activity or matter in which the staff member has a direct or indirect financial interest on the air.

Station Property, Donations and Gifts

All materials sent to the station for use become the property of the 953 Jamz and under state laws cannot be used, dispersed, transferred or removed for the premises without a violation of law. All mail or deliveries directed to individuals within the stations, shall be considered the property of the stations and thus subject to the above regulation.

In addition, all material solicited by staff or volunteers in connection with their association with the stations becomes the property of the 953 Jamz and must be directed to the station address. Sources for such material include but are not limited to record companies, record stores, and entertainment venues.

Items of value, such as those listed here, but not limited to these, must be distributed under the following practices: tickets to events, merchandise, records, certificates for complimentary goods or services, invitations to events, meals, press conferences, etc. shall be (1) directed to the station manager or lead person of the operational area to which the gift applies; (2) If in the judgment of the station manager or lead person, such a gift a can be usefully employed in the performance of his/her duties at the stations, the goods or services shall be used solely by that person; or (3) distributed to persons within the operational area for use on a rotating, fair basis among the members of that area; (4) Multiple gifts should be distributed fairly on a rotating basis to members of the operational area.

All promotional announcements, “plugs” or other consideration on air in exchange for the items listed above are subject to Federal Law (see “Payola” and “Plugola”) and must be cleared by the programming department prior to acceptance and on-air promotion associated with the gift.

Personal use of goods and services belonging to the stations without consideration for these guidelines is expressly prohibited.


On-air contests are affected by several Federal laws and regulations, and also have the potential for exposing the station and its staff to civil actions. Because of this, all on-air contests must conform to the 953 Jamz Contest policy (which is enforced by the 953 Jamz Promotions Director). Contests should be scheduled in advanced in writing by the Promotions Director, and individuals at the station may not contact contest prize providers directly without permission from the Promotions Director. Staff, friends and family members of 953 Jamz may not enter contests or win prizes that are affiliated with 953 Jamz.

Programming Changes

953 Jamz attempts to maintain a consistent schedule based on programming genre blocks of time. Programs are expected to be consistent with the genre time scheduled. However, management reserves the right to edit, revise or cancel any program which: (a) does not conform to available time limits; (b) in its judgment contains material which may be libelous, in questionable taste or which does not conform to station or industry standards regarding form, content or technical quality.

Station management may cancel or pre-empt any program without notice to present material that it determines to be more timely or significant. For foreseeable pre-emptions, reasonable attempts will be made to give adequate notice to regular programming to allow audiences to be informed.

Station Responsibilities

953 Jamz has a responsibility to:

  • Our audience, both local community and online listeners.
  • The 953 Jamz Board of Directors.

Staff/Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Be sure you have the time and the inclination to do the job to the best of your ability.
  • Be dependable; do what you have agreed to do. Do not make promises you cannot keep.
  • Give management sufficient notice when you are unable to come in.
  • Be willing to learn: training is essential to any job well done. Take advantage of feedback.
  • Welcome supervision, direction, and guidance from management; you will do a better job and enjoy it more.
  • Implement new policies and procedures as directed by management.
  • Be a team player; respect the function of the staff and volunteers.
  • Be tolerant of all opinions carried by 953 Jamz, volunteers, and staff.
  • Remember the overall goals and needs of the station as a whole, not just your own.
  • Attend meetings as scheduled by staff.
  • Keep the station aware of current local events of interest.
  • Represent the station to the public in a professional manner.

Staff/Volunteer Rights

  • The right to be treated respectfully as a colleague and not just as free help.
  • The right to know as much about the organization as possible: its policies, its people, and its programs.
  • The right to express opinions to management in an appropriate manner.
  • The right to continuing training in other areas after the initial training has been completed.
  • The right to sound guidance and direction by someone that is experienced and well informed.

Management/Organization Rights

  • The right to expect acceptance of responsibilities such as promptness, reliability and good performance.
  • The right to expect enthusiasm and belief in the organization’s work
  • The right to make a decision as to where the volunteer would best fit.
  • The right to express opinions about poor volunteer effort in a diplomatic way and to take remedial action as necessary.
  • The right to always expect clear, open communication from volunteers.
  • The right to execute job duties as directed by the 953 Jamz Board of Directors.
  • The right to arrange the programming and change policies as necessary.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United State Copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The DMCA is the rule-maker of what can and cannot be legally broadcast on Internet Radio. The DMCA is concerned with digital rights management (DRM) and it must be upheld. The DMCA criminalizes production and distribution of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. 

Please see the following rules:

  1. Sound Recording Performance Complement. A Webcaster must comply with the “sound recording performance complement,” which prohibits a Webcaster from transmitting within any given three hour period: (A) more than three different songs from the same album if more than two such songs are transmitted consecutively or (B) four different songs by the same artist (or four different songs from the same compilation) if more than three such songs are transmitted consecutively.
  2. No Prior Announcements. A Webcaster must not publish an advance program schedule that discloses: (i) the titles of specific songs, (ii) the names of albums or (iii) the names of artists to be transmitted (with exception).
  3. Programming Rules. A Webcaster’s programming must also comport with the following rules: (a) Archived Programming. An archived program must be at least five-hours long and cannot be made available for more than two weeks; (b) Looped Programming. A continuously looped program must be at least three-hours long. (c) Rebroadcast Programming. A rebroadcast of an identifiable program that contains songs, which are played in a predetermined order (other than an archived or continuous program) and is less than one-hour in length, can be transmitted no more than three times in any two-week period when the program has been publicly announced in advance (with exception) and no more than four times in any two-week period when the program is one-hour or more in length (with exception).
  4. Prohibition of False Affiliation. The Webcaster must not knowingly contemporaneously play or synchronize a song to visual images in a manner that is likely to cause confusion as to the affiliation of the copyright owner of the Sound Recording or the artist with the Webcaster or a particular product or service.
  5. Cooperate to Defeat Scanning. The Webcaster must cooperate to prevent (to the extent feasible) listeners from automatically scanning the Webcasters transmissions in order to select a particular song to be transmitted (with exception).
  6. Limit Duplication by Recipient. The Webcaster cannot affirmatively cause or encourage the duplication of songs and if the Webcaster uses technology that allows them to limit the ability to duplicate songs directly in a digital format, the Webcaster must set such technology to limit the ability to duplicate songs to the extent permitted by the technology.