Fetty Wap Gathers Haters Erroneously Numbering His 7 Trap Seeds & Alexis Skyy Inks Their Precious Preemie

Prince Williams

Fetty Wap Clarifies That His 7 Kids Didn’t Drain His Pockets & Alexis Skyy Updates Us On Baby

Smh, Fetty Wap is over being judged for almost being an Octodad and just as fed up over people watching his pockets. The rapper went out of his way to correct a commenter throwing shots at him. He seems to want to let everyone know that he’s financially stable, despite haters thinking he’s a “one hit wonder”.

The original comment read “6 kids at 26 SMH”.

Fetty let the draco off at the poor unsuspecting IG user. “Actually my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million…f*ck everybody’s opinion straight like that.”

Here’s his whole response.

Meanwhile, Alexis Skyy, the mama of Fetty’s daughter Alaiya Grace, is staying strong for their premature baby. She took a break away from ICU last night to ink Alaiya’s name and birthday to her wrist. Their baby was born 3 months premature so she’s still under hospital care. Hopefully she gets stronger soon!